A/N: Okay, I'm posting something that was originally going to be a one-shot because I've recently found myself completely unmotivated to write. Hopefully this will get me in gear. At any rate, this is a bit of an experiment: there are going to be exactly eight chapters (that was actually an accident), each one switching between time frames. The first chapter is what's happening in the 'present'; the second chapter is what already happened in the 'past', and so on and so forth. They're not all going to be this short (chapter six will be by far the longest), so…just think of this one as a bit of a teaser?

And finally: the title is in German, and translates to "But Heaven Falls". Why is it in German, you ask? Because I can't conjugate Latin properly, but I retained something from five years of not paying attention in German class. (For the record, I had to count to twenty-one in German to remember whether or not the German word for one had an s in it.)

[Edit: Reason number 5,165,313 why I got a 1 on my German AP exam: The German word for one does have an s at the end of it.

Warnings: Nothing much for this first chapter, unless you want me to tell you it'll probably leave you confused. XD Oh, and this has nothing whatsoever to do with the games.

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Summary: AU. AxelRoxas. He doesn't believe in ghosts, but that doesn't keep him from being haunted.



The blond boy sleeping at his desk twitched slightly, eyelids fluttering but not opening. He may have been dreaming, or he may have been trying to respond to the soft voice.

Fell asleep on your homework again? I guess some things will never change.

Roxas groaned softly and attempted to bury his face in his arms as if it would drown out the voice. A single piece of paper, half-covered in neat, precise handwriting, slipped off the edge of the desk and floated silently to the floor.

Come on, I go through all this trouble to see you and you can't even wake up?

Roxas groaned again, this time using his arms to cover his head entirely. His pen rolled slowly across the desk until it teetered on the edge as if it was debating the suicidal leap to the ground below.

Fine, I'll go. But you're not getting away with this tomorrow night.

Roxas grunted something that may have been acknowledgement of the words. Then he sighed in sleepy relief at the ensuing silence, pillowing his head on his arms again. He almost failed to notice what appeared to be the sound of someone accidentally kicking his window as they tried to climb out. After a moment of hazy annoyance, he jumped up with a yelp—knee hitting the desk and finally knocking the indecisive pen down—and ran for the window. He searched desperately for a sign of red in the yard below him, but there was nothing.

He closed his windows violently and went back to his desk, picking up his pen and crumpled paper. He refused to wonder why the weight of a falling pen seemed to affect the paper the same way the weight of a full-grown man stepping on it did.

Of course there hadn't been anyone in the yard. There hadn't been anyone in his room to begin with.

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