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"Let's land there," said Sokka, pointing to a clearing in the forest.

It was large enough for Appa and the gang to stop at. They landed and then set up camp.

"Hey Sokka, what's for dinner tonight?" Katara asked.

"Yeah, I'm hungry," said Toph.

"I'm making a stew, a large one for us meat eaters and a small one for Aang with no meat in it," said Sokka proudly.

"Thanks," said Aang, "You always make the best no-meat stews."

"That I do," said the warrior with a grin.

Then he started preparing the stew. While he cooked, he sang songs. But he sang terribly.

"Snoozles! Would you quit singing. It's hurting my ears!" Toph said.

But Sokka didn't hear. He was singing way too loud.

"Let's go explore," said Aang loudly.

"That's fine with me," Katara said.

"Me too," said Toph, annoyed at Sokka's dreadful singing capabilities. Then they walked into the forest.

"Where is everyone?" said Sokka, "Oh well, but I hope they get back in time to eat." He continued his cooking and singing. About an hour later Toph, Katara, and Aang entered the campsite, covered in mud.

"Food's ready," said Sokka, then he turned to the group and stared in surprise, "What did you three do for the last hour?"

"We had a bending battle," said Katara, She waterbended the mud off her, while Aang and Toph earthbended it off.

"Who won?" asked Sokka.

"No one won," said Aang, "we tied."

"Oh, well anyways here's the food," Sokka said.

He served the food and the gang started to eat. They ate in silence because three of them were thoroughly exhausted. Then the three went to bed, while Sokka walked off.

Toph couldn't sleep, even though her body was tired, her mind was not. She decided she would follow Sokka so she wouldn't be awake alone. Before Sokka even knew she was there, she sensed that he was staring at the sky. That could only mean one thing, He was looking at the moon. She walked until she was beside him and sat down.

"Hey Sokka," said Toph, "You thinking about her again?"

"Yes, but not just Yue. I'm also thinking about Suki," said Sokka softly. Then with anger, fear, sadness and confusion, he said "Why is it that I keep losing the ones I love?"

Then silent tears ran down his cheeks.

"Sokka you haven't lost everyone you love. You have your father, Aang, Katara, and me," said Toph. She blushed as she said 'me' and then hugged the water tribe warrior.

"Thanks Toph," he said shakily.

He leaned on her and quickly fell asleep. Toph gently pushed him off her, lay down, and fell asleep.

Toph woke with a start. She heard low voices and sensed that there was a large number of people surrounding her and Sokka. She quickly woke him and covered his mouth to keep him quiet. She put a finger to her lips and Sokka nodded. They stood up and started walking. Before they had taken ten steps, four Dai Li agents and four firebenders came out and surrounded them. Toph earthbended a rock at a Dai Li agent but he dodged it and the others started fighting the blind earthbender. She fought them off as well as she could and then she noticed that Sokka had just been captured by the firebenders. Then she felt the vibrations of many more Dai Li agents and firebenders coming to capture them. It was then that she knew it was impossible to free Sokka and get away.

She then heard Sokka yell "Run Toph, get out of here!"

She obeyed him and ran to the camp site to warn Katara and Aang. She ran into the into the clearing and yelled, "Katara! Aang! Get on Appa, quick!" Katara grabbed her water skin and Aang grabbed his staff. Toph grabbed Sokka's sword and they all jumped on Appa and flew off.

"Toph, what happened? And where's Sokka?" said Katara.

With tears in her eyes she said, "Dai Li agents and firebenders took him. They snuck up on us as we were sleeping. We ran and fought, but there were too many. And I sensed that more of them were coming and... If I had noticed sooner we might have been able to escape."

"Toph don't blame yourself. You tried every thing you could. The only thing we can do for now is to find a place where we can be safe and come up with a plan to rescue him," said Aang.

Toph nodded and Katara hugged her.

"If I know my brother, he should be okay long enough for us to rescue him," said Katara. She hoped she was right.

"You're probably right, unless they took him straight to Azula," said Toph. The three went silent. Toph held Sokka's sword tightly and hoped that he would be okay.

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