The Cabin

Chapter 1: Sweet as Hunny

A/N: Ch1: Mori/Hunny. Ch2: Kyouya/Tamaki. Ch3: Twincest. Ch4: Orgy.

Don't flame me about Mori/Hunny being incestual or looking too much like shota (as in an older man having sex with a young boy). If you don't like it, don't read it. Here, I'll even add a warning:



"I want to go skiing, m'lord!"

"Skiing skiing skiing!"

The twins had been prancing around the room in all their skiing gear for the last half an hour while Tamaki pouted in the corner, shaking his head and crying. Haruhi had flatly refused to go with the rest of the Host Club to the French Alps, saying she had to stay behind with her father, and Tamaki had been in a moody state ever since. He had wanted to cancel the trip, but Kyouya insisted that the tickets were not refundable.

"Hey, m'lord, I want to go skiing now! The Alps are calling to us!"

"For the last time I'm not skiing!"

"You can ride the lift! You can ride it all day!"

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Kyouya said, looking up from his laptop. Tamaki sighed.

"Without Haruhi, mountains are useless. Skiing has no meaning. Life…is not worth living…"

"Tamaki!" Hunny said happily and shoved a muffin in Tamaki's face. The blond choked on it and pushed Hunny away.

"Be gone wicked stain!"

"I…think he's snapped," Kaoru said. His twin hit Tamaki over the head with one of his ski poles. Tamaki gave a great cry and got into a fetal position.

"I don't think that's helping," Hikaru said and hit Tamaki again. Kaoru poked the leader in the butt and Hikaru grabbed his twin's pole and tossed it. He pulled Kaoru into his arms and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"B-but Hikaru!"

"Sh, let's not torment our lord any more."

The twins started to waltz across the room in their skis.

Hunny quickly got back to his cake and made to shovel an entire wedge into his mouth when Kaoru tripped on the rug and fell right into Hunny. Mori moved in a flash, but it was too late. Hunny was forced headfirst into his plate of delectable sweets. Hikaru managed to pick Kaoru up and swept him up into his arms.

There was an intense silence as everyone stared at Hunny who was sitting up, icing and sprinkles clinging to his face and in his hair. Mori knelt down beside Hunny and wiped at Hunny's cheeks with his shirt.

"Takashi…" Hunny murmured, his eyes shining. Mori said nothing. Two random girls peered into the window of the cabin and squealed.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she said in French to her friend.

"Takashi, you don't have to do that, I can take a shower!" Hunny said, blushing.

"Hn," Mori uttered and stopped. Hunny hopped to his feet and ran around the room with cake still clinging to his hair, his arms out, making airplane noises as he made a beeline for the closest bathroom. Mori watched the smallest member of the club go with a frown on his face. Kaoru and Hikaru started laughing and pointing while Tamaki sulked in his emo corner. Kyouya pushed his glasses up his nose then turned to Mori.

"Ah, if Hunny is using the bathroom on this floor, there aren't any towels in there," Kyouya said, pushing up his glasses again. Mori nodded and got up, heading for the linen closet. The dark haired man grabbed a few towels and then approached the bathroom door. He tried the doorknob and was surprised to find it unlocked. Mori entered and glanced around at the gaudy décor before settling his eyes on the shower door. Hunny's small body was distorted by the glass, but Mori could still tell what Hunny was doing with his hands. One was pressed against the wall while the other moved in between his legs, up and down.

Mori dropped the towels when he heard Hunny moan.

"Ta…kashi…" Hunny panted into the tile. Mori's own breathing hitched and he fled the room. Hunny paused and slid the shower door open a little, peeking his head out.

"Is someone there?"


The twins finally convinced Tamaki and Kyouya to go skiing with them, but Mori decided to stay behind with Hunny, who was feeling a bit sick from all that cake. Hunny and Mori sat in the living room, staring into the fire blazing merrily in the fireplace, the shorter of the two filling out a crossword puzzle while Mori read his newspaper. Hunny was unusually quiet, and Mori had an idea as to why. Finally, Hunny broke the silence.

"Hey, Takashi," Hunny said timidly, looking up at Mori with big brown eyes and chewing on the end of his pen. Mori put down his newspaper.

"Um, I…in the shower earlier…" Hunny started, blushing scarlet. Mori swallowed hard. This was it.

"You walked in on me, uh, while I was showering…right?"

Mori felt a pang of fear, but he slowly nodded. Hunny squeezed his bunny tightly.

