Title Change from "Sight Unseen" to "Signs of Sight"

Major whumpage and angst ahead. Enjoy:)

Thanks to Skydiver for the beta!

Signs of Sight
by Bekah See


Heart pounding, feet flying, cold coming, fear rising. Terror made flesh was escaping from the earth where it was hidden, surrounded by a circle of stones. The ground trembled in its wake and the screams of the dying filled the air as their blood flowed into the dirt beneath their feet. Tearing, ripping, devouring…

"No!" cried an old woman, jerking awake in her blankets as a burst of sunlight flowed over her face. "No…" she breathed, horrified. Something was coming.

Chapter 1

Samantha Carter sat contentedly in a large field, leaning back on her hands and enjoying the lush scenery that spread for miles across the land. A light breeze floated over her, sifting through the tall grasses, making it look as if they drifted on an ocean rocking in its bed.

The swishing sound of soft footsteps made her turn and squint into the late afternoon sunlight. A long shadow followed by a short silhouette resolved themselves into Janet Frasier, who flumped down beside her friend, looking disgruntled.

"Hi Janet," Sam took in the doctor's frown and hid a grin. "Tessa riding you hard again?"

"You have no idea," Janet grumped. "The way she talks to me you'd think I hadn't had eight years of med school plus who know how much experience behind me."

"What's she on about this time?"

"Taso root."

Sam smirked. She knew Janet to be an exceptional doctor with an incredible capacity for memory and a tongue that could flay you alive in ninety seconds flat, but this village healer, whose tiny stature made Janet look like an Amazon, was giving the Earth woman a run for her money. "What about them?" she asked.

"Everything about them!" Janet fumed. "Of all the medicinal plants I've been studying and cataloguing over the past ten days, this one root is giving me a continual headache. It seems to do everything and nothing at the same time, and the list of things it can safely be used with is just as long as the list of things that make it toxic. I can't find the common factor." She sighed heavily and picked at the plush growth beneath her. "I just don't get it. And I don't like feeling stupid."

Sam looked sharply around at her friend and grabbed her arm. "You are not stupid, Janet," she said, her voice fiercely protective. "You're the most brilliant doctor I know, and you've picked up more information in the last few days than I thought was humanly possible. We still have a week and a half before we go home. You'll get it."

"Not if either Tessa or I mysteriously dies before then," the doctor growled.

Sam smiled. "Well, you're done for today, so try to relax a bit."

"Oh no, I'm not. She's sent me off to gather more barlo vines from the glade and then to get as much fan moss as I can find." The doctor shook her head. "The woman is a slave driver, I tell you."

"How about if I go with you?" Sam said, getting up and reaching a hand down to haul Janet to her feet.

"No way. You're on leave. You're supposed to be resting."

"Oh, come on, Janet. I've done more of nothing in ten days than I've done in the past six years. I'm starting to go stir crazy. Besides, General Hammond ordered me to rest, not to stay immobile. It'll be fun."

"Alright," Janet said, cheering a little. "It would be nice to have you along."

Sam smiled and the two women linked arms and headed away from the village and into the rolling hills beyond.