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Haley James, Brad James and Nathan Scott had always been best friends. They were the Three Amigos. A Tripod, when one leg fell they all did, but what they didn't expect was for one of those legs to fall so soon. When tragedy strikes and two of them lose the one person they could count on, will they find solace in each other? Naley.


Chapter One: Everything's Alright, At Least For Now




"Fuck." The raven haired boy growled as he put the weights back up on the stand and wiped the sweat off his brow, trying to catch his breath.

"You're getting soft Nate," Brad laughed when Nathan narrowed his eyes at him, but he simply shrugged while standing up from where he'd been doing sit ups on one of the many mats that surrounded them. "Luke just called, said the he and the guys were playing some ball down at the river court, told me that we better get our asses down there, Dim isn't the most co-ordinated person in the world." Nathan chuckled along with his best friend, Tim was a great basketball player, but he could be a bit of an idiot at times, hence why they called him 'Dim'.

Nathan wiped his towel over his face as they began to walk to the changing room; the gym was practically empty-except for a couple of men in their mid-thirties on the running machines. The two boys would always go there because of that, plus they'd been going there since they were young teens, so it held a lot of memories.

Nathan Scott and Brad James had been best friends nearly all their lives, it was actually Brad's sister that had helped with that, some kid had being picking on her in the playground and Nathan had come over to help her out but as soon as he got there she'd kicked the kid between his legs, making him crumple to the ground, calling him a 'butthead' which was a bad word to them at the time. A few seconds later a little dark brown haired boy had ran up to her, and given her a high five before giving the boy a good kick in the shin. The little girl had then turned to face Nathan and scowled, saying if he wanted to pick on her too then he'd have to get in line. Nathan smiled at the memory, and then the picture of that not so little girl popped into his mind. Haley James.

They had a, love-hate relationship, even though they'd grown up together, he, Haley and Brad were the three amigos-as Brad liked to call them, or Haley's personal favourite, 'They were a tripod, if one fell they all did.' After that day on the playground the three had been inseparable, and to this very day they were. You'd think they all get on well to be so close, but Nathan and Haley were always trying to rile each other up, or doing something to annoy the other person. Since they were best friends they knew exactly what buttons to push and they did. Over and over. All their friends found it comical, the way they could be so close one minute then at each others throats the next. They were like a couple, and their friends knew it was a relationship in the making. Even Brad, who to him his little sister was still that little girl on the playground kicking that kid in the goolies because he'd said she had cooties.

"So what happened last night?" Brad asked as he got into the passengers side of the black SUV.


"With Rachel." The green eyed boy explained and chuckled when Nathan groaned. "That bad huh?" When he never got an answer his eyes widened. "Wait, are you trying to tell me the great Nathan Scott didn't have sex last night? Wow man, you really are getting soft." He laughed when Nathan punched him in the arm as they drove out of the parking lot. "What happened?"

Nathan shrugged, "They're just all the same, she started bitching about other girls on the squad before we'd even made it to my car so I pretended that you'd text me and I had to go."

Brad bust out laughing at that, "So if you see her, just make up some lame ass excuse." He nodded.

"So is this the start of a new Nathan Scott?" Brad asked with a chuckle as the car stopped at the river court.

Nathan shrugged with a smirk, "Maybe I'm just looking for the right girl. Brad rolled his eyes, knowing the right girl was closer than his best friend thought. Nathan had never been one for relationships, he's never had a serious one, and they usually last about two weeks until he gets bored and moves on. He couldn't remember half of the girl's names, but he could remember the name of the girl he first kissed. Little Miss James. It was actually that day they'd met, at the end of the day she'd walked up to him and planted a kiss square on his lips, he'd asked what it was for and she's shrugged with a smile and said she'd known he'd been thinking about it all day so they may as well get it over with. He chuckled at the memory; she was one of a kind. Haley and Nathan had shared most of their firsts together, but the one that stuck out most for the blue eyed boy was when they lost their virginity together.

