When Alison got back to the car Olivia was on her mobile and was smiling once again. Olivia saw her and quickly ended the call as Alison got in the car. 'Who were you speaking to?' Alison inquired.

'No one'

'No one?'



'No' Olivia said as she pulled a piece of paper from her pocket. 'I found this today in one of my bags' She handed it to Alison. Alison looked at it. Scrawled on the paper were the words 'call me' a phone number and a smiley face. 'Who gave you this?' 'Well' Olivia said, as she started the engine, 'today after a lecture one of the students was giving me some trouble,'


'Yes, Matt.' Alison had heard a lot about Matt. She had told Olivia that she had to tell someone, but she didn't listen. Instead she said, 'He'll get over it, besides how would Barb react to me getting 'one of the brightest psychology students ever to grace Cabot' kicked out hmmm?'

'Well, John came to the door, he's a physics lecturer; his office is just down the hall. He offered to carry my bags, and when I got to the car, I found the note in one of my bags, so I just called him, and I'm going out with him tonight.' She looked at Alison looking for some sort of nice remark but instead all Alison felt was shock. 'Olivia, your husband's only just died.' Olivia's face fell. 'What do you mean?'

'Craig's only just in the ground, and you're going on a date!'


'Olivia, I, I'

'You what?' Olivia seemed angry, 'Spit it out Alison, just say it!'

'I think that you're being stupid, how would you feel if it was Craig seeing someone else, about a month after you had died?' Olivia slammed on the breaks. She looked at Alison, 'Get out.'


'You heard, get out. Who the hell do you think you are, making judgements on how I live my life, hmm? Just get out!'

'Fine, fine I'll go'

'Good, get lost'

'Fine have a nice life; you're as much of a tosser as Robert was! Goodbye!' Alison slammed the door. Olivia revved the engine and sped away. Alison stood in the middle of the road seething. Who did she think she was? Alison kicked a stone in the road and began the long walk home.


Olivia had calmed down now, and she felt awful. She should never have said that to Alison. She was only tying to help, and deep down she knew Alison was right. What the hell had she been thinking! Organising a date with the first bloke to ask less than a month after Craig had died. She turned into the drive and parked next to the other cars. She got out and removed her bags from the car. She unlocked the front door and dumped the bags. She walked down the hall to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She sighed as she rooted through the various bottles and cartons. She settled for a can of beer. Fosters. Craig's favourite. She pulled the ring and took a gulp of the cool alcohol. She then walked back into the living room and put the television on, expecting to see Living TV, as it was the last channel she had watched. Instead, it was on BBC 1 and the end credits of a soap were rolling announcing the start of the six o'clock news. She shook her head and flicked through her recorded programmes, eventually selecting an episode of 'Top Gear'. Olivia didn't really care about the programme at first, but Craig had introduced her to it and now she never missed an episode.

She picked her phone out of her jeans pocket and scrolled down the list to John's number. She pressed the call button. She could hear it ringing on the other end. 'Hello there Liv!'

'Hi John' Olivia felt guilty for what she was about to do. 'John, you know tonight?'

'Yep, look forward to it!'

'Well, erm, I feel awful for having to do this but, well I can't make it.'

'Is it something I've done?'

'No, no! Of course not! It's just; I had an argument with a friend. I've got to fix it. I feel really bad about it. Can I call you later?'

'Yeah, sure, you go talk to your friend.' Olivia could hear the disappointment in his voice. 'John,'


'Thank you. See you tomorrow?'

'Yeah. Bye then Olivia.'

'Bye' Olivia ended the call, and what she saw nearly made her drop the phone. An invisible hand was pressing the buttons on the television control. It had ended 'Top Gear' and was now flicking over to the six o'clock news. Olivia took a gulp off beer and wiped her eyes. She had to be seeing things! Her mouth dropped at what she saw on the television screen and nearly dropped her can of beer. 'The search for Scottish student Thomas Lewis, as spread to the entire nation' the newsreader said, as the picture of the boy that she had found at Julia and Brian's house flashed up on the screen. 'Lewis, an open homosexual was reported missing five days ago in Glasgow, Scotland shortly after his ex boyfriend died, a suspected suicide, whom we can not name out of respect for his family. Olivia picked up her phone and dialled Alison's house. The phone just rang. 'Come on Alison pick up. Please pick up!'

