A//N: Inspired by the Song You and Me by Lifehouse, and the Web Comic You Me (it's a wonderful comic-thing, I suggest you read it!). Though they don't have relations, and I did at some lines of the song into here.


We could have been the perfect couple. We could have been happy, no matter what situation, because we both knew we could solve it all. We both were against the world, but we both enjoyed every moment together.

We could have had the perfect life together. We could've met, and became best friends. We could've fell in love, and asked each other out. We could've went on our first date, all flustered and nervous about our future.

We could have had the perfect friends behind us, could've had the perfect jobs, the perfect everything. It was just you and me, and all the other people, and we had nothing to lose or prove. It was just you and me, and I could never keep my eyes off of you.

We could have beat the world. We could have changed many people's views on homosexuals. We could've done so much just being together. We could've showed them that none of it was just sex. We could've showed them how much in love we were with each other. I could have been able to smile everyday, just the thought of you there in my mind. I could be able to sleep with your arms around me.

I could've dreamed about you, and you vice versa. We could've woken up to hear birds tweeting in the morning, the sunshine flowing through the blinds into the poorly lit room we had in the apartment. We could've had a nice breakfast together, we could've showered together, and we could've set off to school together. We could've simply enjoyed each other's presence without any words. We could've enjoyed twirling each other's hair in our fingers, messing it up. We could have laughed at out inside jokes, our silly antics.

We could've went on dates, spent money on each other for things we desired. We could've been love struck teenagers in classes we were in together, spending each moment just being silly and doing cute couple things that made people smile from the love we shared. We could've been love struck teenagers in classes we weren't in together, spending each moment thinking about the moment we would see each other again, watching the clock, smiling about each other in our heads.

We could've went star gazing, kissed under a full moon. They say people who admit their love under a full moon would be together forever. We could've went on vacations, taking pictures of random things to keep the moments of joy we had in our life. We could've talked to random people and made friends like we always did, or mostly what you did. We could've visited our families, who accepted our relationship.

We could've gotten engaged. We could've shared oaths, have a beautiful wedding. We could've had all our friends and families there to celebrate our love to be on paper and official as a married couple. We could've went on a honeymoon, and made sweet, everlasting love to each other. We could've spent days just looking in each other's eyes and never getting bored, just drowning ourselves in our love.

We could've had silly arguments on what house we would get, on what furnishing, what colors the room would be, where the furniture would be placed, what magazine's we subscribe to. We could've gotten over those arguments with a simple look in the eye and a light kiss, to remind each other that even if we have arguments we are so in love with each other.

We could've had a child, of course, adopted children, but it didn't matter. We could've given children a home, a family. We could've even got a dog that cheered us up on down days if we weren't there for each other. We could've slept in the same bed, not having to leave the blindfolds down, or having to lock the door during our nights we dreamt together.

But that's the thing. We could have been perfect together. We could have. But there is a big problem. We couldn't. We could never.

Because although I love you, every inch, every detail, everything about you, I know we can't be together. Because I am Shizuru Fujino, and You are Kuga Natsuki. Its wrong, not because we are both females.

That's not the problem. The problem is that we had restrictions on our time together, because every time limit was over, you disappeared from my grasp. Once the time limit was over, I'd wake up with tears rolling down my cheeks, my heart crying out for the warmth you gave me with just a look into your eyes. Once the time limit was over, I'd wake up alone, with your spot cold, dead cold, in my bed.

Sometimes I never even got to see you, and I wouldn't sleep the endless nights that passed by with me trying to sleep to see you, your face. Nothing would work, spending time with my family, my friends, even therapists didn't help. I knew I had no medical problem, nothing at all. I was a perfectly normal human being. However, that's just what I thought I was. I never knew I would be in such a predicament.

Every time you were gone, I thought about all the options I could use to just see you once again, because nights with you were becoming less frequent. Before, it was every night we'd spend falling in love. Then, once we were in love, it was every other night. Once we were betrothed, it was every other week. Once we had a family, it was once every month.

Its been two months since I last saw you, and I'm close to losing it all just to see you. I couldn't figure it out though, because you were never the one I'd blame. Everything you did was beautiful, everything you did was right. Because the nights together, it was just you and me, and even if there were all the other people, they all knew you were all that was in the reflections in my eyes.

But my eyes were blurry now, and I couldn't tell who was who. At times I thought I saw you everyday, glimpses of you, of your midnight blue tresses, your emerald orbs that sparkled when you smiled, or even you on the motorcycle you loved driving by fast on the freeway. But I always knew they were hallucinations. They were never you. I always knew they were never you.

I could do nothing to see you until you came to me, nothing. Because I could never find you, no matter how much I looked. No matter how much I researched, how much I looked up for you, I could find no results.

Because…you didn't exist. You appeared in my dreams, a year ago. Every dream I had it felt like a year. But every time I woke up, I was saddened, although happy I knew once I slept I could be with you again.

Its been two months, and no signs of you returning. I guess you know why…the last words you said to me…

"Its time you found your reality Shizuru…I love you…please find it…I love you so much…wake up, and find what is real…" she had pleaded, hugging Shizuru tight. Shizuru saw every kiss they had shared, every moment they spent looking at each other, and when she opened her eyes Natsuki was gone again.

But I think I found my true reality, the life I wanted to live was done.

I wanted to sleep forever to be with you. I let my body drift onto a never-ending sleep, relaxing myself, and I drifted all into darkness.

I love you so, Natsuki Kuga.



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