Alison Munday sat alone in her house in an old chair looking towards her old battered curtains. In her hand she held a large glass of deep red wine. She ran her finger around the edge of the glass subconsciously and let the sound ring in her ears as she stared absent-minded across the room at the crack of bright light between the closed curtains. She lifted the glass to her lips and took a large gulp of wine.

Three months today she mused. Three months today since she had sat alone in the cold crematorium. Three months since she had realised that Robert would never return. Three months of unanswered questions. How long had he had the tumour? When did he plan to tell her? Why didn't he tell her?

Alison downed the rest of the wine and closed her deep blue eyes. All she could see was Robert. In her mind she ran over the last time she saw him. Sitting at his bedside. Looking at his broken body, wishing, hoping he would pull through. Turning to see his confused spirit behind her. The night Nurse's grin. His words, 'It's time and you know it is'. Telling him his body had let him down. Telling him he was free, deep down not wanting to let go. Following him out the door. Watching him walk into the light. A tear rolled down Alison's face.

She bent down and lifted the bottle of wine from the floor. She considered pouring another glass but instead took a massive gulp from the bottle. All that she wanted in the world was to talk to Robert, hold him in her arms and tell him how much she cared about him. She could imagine what he would say if he could see her now. She was roused from her thoughts by a loud knock on the door. 'Leave it' she told herself, 'they'll go away soon. Just ignore it'. She took another sip of wine, as the person knocked on the door again. Alison could see a shape moving outside the window. The knocking grew louder. 'Fine. I'm coming, I'm coming!' Alison flew out of the chair and knocked the glass on the floor, smashing it to pieces. She ran at the door and began to unlock the many locks she had placed on it. She felt angry with herself. How could she have ever believed that Robert had let himself through the door? Robert was clever, but not enough to get through a door that well protected. Eventually she flung the door open and lifted the arm to her eyes to shield them from the harsh sunlight.

'Alison Munday?' a woman asked. Alison moved her arm to look at her. She was about the same height as her, no older than 35 with long, wavy brown hair, tied in a ponytail and held back with a bulldog clip. She wore a suit with a long cream coloured coat over it and held several cardboard folders in her arm. 'Alison Munday?' she was looking at her with almond shaped deep brown eyes. 'Yes, what do you want, I'm busy at the moment, I've got half a bottle of wine to finish'

'I just want to talk.' She sounded awkward.

'About what exactly'

'Things' She looked deep into Alison's eyes.

'Well I'm not interested, Goodbye' Alison slammed the door shut in her face and began to lock the door. The letter flap opened and the woman shoved a letter through the flap. 'I've got to get something out of my car. This letter explains, well it explains why I'm here.' Alison looked at the small envelope on the floor. Her heart skipped a beat as she bent down to pick it up from the mat. She recognised the writing on the front. 'Olivia' was written on the front in what was unmistakably the handwriting of Robert Bridge. She slowly unfolded the letter and began to read.