The Cabin

Chapter 3: Double the Pleasure

A/N: Ch1: Mori/Hunny. Ch2: Kyouya/Tamaki. Ch3: Twincest. Ch4: Orgy.

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The weather forecasters called for a snow storm that evening, so the Host Club (minus Haruhi) settled around the fire in the living room, sipping hot chocolate and watching the news. In French. Tamaki translated for everyone, though the additional sign language was a bit much.

After the news grew boring, Tamaki went back to pining about the lack of Haruhi and whimpering about his sore ankle. Kyouya smirked every time Tamaki threw his head back and moaned in pain. It was partly the bespectacled boy's fault that the Host Club's prince was in so much agony. Even if he hadn't caused the injury, the little fling they had last night hadn't helped matters.

Hunny was sitting in Mori's lap while being fed bite sized squares of cake. When Hunny got frosting on his lips, Mori leaned in and licked it off. The twins noticed the behavior and smirked at each other knowingly. They definitely heard what the light and dark princes got up to last night. It was about time they had their own fun.

The snow began to fall at about eight o'clock that evening, and Hunny sat at the window seat, watching the glittering flakes fall, his breath fogging up the glass. Mori sat beside him, watching Hunny instead of the spectacle outside. Kyouya kept a mug of hot chocolate in his hands at all times. He looked concerned at the snow.

Hikaru planted a chaste kiss on Kaoru's lips.


"Sh…let's go to bed early, hm?" Hikaru murmured, taking Kaoru's hand.

The twins slunk away to their bedroom. No sooner had the door closed than Kaoru found himself slammed against it, His dominant twin's fingers flitting under his sweater while licking and nipping along Kaoru's neck. Kaoru turned his head to the side and clutched tightly at Hikaru's shoulders. Hikaru kissed slowly up to Kaoru's jaw and finally found his lips.

Hikaru slid his leg in between Kaoru's thighs and rubbed his knee against Kaoru's groin. The younger twin gasped and Hikaru slipped his tongue inside. Kaoru sucked on the invading muscle and pulled away to gasp again as Hikaru started to rock into his brother.

"Oh…Hikaru!" Kaoru moaned, lifting one leg and hooking it around Hikaru's ass. Hikaru kneaded Kaoru's thigh, his groping hand moving up to cup a cheek.

The twins slowly made their way to the bed, all kissing mouths and grabbing hands. Hikaru pushed his slightly younger twin roughly onto it. Kaoru giggled and gave Hikaru a sultry look, his cheeks flushed, his bottom lip still a bit wet from their kissing.

Hikaru climbed on top of Kaoru and unzipped his twin's pants. He slid his hand inside them, cupping Kaoru's growing arousal. The younger twin whimpered, arching into Hikaru's touch.

"Please, Hikaru, I need it!" Kaoru moaned.

"Need what, Kaoru?" Hikaru whispered, squeezing and forcing a high keen from his twin.

"I need…hng…" Kaoru failed to answer as Hikaru began to stroke his erection through his boxers.

Hikaru felt his own cock getting hard just watching Kaoru writhe beneath him. And they weren't even naked yet! The older twin decided it was time they changed that. Kaoru yelped as Hikaru tore off his pants and boxers, leaving his lower end completely bare. The sudden vulnerability caused Kaoru to draw his legs up.


"Get rid of that shirt, Kaoru," Hikaru ordered as he got off the bed to quickly dispose of his clothes and finally free his throbbing cock.

Hikaru simply stared at his twin, splayed so deliciously on the bed, his legs closed in a futile attempt to be modest. Though, since he was a man, it didn't do much, as his erection was rigid and resting against his lower belly.

"You're so beautiful," Hikaru whispered and returned to the bed. Kaoru smirked and spread his legs, resting them on either side of Hikaru's body.

"It's like saying 'I'm beautiful' though, isn't it?" Kaoru replied.

"Is that so bad?"

