A brother and a father

A brother and a father

Summary: Owen is 18. When he does something stupid he has an intense conversation with his brother

Chapter 2

Owen?" Charlie knocked on the door

"what is it?" the teen asked covering his face with a pillow

"I think we should talk O" The man standing next to him said in a calmed tone

"I think I have already gotten the lecture of my life don't you?" Owen slaped at him sitting straight

"yeah, but this is not lecture, I just wanna talk" charlie said sitting next to him

"okay, talk" Owen said reluctant to the idea

"you know that what you did could have killed someone right?" Charlie said sweetly thinking about Nick and Diana again

"yeah, and I wouldn't do it again big brother" Owen said sadly

"I think you know why I want you to understand that what you did was dangerous O" the guardian said and placed a hand on his shoulder

"yeah , cause a thing like that killed mom and dad, right?" Owen said glancing to his nightstand

"yep" Charlie said simply "and?"

"if something had happed to that couple their kids might have been left on their on, like us" Owen reflected and a tear rolled down his face

"okay, so I'll make you a deal kid"

"what is it?" owen said cleaning his face

"you wont have any power what's so ever on your car for 3 months and you can't go out with your friends for two weeks if you promise you'll think better next time, deal?"

"three months without a car?" Owen groaned and Charlie gave him "that look"

"deal?" Charlie repeated

"but who's going to drive the me and the little ones to school?" Owen tried to use his niece and nephew as an exit to the punishment

"kirsten and I will manage" charlie told him

After meditating for a while he and Owen shook hands and Charlie headed downstairs leaving owen to his thoughts

"I'm sorry mom, dad" owen breathed and broke to tears

So there you have it! The intense talking wasn't so intense! But it had soul or at leasti think it had!. Next chapter (meaning last one) Owen goes to see the couple's faimily and his parents apear on a dream