Just adding a couple poetry I wrote some months ago, captivated by the relationshiop of Kim and Ron. First part will be Ron stating his person vow to Kim, second chapter the role is reversed... Enjoy.

The vow of Ron Stoppable to Kim Possible...

I never imagined that all this could ever be

You that I've always dreamed of, is right next to me

Yet this is by far no dream… to my joy it is very real

And more so confirmed by your touch to my soul, which I feel

You've known me better than most; you've always been by my side

Though good and bad, thick and thin, far and wide

And never a moment with you shall I ever wish to miss

To embrace you… to caress you… to kiss

The feeling I have in my heart for you now, I have for you forever

To love you without condition or rule… to love you as no other

To envision you in my mind by day and my dreams by night

To embrace your body and soul in utter delight

Take my hand… for you already hold my heart

For all joy and sorrow and everything in part

And no matter what comes, I will always be there

With this unstoppable love in my heart for you, which I share.