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Disclaimer: I don t own Fruits Basket nor do I own Yu-Yu-Hakusho. I do own the OC(s) that will appear. Characters will appear to be OOC. There are some spoilers but not many, only one I think.
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Blah = talking

--Blah-- = thinking

/--blah--/ = Phoenix

~blah~ = flashback

Blah = scene change/time

: POV : = change of POV

Shattering Heart Chapter 2: Where did she come from?

: Tohru s POV :
I had just finished breakfast while Sohma-san was still sleeping on the kitchen table and Shigure-san was still in his room. Sweatdropping at Sohma-san I put everything on the dining room table and woke up Sohma-san. He raised his head blinking his eyes sleepily and stood up to go sit at the dining room table.

Looking around I realize that Kyo-kun hadn t come done yet and I was starting to get worried. RING, RING. I jumped when the phone started to ring and yelled "I got it!" running over to it and picking it up. "Hello."

An angelic voice with a mischievous air about it answered "Hello, is this the residence of Sohma Shigure?"

"Oh yes it is; do you want me to get him?"

"No thank-you but if you could get Kyo-san for me?"

"Alright, I ll get him but it s going to take a few minutes."

"Thank-you, could you tell that Kage wants to talk to him?"

"Okay." I put the phone down then ran up the stairs to Kyo-kun s room. I stopped in front of the door and knocked saying Kyo-kun there s a person called Kage on the phone for you. THUD, RUSTLE, SLAM. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement, Kyo-kun had gotten ready so fast and ran down the stairs completely ignoring me.

: Kyo s POV : (before Tohru knocked)
I sighed when I finished typing on my laptop around 5 in the morning because I was dead tired from not getting any sleep. I walk over to my bed fall face down on it without bothering to change knowing that I had school in a few hours. I grab my stomach when I get a jolt of pain and groan dammit, I thought it was supposed to take the pain away not add to it--. Looking around my room I felt depressed and my gaze stop at my desk; more importantly the pictures on it.

Closet to the window was a black picture frame with an 11-year-old girl standing next to a 10-year-old me in my training outfit. The girl had a cross between light and dark gray hair with white, dark orange, and blue streaks; it went down to her knees and was in a low ponytail that started where her head met her neck. She had midnight blue eyes with grey specks. Her black shirt went down to her knees it had an orange cat with a gray fox curled up together sleeping; she had black capris with white chains connecting her pockets with her belt and she was barefooted. There was a white fox with midnight blue eyes on her shoulder while a black cat with crimson orange eyes was on mine. We were standing in front of a forest in a field of grass with a lot of flowers mainly roses. In the background there was a boy with short red hair and emerald eyes. His head was poking out from behind a tree staring at the girl as she smiled.

The picture frame next to it was blue and had the Zodiac gang and the Onigiri gang; it was from the last day of our freshman school year when we played badminton. All but Hana-san were on the ground panting and she was standing in the same spot the entire time and everyone was complaining about how she was able to stay standing. For some reason Ayame-san was there and he was the one that took the picture which is why Yuki looks pissed. Yuki was in the process of getting up to strangle Ayame emitting an evil aura. Nobody tried to stop him either, that was really funny, everyone was too tired to move.-- We just watched Yuki chase after Aya trying to get the camera from him while beating him to a bloody pulp.

The first two pictures were on the right side of my laptop. The 3rd picture was on the left side in a white frame. It was taken a year ago when Yuki and I were fighting and Tohru was being her usual idiotic self I have really got to stop doing that--. We were in the backyard away from the house and Tohru was trying to get us to stop but was failing. I had jumped up from the ground and ran towards Yuki who got ready to intercept when he looked towards Tohru with gentle eyes. When I saw that I was truly mad; I had my eyes narrowed in anger and if you looked deep enough you could see the depression sinking in.

