Okay, i know you thought my last chapter was the final one for this story, but i thought This chapter would explain about how Mark came to the Dragon Realms, know this happens before the first chapter, and explains who Mark and Revan are.


Chapter 15: How it all began

Mark threw himself on his bed, face in his pillow. It was Friday, meaning the weekend would come, he turned over and sighed. "Man, today's the same as yesterday, and before that." He told himself. It was 6 years since the massacre and Mark was still sad over it. His home was ravaged by pirates and marauders, he watched as they slaughtered his people, more importantly, some joined their attack, some of his so called "friends" turned against them and helped with the annihilation of the town.

His family was gone, his home destroyed, his happiness shattered. There was nothing left of Mark's home. Only he and his brother revan escaped, they headed to their uncle's home to live with him, he gladly accepted them and they stayed there. It was a rough life, no money and their friends either fled with no way of contacting them or died in the massacre, they made some new friends, thought they were either thugs or gang groups. Revan helped his brother become stronger by fighting with him in the afternoon and taught him various techniques.

But soon a year after they moved with their uncle, revan disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. "Don't worry, he probably went to find his wealth in the world" his Uncle told Mark. But he never returned. Mark got up from his bed and went to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror. He had black hair, brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a big chin (It came from his grandfather's side). His eyes had bags and he was growing in a moustache. He wasn't athletic, strong, or smart, in fact he had seasonal asthma, which meant he tired out easily and was weaker than everyone else.

He was 14 now; he rubbed his chin and sighed. "Bro, where are you?" he asked his reflection. He went to his room and looked up at the ceiling. "6 years and still nothing. Where are you?" he asked the ceiling. His Uncle entered the room "Hey" he said. "Hey" Mark replied. "Still wondering about Revan?" he asked. "Yeah" Mark said. "I beat ya he misses you too" His uncle said. "Anyway, dinners almost ready" he said and left. Mark then collapsed on his bed and let sleep overtake him.


Meanwhile in the Dragon Realms, Ignitus was looking at the pool of visions; the image of Mark appeared before him. "Is it time Ignitus?" Volteer, the guardian of electricity asked. "Yes, we've waited for too long and now's the time." He said. "Are you sure it's him?" Cyril, guardian of ice asked him. "I mean, he's scrawny, and his English is terrible, it sounds like a bunch of languages mixed together. Not to mention he's…" "Cyril, could you please stop being so obnoxious?" Terrador, earth guardian asked him. "Sorry" He said in an irritated tone.

"Enough you two" A voice said. The four looked and saw the Chronicler, ancient dragon of wisdom and master of time, walk towards them. "Our apologies" Terrador said bowing with the others. "Are you quite sure he's the one?" Ignitus asked the Chronicler. "With out a doubt Ignitus, he's the one we've been waiting for 3 years" He said. "I hope he can help us, not like after what he did" Cyril said obnoxiously. "Cyril, I thought everyone agreed we'd never talk about him again!" Volteer insisted. "Quiet all of you!" Ignitus ordered.

"I agree with Terrador, we did promise not to talk about him after his betrayal. Plus we need to get him since he's part of the prophecy" the Chronicler told them. "Sure he's scrawny, but he'll become stronger over time. And since we don't know where Spyro and Cynder are we might as well use him." He added. Ignitus looked at the pool and saw Mark going to get dinner. "I hope he'll be what we need." Ignitus muttered as the guardians soon began to mutter an incantation.


Mark was eating a plate of rice and beans in his room; he preferred to eat this way. He was deep in thought while eating; He was fascinated with dragons, books and writing. This separated him from his brother, who was strong, fit (well… almost fit), smart, fast, and loved to fight. He could get a lot of girls where as mark preferred to be alone, thought he looked up to his brother, and sometimes he would beat up some of the people that made fun of him. He had some friends back before this; his closest friend was Nick, who shared the same interests as him. He had other friends but they too disappeared without a trace.

"Sometimes, I wish I could be somewhere else, like the Dragon Realms or something." He said to himself. He always believed in the Dragon Realms, a place where dragons lived, his friends agreed with him and talked about them, everyone else told him to stop believing in fairy tales, others made fun of him and called him "Dragon Boy". This got on his nerves, but he resisted the urge to punch them, because he didn't believe in fighting.

Mark finished his dinner and put it in the trash can, taking a look at the clock it read 8:00 pm. He soon went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, took a shower, dried off and changed into his pajamas and went to his room to sleep.


Mark woke up a few hours later from a strange noise, he went to the living room and looked around, and there was nothing different. Probably just a raccoon or something he thought and headed back to his room.


He could hear thunder from the distance and a howling wind. "There wasn't going to be any rain tonight" He said to himself. Soon the thunder got louder and the lightning came. Bolt of it thundered down, sending shadows where the light where. He looked out the window and another bolt came down. He thought he saw a figure in front of the house, a figure looking right at him!

"What the hell?" he wondered. Another flash of lightning came and the figure was gone. "Where'd he go?" he said looking through the window. A third flash of lightning occurred and the figure was outside the porch, the figure placed a hand on the handle of the door and opened it. Rain soon flew into the room; the sound of the storm was louder than before. Mark struggled to the door and closed it, locking the door. Mark's uncle soon ran into the room. "What the fuck is going on?" he asked.

Mark's heart was pounding in his chest, he walked towards his uncle when his uncle's face turned ashen, Mark turned around and saw the figure, but the figure was a dragon, a pitch-black dragon covered in black fog, his eyes where a blood red color. The figure stared at him. "In the name of god! I demand you to leave this place immediately!" Mark's uncle ordered. The dragon looked at him, soon he grabbed him and threw him out the window, the glass shattered as his uncle flew through and landed on the ground, covered in blood. "Uncle!" Mark called and ran towards him.

The dragon appeared in front of Mark and snarled at him. "W…Who are you?" Mark stuttered. "You know who I am" he said. The dragon touched his forehead with a claw, Mark soon felt the heat in him leave, his insides where cold, his face turned pale, he was shaking in fear. "Now, time to die!" he yelled and raised a claw for the kill.


Ignitus and the guardians looked at the pool on fear and shock. "Get him here now!" he yelled.


As the dragon raised a claw to kill him the thunder and lightning stopped, the dragon turned around "What?!" he yelled. Suddenly an arc of light shone down on Mark, he covered his eyes to see what was going on. Soon the light was gone, and so was Mark. "No!" the dragon yelled and disappeared in smoke.

Mark was inside a swirling vortex various colors shone as he was in the vortex, spinning uncontrollably, he yelled as he spun. He had no idea what was going on, or where he was going. Only that he would never return to the realm of humans.


Hope that helps explain who Mark and Revan are. And this is the real last chapter of my story.