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yes itachi worshippers, your God is dead, accept it now.



Naruto twirled his pencil between the fingers of his left hand, his right ones tapping rhythmically on the sheet of paper lying blank beneath them.

His eyes were fixed on the projector that Kakashi-sensei had pulled down, reflecting a myriad of jumbled numbers and letters.

But his mind was elsewhere, even though he should be paying attention since Calculus was his absolute worst class. Naruto was still in a slight state of shock from this morning's discovery.

He couldn't believe his little chat crush had actually been his roommate.

He couldn't believe his roommate turned out to be such a cool person to talk to.

And he couldn't believe his roommate was actually interested in him.

Hie eyes widened before his head fell forward, forehead slamming on the desk and making a few other students start with surprise.

He couldn't believe...he'd invited Sasuke to suck him off.

A wave of heat rushed up his neck, staining his face a deep red.

But...Naruto really liked the guy, even more now that he knew he was "SU" (he nearly hit himself for missing that connection). And even though 80 percent of his thoughts on Sasuke centered around fucking like animals in heat, he wasn't entirely sure now if he could let this...whatever the hell this was just be a fling.

Now that he was attracted to more than Sasuke's looks, he'd probably want more from him too.

He racked his memory for anything in their conversations that might have hinted that Sasuke felt the same. He was sure there must have been something but his mind was too muddled to recall such a comment, and he didn't want to risk asking him. Because what if he didn't feel the same? That would just fuck things up more than they already are, if that's even possible.

A loud groan seeped out between his lips. And the next thing he knew, a hand wound into his hair and pushed his head back.

He felt a palm against his forehead as he stared up at his Sensei.

The man raised a brow when he caught Naruto's empty sheet of notes, then flicked his eyes to the boy, "There must be something very interesting going on if you're not taking notes and groaning loud enough to disrupt my lecture. Which I slaved all night on, mind you. Would you like to share your thoughts, Naruto?"

Naruto blinked twice at his teacher. His mouth fell open, "Please kill me" he begged.

Kakashi stood still for a moment before speaking with a smile, "The exam will do that for you if you don't start taking notes." He pushed the head back on the desk, "So please Mr. Uzumaki, if it's not too much trouble, act like you care." He ruffled the blonde spikes and turned to walk back to the front of the room.

The class erupted into snickers and giggles, which Kakashi quieted with a "You dorks can make fun of each other on your own time" then picked up his pointer and continued the lecture.

Naruto let his head fall to the side so his cheek pressed against the cool desk.

He made a gun with his right hand, pushing the tips of his middle and forefinger under the soft flesh of his chin. Then his thumb flicked the trigger.


"Damn." he muttered, hand falling away.

He was so sure that would work.


Sasuke stopped pacing and fell long ways on the couch, his left leg hooking over the armrest as his hands came up to his face.

How could he have been so stupid?

Despite that Sasuke didn't...hadn't known much about his roommate:

He did know Naruto liked foxes.

He did know he'd lived in Japan for a few years.

He did know that the boy had an unhealthy and unnatural obsession with ramen.

And he still missed that connection while he chatted with Kitsune's. Ramen.

Tch...genius indeed.

Sasuke's brow crumpled.

"Sorry to hear that, because it sounds like that hardass is never going to even look at you..."

...He'd called himself a hardass.

Sasuke let out a frustrated noise, banging a fist against the coffee table by the couch. It screeched against the floor at the abuse.

Sasuke had always been physically attracted to Naruto, but was never interested enough to try and take the attraction somewhere beyond a fantasized fuck or a stare at the man's ass. He'd let his arrogance and judgemental personality overlook what kind of person his roommate was, and now it had cost him.

Sasuke spread the fingers of the hand that was still on his face. His eye peeked past the slits, mouth still set in a frown.

He thought of their conversations. Of how loose and comfortable Kits...Naruto had made him feel.

He'd pulled out his dick for Christ's sake.

The hand wandered down to his stomach, fingers tapping against the toned flesh as he glared at the ceiling.