They'd both been in their freshman year of high school and had just been hanging out since everyone else was either working or busy. They'd ended up getting into a fight over the movie, so she'd stormed out of his house and he ran after her, told her to get her ass back in the house because it was pouring rain. Been as stubborn as he is she'd kept walking so he ran after her then they began to fight in the middle of the street in the pouring rain then he'd done something that shocked both of them, he'd kissed her. Then one thing led to another and they ended up in his bed for the rest of the night and pretty much the whole weekend. They'd decided to just keep it between them, it was like their dirty little secret, and even though they'd never tell each other it was the best day of their lives.

"Finally. What the hell took yous so long?" Lucas asked as both boys walked up to the court.

"Dude, you phoned me about ten minutes ago." Brad told the blonde before stealing the ball from his hands and making a perfect lay up.

"Ignore him, he's just in a bad mood because the Brookie Monster isn't speaking to him, or wait, is it Miss Sawyer?" She grinned.

"Hales." Lucas whined, "Stop calling her that, please. I'm starting to think you don't like her or something." He said ignoring her Peyton comment.

"Now where would you get that idea?" She asked sarcastically and laughed when Lucas glared playfully at her from her spot on the bleachers beside Mouth.

Brad walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Hey lil' sis, I didn't know you were gonna be here." Before she could answer Nathan spoke up.

"Yeah, I thought you said it was just gonna be the guys?" He asked Lucas then turned to Haley with a smirk, "Well I guess Little James could pass for one." His smirk widened when she glared at him, scoffing whilst rolling her eyes. "I know you want me."

"In your dreams." She raised an eyebrow, "and I told you to stop calling me that."

Nathan walked onto the court, "You don't know what you do in my dreams." Brad groaned.

"Please, no talk like that around me."

Haley rolled her eyes while playfully pushing her brother back onto the court. "I have had sex before, you know?" All the guys began to laugh as Brad covered his ears and started to sing loud and off key. Haley got up from her spot on the bleachers and ran and jumped on his back.

"Yo Scott! Get over here and help us win this game." Skills shouted and Nathan ran over to him, pounding fists with all the guys.

"How about we start again?" Lucas asked, walking up to them with the basketball in his hands.

"You just want to because you're losing." Fergie pointed out with a smirk and the guys all chuckled.

"No, it's only fair since Brad and Nate just joined in." Lucas tried to defend himself and the guys rolled their eyes whilst chuckling.

"So Nate can come to my team-"

"Hold up, I don't think so, both Scott brothers on one team? Not fair." Tim piped up.

"Timmy's right." Haley agreed as she and Brad walked back up to the group.

"Hales." Jake whined, much like the way Lucas had earlier, "Please don't call Dim that."

She punched him in the arm, "It's nicer than calling him Dim, and plus Tim doesn't mind. Do ya Tim?" He shook his head with a big goofy smile and they all laughed.

"Now boys, play nice." She grinned and gave Nathan a smack on the butt as she walked past, grinning as she could just picture the shocked look on his face.

Brad shivered dramatically, "I did not need to see that!" He shouted over to Haley, where she was laughing with Mouth and she simply stuck her tongue at him at him childishly when he gave her the bird.

"Dude, Haley's a woman." Junk spoke up, with a grin.

"And what a woman she is." Tim practically licked his lips and Brad glared at him, and took the ball from Lucas' hands and hit him on the head with it.

"That's my sister, perv."

"Owe!" Tim pouted whilst rubbing his head.

Nathan felt a pang of jealousy hearing them talk about Haley like that but let it slide, picking the orange ball from the ground he shot it into the net. Swoosh. Nothing but net.

"Shoot for teams."

"I can't believe how badly we whooped your guys' ass's," Jake grinned as they group walked into the small café.

Junk rolled his eyes, "Whatever,"

"Yeah, yous cheated." Tim spoke up.

"What? No we didn't." Nathan defended his team, "We played fair and square."

Haley giggled slightly and rolled her eyes. "You guys are so lame." She laughed when Lucas jabbed her in the side lightly. "I'm gonna see if your mam needs any help." She smiled at the group before practically bouncing into the kitchen.

The boys all chuckled. "Lucas!" But they all cringed as they heard a shrill screech.