The last picture was taken a couple of months ago at the Sohma summer house. Everyone but Tohru and Akito had gone don t know how we managed to get Akito to stay at the main house--; we were outside the house right by the lake. The camera was timed and at the last second an older version of the girl from the 1st picture was standing right next to me since I was at the end but next to Yuki. Her hair was still the grey X-over but instead of multiple streaks of white, dark orange, and blue there was one each in a ponytail going over her left shoulder. She was wearing a white sleeveless turtleneck and a black skirt that went to the ground with a slit up the right side to her thigh showing her white skin tight shorts that ended at her knees. On the ground in front of her was the same fox except its tails and ears were had black tips and it had blood red eyes. The cat from the same picture was on my shoulder rubbing its check against mine with its tail wrapped around my neck. I had a shocked but happy face on with a small smile and the girl had a smile as well but hers was smaller than mine.

For the past few days I ve been looking at these pictures studying them and the only one that gave me any results was the Zodiac picture. The only reason I actually found something was because lately I ve been acting un-Kyo like, like how I haven t picked many fights with Yuki. Anyway back to the picture, at first it looked normal well besides the girl and everything but when I looked at Aya he was glancing at the girl with seriousness and what seemed to be brotherly love. Yeah that really freaks me out when I think about it.-- His smile seems normal but if you look deep enough you could tell that he was smiling knowingly and it was full of wisdom.

Aya wasn t the only one to notice her; Haru, Momiji, Ritsu, Hiro, and Kisa did as well. They showed some kind of recognition towards her: Haru and Hiro smiled, Momiji was actually standing still, and Ritsu and Kisa had an air of confidence about them. Nobody but me noticed these changes at least I think so and those six never said a thing about that girl being there. Hell Hatori didn t even notice that she was in the picture when he gave them to us. I let out a cross between a sigh and a laugh remembering what happened when Tohru saw it. Hatori had just left when Tohru got home early from work and wanted to see the pictures.

KNOCK. "Kyo-kun are you in there?" Tohru asked making me hit my head on my desk since I was half asleep.
"Huh? Oh yeah, I m in here Tohru; you know you can open the door, right?" I said rubbing my forehead. She opened the door and I saw that she was still in her school uniform. I raised an eyebrow questioningly while leaning backward on two legs of the chair asking "Why are you back early?"

"Heh, heh. Momiji-kun told his father that we have a big test coming up and he wanted me to be well rested for it". she said while stepping into my room a little. She noticed the new picture and asked "When d you get that picture Kyo-kun?"

I glanced at the picture before answering "During the week we went to the summer house we were forced to take a group picture." When she didn t say anything I looked at her to see that she was staring at the girl in confusion.
"Kyo-kun who s that girl next to you the one with the fox?" she asked pointing at the girl.
I look at her in surprise asking "You can see her?" She nods her head yes. "Tohru you must not tell anyone that you can see that girl, understand?" She shook her head no. I sigh debating on whether or not I should tell her one of the few secrets of the Zodiac that only the neko was entrusted with. Walking over to the door I close it drawing a symbol on it with my finger and did the same to any other entrance or opening before sitting on my bed motioning for her to sit on the chair.

Looking her straight in the eye I said "Tohru what I am about to tell you must not leave this room; you can t tell anyone unless I say so, got it?" She nods yes again. "Good, now I know that you already know about our curse and the story that goes along with it but that s it, it s only a story. It never happened; the banquet, the cat getting tricked, and the rat riding on the ox s head never happened. Now I can t tell you all the details because I m forbidden to but I can tell you a little bit about how we got cursed. Instead of a God there was a council with certain abilities that was created to insure peace but there was a family that kept breaking that peace every century.

"In another place, which I can t tell you about, there were 12 kingdoms each ruled by an animal, if you will, and these kingdoms were in constant chaos. They were always fighting whether it be physically, verbally, politically, or economically and the council was getting tired of it so they held a meeting. With the plan they came up with they could kill two birds with one stone, no pun intended, and they sealed the spirit of the animals into 12 members of the family I mentioned earlier. The curse was put on the family exactly midnight of the new year. You already know how the curse works so I don t have to explain that part.

"That girl in the picture is the head of the current council. The head of the council has always been a kitsune and the older sibling of the neko. When I had finished my explanation I looked at her because I had looked out the window during it. She looked like she was absorbing the information and she seemed confused for some reason. Kyo-kun there s only one thing I don t get; you said that there were 12 kingdoms and theirs spirits were sealed in the members of the family but what animals were sealed?"

