Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Just playing.

Author notes: Three crossover stories, exactly 100 words each.

1. First drabble. Faith meets Annabel, the character Eliza Dushku plays in the movie Soul Survivor... which unfortunately sucked majorly.

"Nice moves," Faith remarked. "Like the leather too."

Annabel grinned. "Looking pretty hot yourself. In fact, I think we're wearing the same outfit."

"I was getting to that. No offense, but you're a pathetic rip-off of me without the emotional depth and slaying instinct," Faith levelled. "The smart-ass comments, dancing, clothes, sexual attitude... admit it, you're a poser, girlfriend."

"Well, I'm young; there's only so many good roles for girls as hot as we are-"

"Save it. Go find your own character- quit stealing off mine," Faith snapped. "But not one like Buffy. One of her is enough, ya know?"

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not that lucky.

2. Drabble two. Willow and Hermione from Harry Potter casting a spell together.

Trouble brewing

No, no," Hermione lectured, stopping Willow's hand. "You're using too much billyroot. The potion won't have a smooth texture-"

"I've made this before. It was fine," Willow muttered, resentful. "I'm a witch too, you know."

"No, not exactly. More like a Muggle who made herself a witch through perseverance," Hermione clarified. "In my world it's different. Witches are born, not made. Otherwise, there wouldn't be Squibs."

Willow stared indignantly."Are you saying I'm not a witch? And what did you call me- a Muggle? Is that some nasty sexual term?"

Hermione ignored her, gesturing. "We need ginseng; it's too thick."

3. Buffy meets Cici Cooper, the victim of the Scream killer that Sarah Michelle Gellar plays in Scream 2.

Meeting of two dead blondes

"So... you died too," Buffy remarked.

"Yeah, only I didn't get to come back," Cici Cooper replied. "Wasn't important enough for the final act."

Buffy nodded. "Being bloodied by bad guys and thrown off high altitudes- been there, done that."

"Yeah, but I'm a sorority sister," Cici argued. "No supernatural strength."


"Next time Ghostface shows, can you take him down?"

"Oh yeah," Buffy replied. "After battling demons and vampires, robots and giant snakes, werewolves and white-faced fairy tale men, plus my own magic-addicted best friend, you think a human in a costume is gonna throw me? In his dreams."