"The Brooke Monster." Mouth laughed and the guys all snickered apart from Lucas.

"Hey baby." He smiled up at the brunette but she simply glowered at him. Oh shit, he knew that look, that look meant he was in trouble.

"Don't you 'Hey baby' me. I thought you were going to call me earlier? Remember you promised to take me to the mall." Lucas and Brooke continued to fight as Haley walked up to the table, now sporting a Karen's Café apron, and a notepad and pen.

"What can I get you boys?" She grinned, having yet to notice Brooke.

"We're in the middle of something." The brunette turned to face the voice, her eyes narrowing at one of her best friends girlfriends it's not that she didn't like Brooke… actually that was exactly it. She didn't like Brooke; she thought Lucas deserved someone who would appreciate the things he loved.

"Well I wasn't asking you, was I?" Haley asked with a tight smile before turning back to the guys. Leaving a red faced Brooke practically seething. They all looked at her with amused smiles. She really was just like one of the guys, but that wasn't why they all loved hanging out with her, she was quirky, feisty-they all learned that from experience, Miss James could certainly pack a punch. She was also caring, down to earth, and usually gave people the benefit of the doubt, tried to get everyone's side of the story.

"I want…" Brad started but she interrupted the older James.

"Let me guess, a cheeseburger, extra onion and extra cheese and fries." She grinned as he chuckled, "And a large coke with ice." She continued to go around the table, guessing all the boys orders and not surprising to any of them had gotten them all right, finally she came to Nathan, who was sitting with a smirk on his face.

"What LJ, not gonna guess my order too?" She glared at him as he said 'LJ' the initials for his usual nick name for her, 'Little James.' All the guys had different names for her and she loved them all for it.

"A double bacon cheeseburger, no onion, with a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake." She smiled when he glared at her. "I'll be back with your drinks." She sent them an air kiss before going back to the kitchen. She smiled at Karen, who was currently grilling some burgers.

"Get all the boys' orders?" The petite woman asked with a knowing smile and Haley laughed a little and nodded.


"I swear they come in here almost everyday and order the same thing, don't you think after a while they'd order something different?" She laughed softly and Haley joined her. Karen was Lucas' mom, and one of the kindest people you would ever meet, but she could get very angry, you did not want to get in the line of fire of an angry Karen Scott. Haley had known the older woman since she was a little girl; she'd been more of a mother to her than her own.

"I can't really say anything," Haley smiled as she filled a glass with ice. "I always order the same thing too-"

"Food of the Gods." Karen cut in with a smile and Haley laughed. Karen loved Haley as if she was her own, she was such a sweet girl and was glad that her boys had become friends with her, even though they met when they were four she could already tell back then they would have a strong bond, one that couldn't be broken. And to this very day she's never regretted her words, and knew in her soul she never would.

"I better get the boys their drink before World War III begins." The brunette spoke and both women laughed as they heard the boys bickering back and forth, but Haley closed her eyes as she heard Brooke's shrill voice, she must have invited herself to join them. Grrreeeeaaaat.

"Thank you again for helping out today Hales, it's been hectic since opening,"

Haley sent her a toothy grin, "I don't mind at all, plus I get to see more of my adopted mom." She laughed when Karen through a dish towel at her but she caught it and swung it over her shoulder before taking the tray of drinks back over to her friends' table.

"There yous go." She smiled that smile that could light up a room as she handed each boy their drink.

"Thanks Shorty," Skills winked at her playfully and she laughed, God she loved her friends.

"Café Girl."

Haley turned to face the bitchy brunette and clenched her teeth, "Haley." She corrected with a roll of her eyes.

Brooke waved a dismissive hand in the air. "What can I get that has no sugar, no carbs and is fat free?" She asked while looking up from her menu.

Haley pretended to ponder for a moment before answering, "Water."

All the guys snickered and Jake, Brad and Nathan all coughed to hide their laughter.

"Fine, I'll have a Vas." She said snottily and Haley looked at her confused.

"'Scuse me?" Haley asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"It's water, from Norway." She explained whilst flipping her hair over her shoulder, and Haley wanted nothing more than to rip the sleek locks from her head right now.

