A game of tears

A game of tears

Summary: 6 years have passed since Charlie's death. One day while he is doing some cleaning Owen finds Charlie's letter. Sequel to "four letters one possible goodbye"

Chapter 2

"Bay!" Owen shouted

"what is it o?" his guardian asked

"what is this?" Owen asked him climbing down the stairs carrying a box

"what?" Bailey asked taking the box from him. The box read charlie on the back

"why do you have a box that belonged to charlie?" the ten year old said

"I, don't know owen, a lot of us stayed with some of his stuff, but most of it was here" Bay told him

"can we open it?" Kim asked looking at the box curiously

"yeah come on bay !" Owen shoted exitedly

"I don't know guys…" Bailey said putting the box on the kitchen counter

"come on bay" kim pleaded making puppy eyes and Owen hurried to take the knife from the drawer

"here, make the honors big brother" Owen handed it to bay

"fine" the man said tearing the box open

"what does it have inside big brother?" Owen asked giving it a quick look

"this has your name on it" Kim told Owen showing him a letter

"really?" Owen's eyes were shining but before the boy could take his letter Bay took it away from her

"hey!" they both said in unison "it's mine Bailey !"

"you are not going to have it yet!" Bailey shoted at him and Owen froze

What was it about that letter that made Bailey so angry?

Okay after 5 months here it is second chappie! Sorry if it is so short !