Chapter: Konnichiwa

A/N: New Story. Based off a movie. the chapters will be rather short.

"Hello, would you like to have a private session with me?"

"Li! You're to investigate Cherry. Remember to follow protocol."

Syaoran looked bored and angry. His boss was nothing more than an obstacle he needed to face to get promoted to senior officer. At age twenty-six, he did not want to be held down young.

The junior officers were the ones stuck with the shitty jobs and pointless crimes. Internet crime? How was that defined, really? Syaoran was livid. Why was he stuck in a desk looking for young girls when he should be out stopping murders and robberies.

All part of protocol.

"Sex Cam Girls?" Syaoran read the title. "Please."

Scoffing. Glaring. Cold.

He was not a man who loved these sites. Maybe that was why he was chosen.

Newcomer? Please choose a screename.


Konnichiwa. Create a password, please?

The spring was lovely this year. A lovely time of year.

Password approved.

Welcome, Wolf. Who would you like to have a private session with?

Search: C-H-E-R-R-Y

A picture of a doll? Syaoran had to laugh. Among all the girls, hers was the only one without a live picture.

"Konnichiwa! Cherry desu!"

Her site came up and as expected, it was pink and glittery. The webcam screen was in the middle, bordered by pixels of flowers. Links navigated to pictures, a diary, prices...

She had green eyes.

Beautiful green eyes.

She looked down and giggled, tugging on her ear microphone.

"Hello everyone. Thank you for choosing me!"

Her voice was dainty, much like her appearance. This Cherry was no more than twenty, he calculated. So young. She was wasting her youth.

She was awfully pretty.

Cherry was smiling at her camera, dressed a short, lolita, white dress. Her hair was loose and her bangs made her appaer vulnerable. And tiny. And cute. As if the men who watched stood a chance.

Syaoran knew better. She was a girl who knew how to play men. The cute was a facade. Girls like her needed a lesson.

"Each point is a lot of money! But 200 points will get you a private show!"

522¥ ($5) per point.

"What? Ridiculous!"

He was not going to shed money on this whore.

How could she spout off some nonsense? She was wasting her life away.

Syaoran hated her. He hated having been assigned to her.

This fairy wench.

"You have to get her to reveal where she lives. This will take a long time for some; not all the girls are naive."

Those were instructions.

"Wolf, you're quiet."

Cherry smiled at him, noticing that he had yet to say anything. Other horny bastards typed away.

Wolf:I'm mesmerized by your beauty.

She smiled at him.

That fairy wench.