...No...Sasuke wouldn't let this become nothing. He always got what he wanted. He wanted his roommate, and he wanted his chat buddy.

Now he could have both.

He'd already missed his first class, missing the day won't hurt. He sat up on the couch, brought his leg down as a smirk caught his lips.

It's never too late to start over. And if they'd never had a conversation before, then they're going to have one hell of a topic to discuss when Naruto came back.


Naruto bit his lip after he tucked the key to the door back into his pocket, his hand coming up to hover over the doorknob.

He swallowed what he could swear was the baseball in his throat. "Okay" he choked out, "Just...just go in, and run to your room."

He nodded to himself.

And didn't move.

Naruto steeled himself, "C'mon Uzumaki, he's probably still at classes anyway!"

He took a deep breath to quell the flips in his stomach before turning the knob and quickly stepping inside, then slammed the door shut.

Naruto's eyes wandered, not spotting the Uchiha anywhere. "Oh..." he let out a sigh of relief, closed his eyes and hung his head, "Oh thank God."

The sound of the bathroom door popping open jerked his head up, gaze landing right on Sasuke, who stepped out and promptly stared at the blonde.

The pale man finally seemed to register what he was looking at, "You're back-"

"GAH!" Naruto didn't even let him finish as he shoved past the other and rocketed into his room, slamming the door and twisting the lock. He dropped his bag and pushed his back against the wood, panting slightly through curses.

"Shit shit shit..." He jumped at a pounding on the other side of the door.

"Uzumaki! What the hell! Get out of there!"

Naruto shook his head rapidly, then realized Sasuke couldn't see his head and screamed out a 'no' instead.

On the other side, Sasuke was fuming. He was NOT going to let that hot blonde idiot hole up in his room and ignore what happened. He continued rapping a fist on the door, "I just wanna talk! Get out here damn it!"

Naruto's eyes were shifting quickly, searching for some way out of this, "Uh...talk? Talk about what? There's nothing to talk about."

Sasuke's jaw dropped, "What? You're fucking joking if you think there's nothing to talk about! What about this morning?!"

Naruto was sweating now, "Er- what about it?"

"Shit, I don't know Naruto. Maybe when we showed each other our dicks and found out we've been talking to each other for weeks and weren't even aware of it?!"

The tan boy felt his face redden, "Uh...I do not recall these events."


The blonde flinched.

"Come out here Naruto!"

"Uhm -uh- Naruto's not home right now, please leave a message after the beep..."



Sasuke banged his forehead against the door and let out a long sigh to stop himself from kicking it down.

This was going nowhere. ...Maybe the dumbass was just nervous, and his yelling was making it worse.

Sasuke took another breath and lightly touched his lips to the barrier between them, "C'mon" he coaxed, "I just wanna talk, that's all."

No answer came. His eyes narrowed, and his mouth opened to try again when a light 'click' followed by the door cracking open slowly sent him back a few steps.

A blue eyes peered at him cautiously, "...Really?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah." he pointed to the couch, "Sit. I don't want you running away again, you're pretty damn good at it."

Naruto hesitated before walking out and making his way to the couch, then sank down into the cushions.

Sasuke reached behind him and shut the door, then went to stand in front of the coffee table across from the other man with crossed arms. He stared down at him.

Naruto began sweating again under the intense gaze, his fingers thrumming nervously against his knees. "Uhm...about this morning...I was..." his eyes went from left to right, and back to Sasuke, "high."

Sasuke raised a brow.

Naruto paused, then gulped at the lack of response on Sasuke's part, "Uh...yeah, I had some...um...crack...er...I was so stoned."


"I was like, flying with the kites...you know, from how high I was...I was high..."

More silence.

Naruto waited, receiving nothing. He waited some more with lips stitched shut, staring back at the man until it seemed like minutes had stretched into hours.

When no progress was being made, he opened his mouth and tried again, "I was high-"


Naruto jerked before scowling, "Well I don't hear YOU coming up with any brilliant excuses!"