"Takashi, I…"

Mori suddenly captured Hunny's lips in a kiss, tangling one hand in Hunny's golden hair while he pulled the smaller boy closer with the other. Hunny wrapped his arms around Mori's neck and when Mori's tongue licked along his lips, begging entrance, Hunny gasped and let him in. But Mori stopped and pulled away. Hunny stared into Mori's silver eyes.

"Takashi, why'd you stop?"

The dark haired man started to get to his feet and Hunny grabbed his hand and pulled him hard back to the floor. Mori looked questioningly at him.

"I love you Takashi! Please!" Hunny pleaded and crawled into Mori's lap and planted light kisses on Mori's neck, his cheeks, before finding his lips. Hunny wrapped his arms around Mori's neck once more and sighed into Mori's mouth when the taller man slid his large hands down Hunny's back.

"I love you so much, don't think badly of me for what you saw earlier! Please don't!"

Mori smiled softly.

"Mitsukuni," Mori murmured, his lips ticking against Hunny's. The shorter boy stared into Mori's eyes intently.


"I am yours to lead, and yours to love."

Tears started to form in Hunny's eyes. He bit his lip and pulled away so he could properly look at his cousin.

"But do you love me?"

Mori smiled again and leaned down to kiss those trembling lips. His lashes tickled Hunny's tear stained cheeks.

"Of course I love you."

Hunny laughed and wiped at his tears. Mori took Hunny's hand and ran his lips over the skin, flicking his tongue out to gently lap at the wetness from the tears. Hunny gazed in wonder at Mori and then blushed and pulled his hand away. Mori kissed the top of Hunny's head.

"I won't hurt you, Mitsukuni."

"I-I know, I just, I thought…"

"Sh…you don't need to be ashamed."

Mori kissed Hunny again, and this time when he plunged his tongue inside, he didn't stop. He swirled his tongue around Hunny's mouth and tasting the minty flavor of toothpaste. Mori's lips curled upwards in a smile. Hunny had recently brushed his teeth. It didn't quite cover up the distinctive taste of Hunny's mouth. It was sweet, but not like chocolate or buttercream frosting or truffles. It was something different. It was Hunny's taste, and Mori wanted more. His hands slid under Hunny's shirt and caressed the bare skin of his back, making Hunny shiver and exhale softly into Mori's mouth.

The taller boy paused and realized he'd had his eyes closed. He opened them and looked into the large, gleaming eyes of Hunny and pulled away to breathe. Hunny was gasping, his cheeks bright red, his hands on Mori's shoulders.

"I love you, Takashi! I want you to…to…"

"Tell me what you want, Mitsukuni," Mori said softly. Hunny looked away and bit his lip. Mori curled a finger underneath the shorter boy's chin and forced his head up.

"Tell me," Mori insisted. Hunny suddenly burst into tears and hugged Mori tightly.

"I want you to make love to me!" Hunny sobbed. Mori wrapped his arms around Hunny, looking more like a father than a lover, and cradled the boy in his lap, pressing him firmly to his chest.

"Then I will."

Hunny kissed Mori once more on the lips, briefly, and laughed.


Mori nodded.

"Yes. Have you ever made love before?" Mori asked. Hunny blushed and shook his head.

"Ah. I see."

Mori kissed the boy in his lap and tugged at his shirt. Hunny lifted his arms and allowed Mori to pull it off. He set it on the floor beside him carefully, then pushed Hunny onto his back, Mori leaning over him on all fours. Hunny could only lie there, blushing and panting, as Mori caressed his small but tone chest, his fingernails grazing over his nipples. Hunny squirmed when Mori's hot mouth breathed onto one of the small pink nubs. Mori flicked his tongue across it, then took it into his mouth.

"Oh!" Hunny gasped, arching into Mori's touch. The dark haired boy teased the other nipple with his long fingers, gently pinching and pulling at it. Mori tugged at the nipple with his teeth, then gave the other nipple the same treatment. Hunny panted Mori's name, running his small fingers through Mori's dark hair. Mori then trailed his tongue and hands down further. Mori dipped his tongue into Hunny's navel, making him gasp and jerk his narrow hips forward. Mori hooked his fingers into the waistband of Hunny's pants and pulled them slowly down his legs and tossed them aside.

Hunny looked down at Mori with lidded eyes, his mouth parted, his hands now grasping the rug tightly. Mori looked up into Hunny's flushed face and smiled as he began to pull the smaller boy's boxers down. Hunny's face burned as his arousal was freed. Mori removed the last bit of clothing and then feathered his fingers lightly along Hunny's length. Hunny gasped and bucked his hips, unable to stop himself. Mori licked a wet line up to the head and Hunny whimpered. Mori looked up at Hunny as he nuzzled his member.