"We only have tap water." Haley explained, all the guys could tell she was a minute away from slapping the rude brunette.

"Oh, well then I'll have an ice tea." Brooke told her and Haley fought the urge to roll her eyes and simply turned on her heal and walked back into the kitchen. All the guys gave Lucas pointed looks, and he sighed before standing up and walking after her, ignoring Brooke's whining voice calling after him.

Walking into the kitchen he stopped as he saw Haley ferociously chopping some onion, he winced slightly at the force. Poor vegetable.

"Hey Hales," He smiled but she didn't turn to look at him, just kept chopping. "Look, I'm sorry about Brooke-"

"That's just it Luke, you shouldn't have to apologise for her." Haley told him, stopping her chopping but not turning to face him.

"But I want to, 'cos I don't want you to be mad at me." He smiled that infamous Scott smile and grinned when he saw her façade soften.

She sighed dramatically before turning to face him, the knife still clutched in her right hand. "Put down the weapon," He joked and she rolled her eyes playfully but put it down none the less and walked into his open arms.

"You deserve better, Squinty." She giggled into his chest when she heard him groan.

"I do not squint!" He exclaimed.

"You so do!" Haley told him while doing an impression of what he looks like when he 'Broods'. "Now go back out and do your guy stuff, I'll taker your food out when it's ready."

"Need any help?"

"Just go Scott." She threw a rag at him and he held his hands up in mock surrender before turning around and walking back out to the table. He inwardly groaned as he heard Brooke talking to his very, very bored looking friends about the cheerleading squad. Hell here I come.

"I think my ears are bleeding."

"I didn't know someone could talk so much."

"Especially about the different shades of black, come on, I mean, its black! There's only one shade!" Jake exclaimed and everyone laughed. "I'm serious guys."

"Man, I never knew someone so hot could be so annoying." Tim sighed, laying his head down on the counter and Haley giggled, patting his head and he glared teasingly at her.

"I was so close to throwing her ice tea over her pretty little head." Haley admitted while turned to 'Open' sign to 'Closed' on the café door before walking back over to the counter.

The café was empty, except for Haley, Nathan, Brad, Jake, Tim, Lucas.

"What's wrong Luke?" Brad asked with a slight smirk, "I thought you'd be telling us off for badmouthing Brooke," He told the blonde.

Lucas shrugged with a small smile, "She kinda, did my head in too." He admitted sheepishly and all the guys laughed.

"Hey," Haley's head snapped around as she heard the deep voice, one that could send shivers up her spin one moment and annoy the hell out of her the next. "What're you doing over here all on your lonesome?" Nathan asked and sat beside her.

She gave him a small shrug, looking back out the window. "Trying to get away from you." She joked and Nathan chuckled, giving her a light nudge in the side.

"I'm been serious," He chuckled with a smile and Haley couldn't help but turn and look at him. He really could be sweet sometimes.

"Just thinking," She sighed.

"'Bout what?" Nathan prodded, watching her as she looked back out the window, the light from the moon illuminating her face, making her look more beautiful than usual.

"I just, have ever wanted to just get away, Nate?" She asked.

His brow furrowed at her question. "I guess, why?"

Haley shrugged. "I just wanna get away from Tree Hill for a bit, just go have some fun." She smiled, turning to look at him.

"What? You don't have fun with us?" He teased and she rolled her eyes good naturedly.

"Of course I do, I think we should go on a road trip." She declared and he chuckled. "I'm serious!" She laughed.

"We might, someday, Tree Hill not big enough for ya LJ?" She glared at him and he chuckled.

"No, it's just not big enough for your ego." She told him whilst standing up.

Nathan scoffed. "If there's a part of me that's too big for Tree Hill it's definitely not my ego." He gestured to his lower anatomy and she simply rolled her eyes as he smirked.

"Ass." She muttered and smacked him on the back of the head while she walked past him.

"Hey!" He exclaimed while rubbing the spot she just whacked. "I know you want me James." Nathan wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and she simply gave him the bird.

"In your dreams."

"You have no idea."

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