'This is Alison Mundy,'


'I can't take your call right now, leave a message ad I'll call you back.' The other end beeped.

'Alison, I know I'm probably the last person you want to speak to, but DO NOT go to Julia and Brian's house. Call me when you get this. Please Alison, call me.' Olivia ended the call. What did she do now? She jumped up from the sofa, grabbed her keys and coat and drove as fast as she could to Julia and Brian's house.


Alison was lost. Completely and utterly lost. She had no idea where she was or how to get home. She had walked the streets for what had seemed like hours. Why had she got out of Olivia's car? If she'd stayed, she could be at home right now warm, not freezing cold. It was a bad idea to wear these heels today. She sighed. If she'd known that Olivia would react like that she never would have said anything. She was about to cross the road to a phone box when she suddenly realised that she had no money, and where she was. She was outside Julia and Brian's house. She hesitated. Should she go and see them? What would she say? Alison lingered by the gates, where after a while, the cold got the better of her. She strolled over to the door and rang the bell. Brian opened the door. 'What do you want?'

'I came to apologise.' Brian turned and called down the hall. 'Julia, it's that medium, Alison. She wants to apologise, should I let her in?'

'Go on then, Brian' He moved out of the way and Alison entered the warm hallway and into the living room. Brian came in behind her and stood in the doorway. Julia was stood in front of her. 'Julia, I'm sorry about before. Olivia should never have rooted through Adam's things.'

'No she shouldn't have' Alison began to feel uncomfortable in between the two of them. 'What do you know about him?'


'Don't play stupid Alison.' Brian warned.

'The boy in the photograph, Alison' Julia added.

'Oh, erm, he was about 18 or 19, and I think he drowned.'

'Is that all?' Julia asked meanly.

'Well, when Olivia was ill, it was like she was possessed by him. She was scared of Brian'

'Have you seen the news today Alison?'

'No.' that was strange question.

'She's lying Brian she knows!' Julia said she sounded scared.

'Well I know what I do to liars.' Brian clicked his knuckles. Julia moved out of the way ad Alison walked backwards towards the wall. Brain was going to hit her. Brian was going to hit her and kill her. Just as Alison was about to close her eyes, she saw the girl in the yellow dress. She was stood on the stairs, her finger on her lips, the she vanished. As she did, there was a loud crack and Brian's eyes lolled. Julia screamed. As Brian fell Alison smiled. Stood behind him with a large fence post. Her hair was dishevelled and she was out of breath. 'You,' she pointed the post at Julia, 'stay where you are.' Julia backed into the room. She was crying. 'Alison.' She nodded, 'Are you all right? Did they hurt you?'

'No. Thank god you're here!' Alison exclaimed. Olivia stepped over Brian, making sure she gave him a good kick on the way over to Julia. 'Just look at this Alison.' She said as she turned the television on. As she put the news on, the drowned boy was sat in the corner watching them avidly. Alison's jaw dropped as she watched the report. Olivia turned to face both of them. 'Brian killed Tom. Brian didn't like them being together, so Adam killed himself, jumped off the bridge, right?' Julia nodded. 'Tom went to pay his last respects to Adam and Brian was there. They started to fight and Tom was fell from the bridge.' Julia was crying. The doorbell rang and Alison could see the flashing lights. 'Alison, go get the door.' Alison nodded and left the room. As she did she saw Tom smiling. He was completely dry. He waved, and turned away and walked into the light.


Alison and Olivia stood out side the house as the police carted Brian and Julia away. 'I'm sorry Alison'

' It's fine. You saved my life.'

'No I'm sorry, If I'd not kicked you out of the car, this never would've happened.'

'Exactly. Tom would still be stuck here. They would have got away with murder.' Alison looked at Olivia. 'It's still early why don't you call John?' Olivia smiled back at her. 'Do you want a lift?'

'No you go, I'll find my own way home' Olivia walked over to her car. 'See you tomorrow Alison!' Alison waved. She stood on the drive and looked up at the stars. Somewhere Robert was watching over her. She smiled and began a long walk home. She smiled as she did so, she had a new fried and she was not alone. Robert was always with her.

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