"Nezumi, ino, inu, tora, saru, hebi, doragon, oushi, uma, ondori, usagi, hitsuji." (translation: rat, boar, dog, tiger, monkey, snake, dragon, ox, horse, rooster, rabbit, sheep)
"Then how did the neko get sealed?"

I gave her a sad smile and stood saying "That is something that I wish not to disclose until I learn why such a pure being is hanging around a cursed family." She s confused by what I said but I say nothing else while I let her out after drawing something else on the door before and after she leaves. I sigh once more before I look at the girl s figure in the picture saying "I hope you know what you re doing." ~

I hear a knock on the door then Tohru's voice saying "Kyo-kun there s someone called Kage-san on the phone for you." Eyes widening I fall off the side of the bed where I had rolled to during the flashback. I rush to get clean clothes on and slammed open the door ignoring Tohru completely and ran downstairs. On the way to the phone I dumped into Yuki and muttering a hurried "sorry" I continued to the phone not seeing his surprised expression.
Stopping in front of the phone I take a deep breath to calm down and pick it up saying "Kage-san?"

"Hello Kyo-kun, you ve got 30 minutes." Kage had chuckled at me.
Smiling I say "Thank-you Kage-san."

"Be careful little one."

"I will. See ya later Kage-san."

"Same to you Kyo-kun"

After that I hung up and walked into the living/dining room to see everyone staring at me strangely. Taking a step back in caution I slowly ask "Why are you all looking at me like that?" They look at each other before Yuki steps forward seeing as how the other two weren t going to say anything. Quickly glancing back at the others he said "Well I that is to say we ve noticed that you ve been acting very he paused searching for a word to use."
"Strange?" Shigure suggested.
"Yes strange; you ve been acting very strange the past week or so and it s starting to worry Honda-san and surprisingly Shigure-san."

I stare at the two in back for a minute before looking at Yuki sighing "Why don t you just say that you re worried about me Yuki? I mean it s not like you have anything to worry about if you just said so; you can t always use those two as an excuse to see what s wrong with me." By the time I had stopped talking my face was virtually emotionless with an eyebrow raised to mock him.

Yuki s face was flushed in embarrassment and anger and his eyes had widened just a little in surprise that I had said something smart and was able to humiliate him in a couple of sentences. "Baka neko, I m not using them as an excuse to see what's wrong with you!"

I put my hand over my heart and pouted while saying "I'm hurt Yuki, that you actually think I'm stupid and that you don't care about me. I'm deeply, deeply hurt." By now both Tohru and Shigure looked surprised at the fact that I wasn t angered by Yuki calling me a 'baka neko.' "What, you actually think I would become angered by such a childish insult?" Rolling my eyes I look back at Yuki to see that he had calmed down...a bit. "Now if there s nothing else you wish to discuss then I will be going now."

Without waiting for them to respond I shove my hands in my pockets and walk upstairs to my room. --God that felt sooo good to bad I can t do it again or else I get in trouble with nee-sama.-- With that last thought I visibly shudder thinking of the last time I got in trouble with her.
I was sore for a week and had nightmares for months.
Upon opening my door I see that a kitsune was sitting on my bed staring me. Closing the door I gave it a nod and received one in return before changing into my school uniform while shutting off and storing my laptop in my bag.

When I finish I scope the kitsune into my arms and make a final sweep of the room stopping at the pictures again.
Looking down at the kitsune I ask "Which one do you think I should take with me?" As if in response to my question it squirmed out of my grasp jumping onto my desk. It looked at all of them and barked at me which I understood as "all!"

"Yeah I think so too. Thanks Tsuki." Tsuki barked again in response nodding her head in a welcome gesture. I silently put the pictures in an extra bag making sure they won t break and gesture for Tsuki to jump on my shoulders. She wrapped her tail around my neck and licked my cheek as I closed the door heading back downstairs. When I got downstairs everyone was in the living/dining room and I could hear them talking about me.
"I'm worried about Kyo-kun, he's not acting like himself lately, something must be wrong."

