The vow of Kim Possible to Ron Stoppable

I never imagined that all of this could ever be

You that have always been at my side, I give my heart so free

I've dreamed of this day and dreams do come true

For there is no one else who has embraced my heart, as pure as you

You've been the friend I've always counted on, even in times bad

And you never once left me alone to deal with any troubles I had

Now as my lover, you continue to stand by my side

To have, to hold… thick and thin… far and wide

What my heart feels for you, it is impossible to measure

And by far my most priceless treasure

You always bring out the best in me in every way

And for that and so many other reasons, by your side I'll stay

I take your hand now and always shall we be one

That our entwined hearts will never be undone

And no matter what comes, know that my heart and soul

Will always and forever be with you in whole