A game of tears

Summary: 6 years have passed since Charlie's death. One day while he is doing some cleaning Owen finds Charlie's letter. Sequel to "four letters one possible goodbye

Everyone was out, Owen was left by himself, well except for the sleepy neighbor that was in the living room

"I hate cleaning" he muttered to the boxes in front of him. This wasn't fair: while Bailey was out on a date he had to stay home and clean everything.

He was still looking to the last boxes when he hard a familiar voice calling him, when he reached the kitchen he found Bailey and his now girlfriend Kim looking very cozy with each other

"You called?" he asked annoyed

"I thought you were sleep" Bailey said and Kim just smile

"it's not even nine" owen said

"sorry, I know, the movie was too boring" kim said playing with Bailey's shirt

a disgusted smile appeared on owen's face "welll if you don't need me…"

"actually we were wondering if any of the girls called" his brother said going to the answering machine

"no, they haven't" owen said sharpy "can I go now?"

"sure you can, did you finish upstairs?" bailey asked

"no, I haven't mom can I go now please?" the ten year old said anoyed


So what do you think??? I love all the intrigue heheh so tell me what you think please??