Hikaru leaned down for another kiss. Both of them moaned when their arousals brushed together. Hikaru pulled away first, panting slightly, lips rosy red and wet. He trailed butterfly kisses down Kaoru's throat and down lower to his collar bone. He gently bit down and tugged at the skin, sucking it into his mouth. Kaoru mewled and bucked upwards, desperate for more contact. Kaoru lifted his hands above his head to grip the bars of the headboard, his fingers flexing.

The older twin smiled and placed a hand on Kaoru's hip, steadying him as he continued to explore Kaoru's body with his hungry lips and tongue and teeth. He traced a wet circle around Kaoru's right nipple then took the hardening nub into his mouth. Kaoru rolled his hips, whimpering, craving more as Hikaru toyed with him.

He blew on the nipple, eliciting a shudder from Kaoru, then turned to the other one. His other hand slid down Kaoru's side and slipped under to squeeze a butt cheek.

"Please, I can't stand it any longer!" Kaoru pleaded, spreading his legs wider, aching to be touched.


Hikaru resumed his exploration of a body so like his own…grazing his teeth down Kaoru's ribs and planting wet kisses down his abs. Frustrated tears began to glisten at the corners of Kaoru's eyes by the time Hikaru tongued his navel.

"Please, now! Now, Hikaru!"

"And they say you're the calm one," Hikaru chided, chuckling softly before running his tongue down to where Kaoru had wanted him all along. He lifted his legs up to Hikaru's shoulders and Kaoru finally released his firm hold on the head board and spread his ass cheeks.

"I want you in me, Hikaru!"

"You're so impatient in bed," Hikaru whispered. Instead of thrusting into him, like Kaoru asked, Hikaru kissed the smooth skin of his inner thigh.

Hikaru teased Kaoru's entrance with his tongue for a moment but went back up and licked along his shaft. He gripped Kaoru's balls, kneading them.

Please, more, more, oh!" Kaoru jerked his hips as Hikaru finally wrapped his lips around the dark pink head of Kaoru's erection.

Hikaru sucked hard, lapping up the precum as it dribbled out. He began to fist Kaoru's cock. Precum and drool slid down the shaft and Hikaru smeared some of it on his fingers. Those slick fingers trailed down between Kaoru's ass cheeks and prodded his entrance. Hikaru slid his mouth off of Kaoru's arousal and nibbled down the shaft and kissed his cheek.

"S-stop toying with me!" Kaoru moaned, jumping when Hikaru plunged his tongue inside his entrance.

Kaoru thrust against Hikaru, stroking his own cock rapidly as Hikaru pushed his middle finger inside, probing for that special spot. Kaoru gasped and started to pump his hand faster. Hikaru brushed against Kaoru's prostate again and added a second finger.

"You're going to cum too soon, carrying on like that," Hikaru whispered, using his free hand to slow Kaoru's hand.

"But I need to," Kaoru whimpered.

Hikaru removed his fingers and stroked himself, causing precum to collect at the head of his cock. He guided himself into Kaoru, who bit his lip and curled his toes. Once Hikaru was in, he took Kaoru's hand.

"I love you, Kaoru," he said as he started to move.

"Hnn…I…love you too!" Kaoru groaned.

The pace gradually sped up as the twins lost their focus. Hikaru flipped Kaoru over and pounded hard and fast into him. Kaoru gasped and sputtered as his cock rubbed against the comforter. The headboard banged against the wall, knocking a painting off of it.

"Hikaru! I'm…I'm going to…" Kaoru gasped, crying out as he came on the bed.

Hikaru came as he felt Kaoru's body tighten around him, filling his ass with hot seed.

"Oh…oh, Hikaru," Kaoru murmured. The elder twin pulled Kaoru into his arms, both of them facing the window across the room.

"It's really snowing out there…" Hikaru whispered, squeezing Kaoru's hand tighter.


"What is going on in there?!" Tamaki exclaimed with wide eyes, peeking out of his blanket. He and Kyouya were settled in bed when the noise started up.

Kyouya hugged Tamaki tightly to him.

"Don't worry about them, we'll make our own noise," Kyouya murmured…

Even Mori and Hunny were having dessert that night, while the snow continued to fall, quickly piling up to the windows.