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-A year before-

Natsuki Kuga was flipping the channels, bored out of her mind, waiting for Shizuru Fujino to come home from work, worried about her girl friend since a storm had hit Japan. Sighing, the young college girl stretched out in their house, with their small dog on her lap. The two needed to finish their adoption papers for a little new born girl who was a mixture of French and Japanese, which Shizuru seemed to find an interest in.

The little baby was beautiful, she had pale skin as a baby, and she didn't cry as much when they visited her after she was born. After Shizuru's signature, it was their baby. The girl who had it was merely in high school with her French exchange student boyfriend, and even though he stayed with her, they couldn't keep the baby because of financial problems. But after Shizuru and Natsuki met them, they became friends, and each couple were obviously in love.

After getting bored of an action movie she's watched, and not wanting to resort to Shizuru's "Happy Time/Learning Time" Channels when Natsuki wasn't there, Natsuki started go back through each channel, before stopping at the News.

"Hello, my name is Ichiko Takinaza, 7 o'clock news reporter. As you all know, there has been a wild storm, and a car and a truck have gotten in a bad collision. Apparently, the truck's brakes hadn't worked, and there was a pot hole in the road. The front wheels broke, and the truck slid onto its side, impacting a red sports car. The truck driver was heavily injured, and the driver is being rescued at this moment.

It seems to be a girl, and-"

Natsuki switched the television off, and sat their, her eyes wide. They had zoomed in on the bloody body, censoring the bad parts, but they zoomed in on the cars. "Oh god…" Natsuki said, her body frozen. Tears couldn't even come to her eyes, and she closed her eyes, hoping it was all a dream. Or a lie. Maybe Nao was possibly playing a trick on her, but that didn't stop her.

Picking up her TV with the strength she never sought before, she threw it across her kitchen, and it slammed against the wall. Screaming in rage, she picked up the table the papers were on, and threw it at the window. The window cracked and broke, but the table was small than it so it didn't fling out. At the same time, thunder struck the sky, and Natsuki jumped out her window.

Sad to say, she lived on the 6th floor.


"She's awake! Nao, get in here!"

Natsuki's vision blurred, the light that shone above hurting her eyes. She shut them, and opened them slowly, letting color fill her vision. Everything was more…in tact. Everything was more sharper, and all the sounds she heard were like echoes, or someone shouting into her ear and it sounded like whispers.

Around her were Mai, Nao, and Mikoto, behind them, Haruka, Yukino, and Reito. Her head hurt, and found that she couldn't move and of her limbs at all. Maybe she was too tired. All she could do was flutter her eyes.

Using all of her strength, she managed to stutter, "M-m…mmm…my….h-…hh..hea…d…h…h…hu…r….t…s." Surprising, she'd expect Nao to say something, but soon, after adjusting, everything returned to normal, and Nao looked like she had been crying. Apparently, after moving her eyes to look at everyone else from her bed that was adjusted to make her sit up right, she saw tears coming out or streaks that showed they were crying. Dark circles were under everyone's red eyes, and their hair was all messy.

"Wh…w…wh…wh..at…h…ha..ha…pp..pen..pened?" she mustered out, feeling tired after that sentence. Her eyes threatened to drop close, and she reluctantly let them. But she heard the voices, and she felt an odd weight on top of her, but couldn't…feel it.

"Oh god, Natsuki! I'm so sorry…" Mai cried, hugging Natsuki tightly. Natsuki managed to open her eyes again, wanting to stay with them. "Sh…Sh…Shi…z…zu..ru….w…wh…where?"

She couldn't even finish it, but her heart was breaking. She needed Shizuru. And all the memories flushed back into her, and she started to stutter Shizuru over and over as her eyes grew moist.

Tears fell harder, and she managed to see Nao's shoulders shake, as she pushed Mai off, like she wanted to hug Natsuki, in a friendly way, but she just looked Natsuki in the eyes.

"Shizuru's…Shizuru's in a coma. And doctors said…she…she was hit…she was hit on the head pretty bad…she's not waking up anytime soon. And you…you jumped out of your window…you…they said your paralyzed neck down..." Nao said, her voice cracking pretty bad as she watched the person who might as well have been her real best friend helplessly look at her.

Natsuki couldn't do anything, her brain told her to move, to get to Shizuru, to wake her beloved up. Angered by the fact nothing moved, she let out a scream, and shut her eyes, feeling tears roll down her cheek like a wet lick.


A week later, Nao had moved Natsuki on a wheelchair to Shizuru's room, a few rooms away from Natsuki. Natsuki opened the door, seeing the Shizuru she knew, and she wanted to move. But nothing happened. A pitiful moan came out, and tears rolled down.

"S…S…Sh..i..zu…ru…" Natsuki stuttered. "O…oi…w…wake….up…Shiz…u…ru…pl…ea…se…" Natsuki couldn't move, but Nao set her wheelchair next to Shizuru's bed, and left the room, obviously crying from the sounds of it. Wake up…wake up…wake up…Natsuki pleaded on her head. She couldn't do anything but watch Shizuru, tubes and needles and wires attached to her. Life support.

She's not waking up anytime soon…

Shizuru, Shizuru, Shizuru, Shizuru, Shizuru…Natsuki repeated in her mind, and she screamed again, not being able to say the girl's name without stuttering. A nurse ran into the room with Natsuki, as Natsuki managed to shift her weight and fall off her wheelchair, screaming hysterically. Even the nurses knew their story, as some of the nurses that rushed to help them covered their eyes to hide the pain shown in them.


Everyday for a year, Nao helped Natsuki visit Shizuru. Each day became every other day, because Natsuki had to go to lawyers to sign papers. They cancelled the kid, but the little girl went to Nao. Shizuki, that's her name…Nao had said to Natsuki.

Every night Natsuki would stay with Shizuru, just watching to her, and if Nao or a nurse was there, they'd help her to the bed and let her lie next to Shizuru. All Natsuki's money was going down the drain, paying for the life support, as she awaited for the day Shizuru would wake. But she couldn't go until every other week, having to visit all family, or them visiting her, and Shizuru's family, who hugged her merciless and more crying came.

Natsuki couldn't do much, and even if she tried to kill her self she couldn't without help. For months, she sought out for help from other doctors, spending money away just to save Shizuru.

Soon, every time she visited her, she started to say Shizuru's name without stutters. Months went by, and Natsuki, with physical therapy, managed to get some sense back into her arms, since she was not permanently paralyzed in her arms. However, her waist down was gone forever.

She spent months either finding doctors, anything, for Shizuru, and physical therapy, and finally, she went to Shizuru for the last time.

With a bag on her lap, she talked to the doctor.

The doctor gave her a switch they had devised, with a one button Natsuki could press.

For the last night, they moved Natsuki next to Shizuru, and she took her bag and a water bottle on a table very close to the bed and put in between her and Shizuru as she turned using all her upper muscles.

"Its time you find your reality Shizuru…I love you…please find it… I love you so much…wake up…and find what is real…" Natsuki said, as she let her hand fall out onto the button. The monitor of her heart that used to be beating stopped, into a tone that never ended.

Like their love, it would never ended.

Natsuki opened the bag, pulled out a zip lock bag full of pills, swallowed a mouth full with her water, and within hours, they found her dead next to her dead lover.

And as the monitor let out that long steady tone, that beep that didn't end, Natsuki's hand was intertwined with Shizuru.

They found them, a smile planted on each face.

And together they slept, as long as the beep went.


The End.

This was poorly written, oh well.