/-God I hate it when she does this. Her whiny voice is killing my ears!! Make her shut up already/
"Oh, it s nothing to worry about Tohru-kun! Kyon-Kyon is just being a moody little kitty!" /-Hentai!!! He s so perverted, I can t take it anymore! Let me hit him please! Please Kai, pleeeaaassssse/
WHACK, THUMP. "Baka-hentai leave Honda-san alone. Honda-san I'm sure that the neko will be back to normal soon, so don't worry." /-Teme, I still can t believe that this is the guy you told us about. He sounds like the teme he is and he didn t hit the hentai hard enough/
'-Nice to see you too Leo-Phoe and no, you can t, unfortunately, hit the hentai-inu. And no hurt any of my other cousins you don t have ears.-' /-Fine I ll settle for looks on their faces when you say 'hi'...I can dream can't I/

'-As will I, now hush I don t need you distracting me.-' Feeling Leo-Phoe's presence back off I calmed my breathing and mind noticing that they had both sped up during our 'conversation'. I give Tsuki a quick pat on the head and open the door with a calm expression staring them with dead eyes (eyes void of emotion). Shigure looked scared, Yuki looked a little pale/freaked out /-probably from earlier-/, and Tohru was the only one that even remotely sorry.

"Having fun you three? I know I m interesting person but doesn t mean you get to talk about me behind my back" Tohru started freaking out (a.k.a. raving lunatic) and yelling "I-I'm sorry Kyo-kun!! I-I di-didn't mean to, we're just wor-worried about you!!" All the while Yuki was trying to calm Tohru down and Shigure had a calculating gaze on me and me well let s just say I got my last bit of entertainment from them.

I sighed shaking my head and said "Tohru calm down." Seeing that she was still in her spaz mode I walked over to her and put my hand on her head messing it up. "Tohru just calm down, I'm not mad really." She smiled at me and I gave her a half-hearted one in return.

"Kyon-Kyon where did the kitsune come from?" I turned to Shigure, as he was the one that spoke, and said "From her momma s belly." Everybody sweat-dropped at my answer and I think Yuki even did an anime fall causing him to smack his forehead to hit the table.

"Now Kyon-Kyon you know that s not what I meant."

"Oh you wanna know where I got her right?" Shigure nods. "Well she's not mine so technically I didn't get her."

"Then who does it belong to?"

"She belongs to --KNOCK, KNOCK-- nee-sama!" I yell the last part before running and yanking open the door. Standing on the doorstep was the girl from the pictures with her ankle length hair in an over-the-shoulder ponytail, white turtle-neck with sleeves four inches below the elbow and shows her stomach, white cargo pants with multiple pockets and black chains and white combat boots. Under her arm was a white motorcycle helmet with a black fox on it.

"You ready yet?" I nodded. "Good then let's go already before we're late." she said while walking over and sitting on her black and blue bike. (The bike itself was black with blue roses on it.) She handed me a black helmet with a dark orange cat taking a swipe at somehting with claws extended.

"Kyo-kun?" I turned to look at the door to see the occupants of the dog's house.

"Yes Tohru?" I asked tilting my head and cocking an eyebrow.

"Where are you going?" (Tohru) "Whois that baka neko?" (Yuki) Both were spoken at the same time.

I turned to my nee-sama and recieved a nod before looking back at the others. "Where I'm going is none of your business and this is my nee-sama, Loki."

"Nee-sama? Baka neko you don't have a nee-sama." Yuki said in a condenscending voice.

Shaking my head I answered the unasked question. "Yuki you obivously don't know much about me if you think that I didn't have any family left after that Bitch killed herself in front of me."

Shocked gasps followed my statement before I turned my back on them and got on the motorcycle in front of my nee-sama. Right beforeI left the clearing I lifted my hand above my hand and gave them a single fingered salute.

'House POV'

"Shigure-san how can he have family other than his kaa-san?" Yuki asked turning to look at Shigure.

He waited, trying to think of something to say but came up empty handed. "I have no clue Yuki-Kun."

"Are you goung to tell him about this?"