Chapter: Shiawase Ni Narou

A/N: This chapter is the final chapter. Thank you, everyone, who has been into this story. I hope this fic was original, and I look forward to writing more SxS fics in the future. By the way, this chapter is cheesy as hell. But bear with me, will you?

The season changed once again. Tokyo was covered in lights and couples walked hand in hand. Syaoran felt his back crack a bit as he stretched. It was another long night at the station. Hiiragizawa had left just minutes before, and Syaoran debated on whether or not he should call it a night. This case was simple and already, he knew it would solve itself.

"Hiiragizawa, I have completed a file on the evidence. I am sure we will have him arrested before the week is over."

"Goodness, Li-kun, are you still working?"

Syaoran scowled at his mobile. Even through a cell phone, that glasses wearing man was annoying.

"Yes. Is that a problem?"

Syaoran was always curt.

"Well, it's Christmas Eve. Any chance you can relax? Even for today?"

"It matters not to me if it's Christmas Eve or Valentine's."

He heard his partner sigh heavily, as if Syaoran was juts a child.

"I'll come get you. We'll have drinks."


Well, why not?

"Honestly, Li-kun, you need a lady friend."

Syaoran growled impressively, and Eriol laughed.


Sakura was staring out the window, sick of looking at the happiness displayed on the faces she was serving. This was the season of love, wasn't it? How carefree they were/. She envied them. But she also watched them sometimes, and painted their chaos.

Sakura felt Tomoyo's gaze burning her back. She sighed and turned to face the long haired girl.

"Sakura-chan, are you alright?"

"Yes. I am fine."

She supposed she was. After awhile, the pain was not too strong and she went about her day. She painted and served and this was her life now.

In the beginning, she wondered if people recognized her. In the beginning it upset her that she did not give lasting impressions. Then after awhile, it did not matter. Realizing it too late, Sakura knew she wanted nothing of recognition.

She wanted something else.

But that was long ago now.


"You're a good looking guy. Why are you so alone then?"

These questions were not new to him. In truth, he was not searching for girls or companionship. He had a chance of love, and it did not work out. Despite the advances of many, he could not find it in his being to accept others. He wanted one person, and one person alone.

Sure, he could have searched for her. He had the resources, and with the new promotion he recently received, the money. He was bright enough to locate her, but he could not.

The last words she gave him shattered any courage he had to look for Sakura.

Kinomoto, that girl. That girl he loves to this day.

"This painting is nice."

Syaoran looked at the object of his partner's praise. A painting was in display outside a family restaurant, the light shining on it to emphasis it's beauty.

Once again, his breath was caught in his throat.

It was a green and brown and black. It was here and there and the wolf howled into the darkness.

Love Lost

By Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto.

That girl Syaoran Li loves.


"Are you going to buy more supplies tonight?"

Tomoyo asked kindly as Sakura was setting up a table. Sakura pondered for a bit.

"No. So we can go back together?"


Tomoyo was a girl that Sakura never knew existed. A kind soul who took her in. They lived together, so Sakura was not so lonely anymore. Tomoyo helped her receive a high school diploma, and helped her study to attend an art school in Tokyo, the same one she went for design. Sakura was blessed and thankful.

But she was still lonely, and ached for more.

"Wow, he's cute."


"The one in glasses."

Sakura looked at the man Tomoyo was referring to. Tall and clean cut, he was a worker. A professional.

"I guess he is."

He was not too handsome in her opinion.

Then her eyes saw the man next to him.

"Eh? Sakura-chan? What's wrong?"

Syaoran Li sat down at Table number 7.


"Sakura-chan! Are you alright? You look pale.

Syaoran's head shot up.

A girl with long hair seemed to be worried over another girl, her co-worker. He would not have cared had he not heard the name "Sakura."

He had to remind himself to be calm. There were many Sakuras in Japan. Just because her painting is outside does not mea-


He spoke it aloud. He could not help himself.

Sakura looked at him and tears began to form in her eyes. His heart returned from an abiss and pumped harder.

It told him to run after the girl who had just saw him and left.


"Sakura! Sakura, wait!"

"Don't call me that!"

Sakura ran faster and faster, but she had to slow down. He caught up naturally. She felt his string hands grab her shoulders and suddenly, the feeling of loneliness melt away. Replacing it was a different set of emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, the list went on.

"Let go of me."

Her voice was still as soft as he remembered.


His voice was deep and husky, like how she remembered.


"I'm sorry."


"Lying to you. In the beginning."

She looked away, refusing to see him. Syaoran touched her cheek. She reacted with a sort of fear and joy.

It was strange, to finally have her here, in his arms. He dreamed of touching her skin; she was softer than he could have ever imagined. It was as if a figment of his dreams came to life.

He did not want to let go.

"I love you."

He repeated it.

"I love you. "

She began to cry.

"I love you. More than you know."


He said it so many times. Each time, it brought on a round of misery. Could she believe him? Could she afford not to?

He held her close and Sakura smelled the sweet scent on his clothes. Her tears were staining them and she was shaking. Yet, his arms were around her protectively.

"You…you hurt me."

"I know."

"You…made me believe that…"

"I know. I'm sorry."

"But…you saved my life."

This was true, but he did not admit to it.

Such a gentle fool.

"Sakura…I want to…I want to help make your dreams come true."

"My dreams."

"You once told me that you wanted to be happy."


Syaoran hoped.

Sakura hoped.

"Let me, please."

Dreams of color, of happiness…a world in which she belonged.

"I…want to be happy."

Both could hear people laughing and talking around them in this season of love.

"I…love you."

Snow began to fall.

"I love you…and I want to be happy."

Syaoran let her go so that he could look at her face. An honest and beautiful girl stared back at him.

"Then Sakura, let's be happy."

He took her lips in his own.

Both tasted a lovely chaos.