"You moron! Because there ARE no excuses!"

Naruto shot up from the couch, "Then what the hell are we talking about?!"

"THIS!" Sasuke gestured between them, "This! What is this!"

Naruto smacked his hand away, "I'm as lost on that as you are! How should I know?!"

Sasuke shoved him lightly, "Don't play like an idiot! We both know we want each other, we admitted to that. Does that mean anything now?"

Naruto threw his arms up, "I don't know! I still don't even know how this happened! I like you, yes, but I barely know you, but at the same time I DO know you but..." he stopped and dropped his hands, looking tiredly at the other, "Look, I don't know okay? I don't...I don't know."

"What do you mean you 'don't know?'"

"What do you mean what do I mean?! You just -I- we just...we should just...drop it. We should drop it, that's what I mean."

Sasuke's hands fisted at his sides, his brow crumpling as a scowl fitted his features, "Are you saying we should pretend this never happened?"

Naruto scowled as well at the Uchiha's tone, "Yeah, that's what I'm saying, ass."

Sasuke grit his teeth, "Fine, if that's what you want, dumbass."

"It is."





"I'm glad we agree."



They glared at each other. And if you would've blinked, you would've missed four hands shoot out simultaneously to yank the other across the table and smash their mouths in a kiss.

Sasuke tilted his head and forced his tongue between the blonde's lips, one hand coming up to fist the boy's hair and jerk his head back harshly, still keeping their kiss in tact.

Naruto's eyes widened and he had to throw an arm around Sasuke's neck to keep from falling back. His tongue became ensared with Sasuke's. Touching, rolling, wrapping and sucking until Sasuke pulled away to place similar treatment on his neck.

Naruto let out a shaky breath as the raven bit down on the column of his throat and began to suck. His hands flew down to the pale man's jeans, unzipping and unbuttoning them before feeling Sasuke do the same to his own.

Sasuke released the flesh in his teeth with a distinct 'pop' after feeling his pants and boxers pool at his ankles. He stepped out of them, tugging down Naruto's as well while he pushed against his mouth again.

Sasuke grunted as the area between his legs became hotter along with the rest of his body. He wanted contact. And he suddenly hated the table that stood between them.

Naruto yelped into the kiss as he was abruptly yanked onto the cool surface of the table by his hips, his half erect member pressed against Sasuke's full one.

Sasuke gasped at the feeling and shoved his hands under the blonde's shirt, the stupid 69 one that had started this wonderful mess. He pushed it up, detaching their mouths to pull it over Naruto's head and toss it to the side.

He bent down and took a pert, dusky nipple into his mouth. Bit it softly before rolling his tongue around the nub.

Naruto threw his head back with a moan, hands grasping at Sasuke's white undershirt and pulling it up. Sasuke let go to get rid of it completely.

Naruto's knees were becoming sore from holding his weight on the table. But he ignored the discomfort and pushed Sasuke up so he could latch onto a pink nipple, returning the favor.

Sasuke hummed in pleasure and slowly tangled his fingers through blonde hair. They began sliding down when Naruto switched nubs and flicked his tongue across the other, eventually reaching the tan boy's ass and cupping the full globes in his palms.

He dug his nails into the soft flesh, groaning as Naruto moved away from his chest and dragged a path of saliva up his throat with his tongue.

Sasuke growled and suddenly moved his hands behind Naruto's knees and tugged them so Naruto's arse fell on the table, his mouth parting from the other's neck.

Naruto was about to go off on him, but a penis that was suddenly shoved in front of his face shut him up pretty fast. He glanced up at Sasuke with a raised brow.

The Uchiha glared right back, "Suck it."

Naruto flinched before shoving the other and standing up, "Like hell! I told you the woman goes first!"

Sasuke shoved him back down by the shoulder, "Exactly."

"Fuck you!"

The raven smirked, "We're getting there. But you're gonna suck me off first Uzumaki, I've been waiting for it."

