Naruto looked around, his wide blue eyes searching for the owner. The owner of the sweet voice that was calling out to him so lovingly. This was the first time anybody had called his name like that, he'd be damned if he didn't find the source of that voice.


Naruto ran towards the voice; his heart pounding, his breathing harsh and quick. Almost there, he assured himself, almost.


Naruto ran faster. No, no, he thought, it's fading…the voice is fading!

"WHO ARE YOU!? Where are you?"

Naruto suddenly stopped. He stared straight ahead, his golden spikes matted down onto his forehead and his tan skin dripping with perspiration. His blue eyes widened and he stared into a pair of eyes.

Sapphire blue eyes.

Naruto sat up, a short but loud gasp escaping his throat. Looking around, he realized he was in the hospital. Blinking, he vaguely wondered how he ended up in the hospital, when the memories suddenly projected themselves in his head.

"Orochimaru…Sasuke." Gnashing his teeth together, Naruto breathed in then released a sigh. Bringing his injured knees up to his chest, he stared down at his hands.

'Who was that…and what do they have to do with Sasuke…"

The dreams started the night he met with Sasuke once again. Every night, for three months, all he saw in his dreams were sapphire blue eyes and all he heard was a alluringly sweet voice.


Naruto shivered as he recalled the voice. No one had ever called him "Naru-chan," or spoke to him in such a loving and sweet tone. Who could it have been?


Upon hearing his name called by the familiarly deep, but unexpected voice, Naruto jumped and flipped off the side of the bed.


Jiraiya only sighed slightly. His eyes ran over the body of his student. He didn't look well, Sasuke had done a number on him when he decided to betray the leaf village. To betray his friends…to betray Naruto. He had heard form Kakashi that once he found Naruto, he and Pakkun could find no hint of the Uchiha.

"Well, what did you want Ero-sennin?" Naruto grumbled. He wasn't in the mood to talk. All he wanted was to go back to sleep.

And dream of sapphire blue eyes.

"Naruto. Tsunade wants to speak with you, but we both know your in no condition to even walk, so…"

Naruto gave a short yelp and Jiraiya picked him up and carried him out the window of the hospital. "Hey, Hey! Damn it you perv, I don't wanna talk to the old hag now!"

Jiraiya ignored him and hopped over to the Hokage's office. He was curious as to what Tsunade would say to Naruto.

Once inside the office, Jiraiya didn't bother to knock on a door and simply opened the window and stepped inside, with a silently fuming Naruto at his side.

Upon entering, the first thing both saw was Tsunade speaking quietly with a young girl in the chair in front of her. Shizune was standing next to the girl, a look of complete awe on her face, trained upon the young girl.

"I know this is hard to take in, but you are the only one who could possibly bring him back to us, please forgive us for keeping you under careful supervision," Tsunade murmured gently.

Naruto frowned. "Bring him back? Who, Sasuke?!"

The girl in the chair tensed a bit before she turned. Now face to face, Naruto and Jiraiya could see that the girl was extremely petite, only 4'11 with silky and shiny raven black hair. There were bandages tied around her eyes, so they had no idea what her eyes looked like, her body was matured, even thought she looked no older than 13. She wore a white sundress, one that couldn't possibly be her size, seeing as it reached to her calves and covered everything up to her small little feet, which were bare. Upon hearing the name of the Uchiha, she tilted her head.


Naruto stared at the girl. Dumbstruck. Th-that voice…

Shizune reached behind the girl's head and began to untie the bandages that covered her eyes. When the bandages fell away, Naruto let out a loud gasp.

Sapphire blue eyes met with his own water blues. Tsunade rested a hand on her shoulder, and Jiraiya gripped Naruto tighter.

"Uzamaki, Naruto. Meet Uchiha, Kagome."