Chapter Nineteen: Everything he ever wanted

Nobody from the lab knew Horatio Caine could smile so big. He was able to take his fiancee and baby home early the next day. Everybody had called before they came to the Caine home. Horatio's answer was "sure!" Nobody visited for very long knowing the new family should be alone. It didn't surprise anybody that both Aimee and Horatio had taken to being parents with such ease.

Horatio had never given anyone so many kisses since his daughter had been born. Rachel was definitely a daddy's girl. Talking to his daughter while she was still growing inside her mom seemed to have caused the newborn girl to know Horatio's voice from the moment she was born. Horatio smiled as he laid the squirming baby on the bed in between him and his fiancee. Rachel was only two days old and already Horatio didn't know what he had done without her.

"What ya thinkin' about, handsome?" Aimee asked, breaking Horatio's train of thought as he stared at his daughter.

He smiled at Aimee. "Just how much our lives changed in forty-eight hours. I don't know what we ever did without her."

"I know," Aimee said. "You can't deny she looks a lot like you, you know," she smiled.

Horatio smiled back. "Some of me; mostly you," he said before he went to the kitchen to get the baby's formula.

"You have your daddy already wrapped around your little finger, you know?" She said to her daughter.

"No! She's mine. You can't have her!" Horatio said jokingly with a smile.

He was holding Rachel. Neither he or Aimee had put the baby down for more than five minutes when she was awake since they had been at home. They were getting mixed opinions on whether that was a good thing—not that any opinions mattered.

Aimee's brother and his girlfriend were visiting on the third day she was in the world.

"You're gonna to spoil her, Horatio," Andy's girlfriend warned. "When she wants to be held all the time you two will be sorry."

"She's all ours to spoil," Aimee said. "Besides you can't 'spoil' a child under the age of three months."


For the first time since he was seventeen Horatio Caine woke up everyday with a smile on his face. He couldn't help but think he had everything he once thought he could only dream of. The couple did still intended to get marry but were in no real hurry to do so. They already considered themselves husband and wife. And as far as more children went, that was a definite—three, maybe four children was the number they hoped for. However there was still plenty of time for that and they wanted to watch Rachel grow for a bit before adding to their family.

Unknown to Horatio trouble was brewing for his new happy family...


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