"Takashi…" Hunny moaned. Mori continued to lick up and down Hunny's small erection while his fingers tickled his inner thighs. When Mori started to kiss wetly at the shaft, Hunny bucked again, his balls contracted and he came, white, milky fluid shooting onto his chest and Mori's face. Hunny started to cry.

"I'm sorry, Takashi!"

Hunny rolled over onto his side and hugged his legs, crying onto his knees. Mori ran his hands up and down Hunny's back and leaned in to kiss his ear.

"You don't have to be ashamed."


Mori turned Hunny over and lightly traced a trail of tears with a finger.


Hunny hiccupped and giggled. Then, he grabbed Mori and pulled him down, frantically kissing his nose, his cheeks, his lips.

"I want you to love me, Takashi! Please!"

Hunny started to tug at Mori's shirt and Mori sat up and pulled it over his head, exposing his lean, tone chest. His muscles tensed and rippled under his tan skin as he moved, and Hunny took it all in with a hungry expression on his face. He pulled Mori down for another kiss and invaded Mori's mouth this time, sucking on Mori's tongue. When Mori came up for air, Hunny unbuckled Mori's belt and unzipped his pants. Mori quickly stripped away the pants, which left him in just his boxers.

Hunny blushed upon seeing the bulge in the front. Mori looked down at himself then crawled back to Hunny. He pried Hunny's legs apart and spread them wide. Hunny's eyes widened.


"Sssh. Mitsukuni, do you trust me?"

"Yes!" Hunny gasped. Mori lay on his belly and kissed along Hunny's inner thigh, going inwards towards his crotch and then moving on to the other thigh. He left wet kisses along the sensitive skin, making Hunny writhe and moan softly. Mori then spread Hunny's cheeks and licked along the middle. The small boy gasped in surprise.

"What are you doing?"

Mori said nothing as he continued to lick and prod his tongue against the boy's opening. Hunny panted erratically, rolling his hips. Mori pushed his tongue inside and Hunny gasped again. Mori dipped his tongue in and out, in and out. Hunny's cock started to harden and Mori reached up to grasp it, stroking in time to his tongue's shallow thrusts. This time when Mori thought Hunny was close to losing it, he stopped.

Hunny looked down at Mori and pouted.

"Why'd you stop?"

Mori answered by slipping a finger inside Hunny's entrance. Hunny squinted his eyes shut.


"Relax, don't tense up."

Hunny tried to do so, exhaling slowly and focusing on the hand still wrapped around his erection. Mori began to move his hand again, pumping steadily up and down, his thumb rubbing at the head while his finger curled up inside Hunny's body. When Hunny was used to it, Mori slid in a second finger and made a scissoring motion, stretching out the muscles as best he could. Hunny came close to release again and Mori stopped and slid the fingers out.

"Takashi! More…" Hunny moaned, bucking his hips upwards to stress his point. Mori got to his knees and pulled down his boxers. Hunny watched with wide eyes, his hand unconsciously reaching down to stroke himself. Mori looked around the room and found a bottle of lotion tucked underneath the couch, no doubt left there from a bonding moment the previous night between the twins. He grabbed the lotion and squeezed some into his hand. When he saw Hunny staring at him and his nude body, Mori blushed. Hunny giggled.

"Takashi, I love seeing you blush!"

Mori smiled and coated his erection generously with the lotion, exhaling sharply at the feeling. Hunny squirmed in anticipation. Mori crawled back over to Hunny and rubbed the excess upon Hunny's entrance, making him shudder.

"Remember to relax," Mori whispered and pushed just the head of his cock into Hunny. He gritted his teeth and clutched at the rug.

"Aah…it hurts, Takashi!"

Mori used his slick hand to start stroking Hunny's length, hoping it would distract him from the discomfort as he plowed in deeper. Hunny cried out and wrapped his legs around Mori's waist. Mori slid out nearly all the way and then back in, venturing deeper each time. When Hunny began to meet his thrusts, Mori quickened his pace. He brushed up against something inside that made Hunny moan his name loudly and dig his heels into Mori's backside. Mori lost his rhythm when Hunny strained around his cock and he thrust hard into him. Hunny gasped softly with each thrust and Mori grunted, sweat breaking out on his tanned skin.

"Takashi!" Hunny cried as he came into Mori's hand. His muscles tightened around Mori's cock, and he came as well, thrusting deep. He devoured Hunny's mouth and when he was soft, he slid slowly out and rolled onto his side, pulling Hunny to his chest. The smaller boy nuzzled up against Mori and sighed in content.

"I love you, Takashi."

Mori smiled and kissed Hunny's forehead.

"I love you too, Mitsukuni."