In a flash, Naruto wound his leg behind Sasuke's knees and knocked him down, having caught the other by surprise. He quickly grabbed a fistful of dark hair and brought pink lips to his own penis. He grinned, "And I've been waiting for you, Uchiha."

Sasuke pushed the hand out of his hair and pulled his head up, "No fucking way am I being the woman."

Naruto glared, "Well I'm not either and I'm not doing you first. Let's just skip it so I can fuck you already."

"No. You're not going to fuck me and we're not going to 'just skip it.'" He paused for a moment before smirking, "Fine. I have a resolution."

Naruto opened his mouth to question but was suddenly thrown onto the floor, his back pressed against the floor.

"What the hell-" he was quieted when once again Sasuke's erection was bobbing in his line of sight. He eyed the member before looking down the length of his body, finding Sasuke looking back at him.

Sasuke was still smirking, "Your shirt Uzumaki."

Naruto frowned, "What about it?"

Sasuke chuckled, "The answer is yes." he turned and abruptly plunged his head, taking over half of the blonde's dick into his mouth.

"Fuck!" Naruto screamed, wide eyed as his head banged against the ground. He felt a hand wrap around his base and squeeze harshly, reminding him he had his own job to do.

Naruto took a moment to recover from Sasuke's actions before hooking one arm over the man's ass and using his other hand to grab his penis. He brought his head up a bit and slipped his tongue out to tease the slit of the phallus, lapping at the pre-cum that was leaking out.

Sasuke hummed around the member in his mouth, and Naruto had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling back and losing focus at the sensation of it. He moaned and closed his teeth lightly around the head, feeling the body above him shudder and the hand around him tighten.

Naruto grinned as much as he could, 'So, you like pain, huh?'

He craned his neck and closed his eyes, pushing Sasuke into him as far as he would go. Then he closed his teeth again and slowly dragged it down the length of the erection.

'Shit!' Sasuke jumped, giving a harder suck than he'd meant to and causing Naruto to buck and cry out around him.

The raven moaned once again and held Naruto's hips down. If Naruto used his teeth anymore, Sasuke wouldn't last for very long. He suddenly had the urge to make the blonde come first, and he was going to do it now.

Sasuke flattened his tongue against the pulsing cock and tightened his fingers around the space he couldn't reach, then began a rhythm. His head shot up before diving back down in quick motions, hand working with him in movements where his middle finger touched the center on the bottom, came around half-way to the top and went right back again, over and over.

Naruto's eyes flew open at Sasuke's sudden burst of energy. He lost focus and released the man's dick, his head falling against the floor as his breathing picked up significantly in speed.

Naruto's toes curled as the pleasure coursed through him, his hand squeezing Sasuke's erection with more strength than he'd meant to exert. "Ah -fuck-...ha...Sasuke!" his chest was heaving, sweat dripping off his sides as his eyes screwed shut, "Oh fuck...ah!"

Sasuke moved his hand from Naruto's hip, not stopping his motions, and used it to fondle the man's balls.

The added touch drove Naruto over the edge. White burned his vision as he arched and exploded into Sasuke's mouth with a scream. Then slumped boneless on the floor, panting.

Sasuke swallowed what he could, his position not helping as some dripped from his lips. He released the cock and climbed off of the other, aware that he was still aroused. He turned and grabbed the limp member, "You haven't finished yet, stupid. Don't think you're getting off so easily." he muttered as he slowly stroked the blonde back to hardness.

Naruto groaned and brought his legs up, coming down from the pleasure high. He threw his arms over his eyes, voice murmuring a raspy, "That was the best head I've ever had...you'd make a great woman."

Sasuke growled at what he considered the half-insult, half-compliment, "Well this is where the womaness ends." he promised and suddenly bent Naruto over the coffee table, now that he was hard again.

He grabbed the blonde's wrists and trapped them against the surface, "I wound up sucking you off first. I momentarily forgot who's role that was. But now we do a trade off." He put his lips against a tan ear, "I'm gonna fuck you now." he whispered.

