Legend of Spyro: A New Hero

Chapter 1: Arrival

Mark landed hard on a stone cold floor, "Uh! Man what happened?" he said as he got up. "Is this the one?" a voice asked. "Yes this is the one" another said. "W...who are you?" he asked. "Don't worry, we won't hurt you." As the thing said this a dragon came from the shadows, he was red with a yellow body and had amber eyes. "You're… You're a dragon?!" Mark asked shockingly. The dragon chuckled "yes I am a dragon, my name is Ignitus, my friends and I summoned you to help us" as he said this four dragon appeared from the shadows, one was a green dragon who looked like he was through many battles, another was a yellow dragon, smiling as he approached the circle, the third was a ice blue dragon who looked like he was of noble blood, and the last dragon was black and white, he wore a cloak and had glasses, he carried a book in his right claw.

"Whoa, this… this is incredible!" he said excitingly. "this is Volteer master of electricity" pointing to the yellow dragon, "Cyril, master of ice" pointing to the blue dragon," Terrador, master of earth" motioning to the green dragon, "and the Chronicler" he said pointing to the black n white dragon. "Hello, my name is Mark" he said to the dragons. "We know who you are, we summoned you because you can help us in our war." said the Chronicler. "Whoa, wait war? I didn't sign up for a war." Mark said.

"let me explain, we have been at war with an enemy for years, he's know as the Dark Master, he was a purple dragon born on a special year, The Year of the Dragon, he was the first purple dragon born, he mastered fire, ice, electricity, earth, and many other elements." Ignitus said. "But he became strong, stronger than any of us with his limitless power, so we banished him, he built an army of apes, not dragons, he taught them how to use the elements, we sealed him away but he has returned." The Chronicler said. "When this happened the year of the dragon came and he destroyed all the eggs, all except two, one was sent down the river, another was taken by his armies. The dragon Cynder was that dragon, she was corrupted and became his pet, the other Spyro escaped and hatched in a swamp inhabited by dragonflies, and he was raised with another dragonfly named Sparx." Terrador said.

"After a few years he learned that he was a dragon and left his home to find other dragons, Sparx went with him, then they met me, he wanted to know about who he was so we came here to the temple. After beating the apes I taught him how to control fire, but he learned it already, then I sent him to rescue the others, one by one he rescued them and learned a new element along the way." Ignitus said.

They went on telling of cynder and her capture of ignitus and the other guardian's elemental powers. Of her plan to release her master, of her defeat and her return to the temple, the about her leaving, of the apes attacking the temple, of Spyro's quest of finding the Chronicler, reclaiming his powers and the ability of controlling time, of him finding the chronicler and journing to the well of souls where the dark master was almost close to returning, unfortunately they don't know what happened after that. Only that the Dark master escaped and they read the Prophecies that said a human will rise to fight the dark one with the help of the purple one. They also said they summoned other humans before him; the first human to come here betrayed them and joined the dark master. They summoned Mark because he's the one of the prophecy.

"So, looks like I have no other juice but to help you guys, I may not know anything about you guys, but I'll try my best. I won't fail you" Mark declared to the guardians. They smiled and looked at each other." Then let us begin" Ignitus said.