A brother and a father

Summary: Owen is 18. When he does something stupid he has an intense conversation with his brother

It was 2:00 am when they got home from the police station.

"I'm going to bed" Charlie told his brother when he opened the door

"Night" Owen said quietly as he disappeared in the darkness.

He lied on his bed. Thinking what his punishment would be

"Great Owen" he muttered at loud

He sat straight and turned to his right; a picture of him and his parents

He lied down again and closed his eyes.

Next morning he was awaken by the kids downstairs, when he got there he found Kirsten, Charlie and the kids having breakfast

"hi honey" Kirsten said with a smile placing a plate in front of him

"hey" he said and turned to his brother, he couldn't look at him, he had an unusual disappointment look on his face

"Charlie I…" he managed to get out but his brother cut him of "not here"

owen went back to his breakfast afraid to make a scene in front of Kirsten and the kids

on the other hand Charlie couldn't stop thinking about the night before, how he had almost been arrested and how worried he was that he hadn't called after midnight, his baby brothers and sisters had always been his priority ever since that night at 11:45pm (yeah that's the time believe it or not) that they had all lost Nick and Diana in the car crash, now to think about the fact that Owen had been involved in the same kind of crash that killed their parents.

So tell me what do you think??? This chapter is only to set up the story