Naruto's head snapped back, livid, "The hell you are!" No way man! HE was supposed to be doing to fucking here!

"What makes you think - AHG! FUCKING SHIT!" he cried out in pain when Sasuke abruptly shoved straight into him.

Sasukes' head dipped from the sudden constriction as well and a small whimper of ecstasy slipped out.

The blonde pushed himself up on his knees, Sasuke's chest flush against his back as he held the tan wrists beside their heads, "Bastard" he rasped, "At least...warning!"

Hot pants swam across Naruto's cheek, "You talk way too fucking much Uzumaki." He pulled out and slammed back in, earning another cry of pleasured pain. He couldn't help the smirk, "I couldn't think of another way..." again he moved back before thrusting inside, making Naruto spasm around him with a yell, "to get you to shut the hell up."

Naruto growled and attempted to elbow the other man in the chest. But all he succeeded in doing was sending them to the ground, Sasuke on his back while Naruto lay on top of him.

Sasuke wasn't disheartened by the new position at all. He lowered his hips and harshly shoved them back up, again and again, starting a rhythm within the blonde.

Their legs were drawn up, and Naruto couldn't stop the moans flying from his mouth or the scream that ripped from his throat when Sasuke managed to strike his prostate.

Sasuke released the man's wrists to reach down for his swollen erection, wrapping his hands and pumping it slowly.

Naruto's head fell over Sasuke's shoulder, his hips bucking wildly as his fingers reached up behind him to tangle with dark hair. "Hah -ah!- Sas..."

The Uchiha chuckled at how vocal the blonde was. He brought one hand up to wrap around his chest while the other continued pumping. His hips picked up speed. Deeper, harder.

Naruto's body rolled. The chill of his sweat sent his being into mini convulsions, and he felt a tightening at the base of his cock. He rocked faster, meeting every one of Sasuke's thrusts and bucking into his hand, "Fuck fuck fuck..."

Sasuke squeezed the member in his fingers and arched up, burying himself inside the blonde completely. He pressed his lips to a tan ear, "Come for me."

Naruto did. Hard. For the second time he released himself with a loud yell, semen coating his stomach and a few droplets stained his chest.

The cry and the tightening of Naruto's muscles around himself brought Sasuke to his peak as well, shooting his load to cover Naruto's inner walls before his hands fell away from the blonde and flopped onto the carpet.

Both men lay motionless and quiet. The only sign of life and sound being the quick rise and fall of their chests as they forced much needed air into their lungs.

After a few moments, Sasuke broke the silence with a small laugh.

Naruto turned his head, curious, "What?"

"What the hell kind of name is 'Kitsune's Ramen?'"

"Oh fuck you Uchiha! What the hell kind of name 'S-U?'"

"Attracted you, didn't it?"

Naruto blanched before blushing, "This isn't the conversation you have after amazing sex!"

Sasuke blinked, then smiled and sat up, carefully pulling out of Naruto so they sat across from each other on the carpet. "Okay then Naruto, tell me, what kind of conversation should we have?"

Naruto jerked back slightly, "I...I don't know! It was spur of the moment!"

Sasuke rested his cheek on a fist, still smiling, "Wanna go on a date?"

"What the - that's supposed to come BEFORE the sex! You should've asked me earlier!"

Sasuke shrugged, "I'm asking you now."

Naruto snorted, "Don't you have a term paper to finish?"

"Is that code for 'let's have more sex?'"

"What? No! Geez, aren't you satisfied?"

"I'll never be 'satisfied.'" He grinned and reached forward, grabbing the blonde's chin pulling him close, "Not with you."

Naruto quirked a brow, "Are you implying we're going to do this often?"


Naruto soaked in the word before smiling. He turned fully and crawled onto the other man's lap, kissed him on the mouth before pulling back.

Sasuke smirked. "Are you saying yes on the date?"

Naruto smirked back. "I'm not saying no."



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