"I made it! I made it!" An estatic Jazmine cheered, running out of the gym and throwing herself onto Huey and then Caesar. Huey was baffled but Caesar hugged her back.

"You did?! That's awesome! Congrats!"

"You're late, Jazmine," Huey pointed out, "We've been waiting for an hour,"

"Aw, I'm sorry. I told you guys cheerleading try outs were afterschool today, though," She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and changed positions in her hip, unable to hide her excitement, "But I made "A" squad!!"

"Well, duh," Caesar was just as happy as she was, "You'v been practicing for like two years now,"

"I know! I know!" She jumped, "I'm a cheerleader! I'm a cheerleader!!"

"Save the acceptance speech," Huey muttered getting into his car, "I wanna go home now,"

Caesar shot him an angry look and Jazmine just pouted her lip and let her shoulders slunk down. Caesar patted her back and crawled into shot gun, she took the back silently.

"Hey, hows about we go to Larry's Diner to celebrate?" Caesar offered helpfully. Huey shot him a dirty look as they drove off.

"That sounds like fun!" Jazmine exclaimed, her smile coming back. Huey was still glaring at Caesar who nudged him.

"Fine," He muttered.


"Did everyone enjoy their meal?" The waittress asked, picking up the three eaten plates.

"It was great," Jazmine chirped thoughtfully. She was seated between Huey and Caesar when the waitress dropped the bill in the center of the table before trotting off. Both Huey and Caesar put their hands on it.

"I'll get it," Huey said, sliding it towards him.

"Nah, man, it's no big," Caesar shrugged, giving it his own tug. Huey stopped it and pulled it gently, "It was my idea, after all,"

"Just let me pay for it,"

"Revolutionary's don't got much cash, Freeman,"

"I got plenty of cash, Michael,"

The dark glare stare down was not going away. Jazmine's gaze was going back and forth between the two young gents who showed no sign of giving in. She just laughed nervously and took the bill, "Let's all just split it? kay?"


"Hmm, okay. Caesar's burger was 12.79... Huey's salad was 10.32 and my chicken sanwich was 11.50," As she spoke, she took out her money and placed it gently in the fold of the bill. Huey and Caesar grudgingly followed suit.

"Okay, I'm gonna run off to the lady's room. Be right back," She announced, getting up and leaving out of view.

"What do you think you're doing?" Huey snapped once she was out of ear shot.

"What are you talking about?"

"Tryin to impress her or something by paying for the food? How weak is that?"

"Oh you're one to talk," Caesar snapped, "How ya gonna diss me when you did it first?"

Fact of the matter was, both boys had had very powerful crushes on the mulatto princess. Both had known it and neither had tried any advances for fear of their frienship coming to halts. It was a no win situation but time was going by and the boys were getting tired of longing from afar. It was becoming more and more evident.

"We need to come to an agreement," Caesar decided.

"What'd you have in mind?"

"We let her decide," Caesar explained, "We split the week up evenly and each make harmless dates with her before the dance next week. We both ask and whoever she agrees to take wins,"

Huey's eye brow popped up, "There's a dance next week?"

"Yeah. Convient, huh?"

"I guess so... but how we gonna divide the week?"

"Well... Today's Thursday. You can have her tomorrow, I'll take Saturday and then you get her sunday. I take monday... and so on,"

"But that means if she doesn't take you to the dance you miss out on a day,"

"I'm just nice like that," Caesar grinned smuggly. Huey bit back his inner convictions of this being rather sexist and chauvinistic and let Caesar shake his hand.

"But! We must promise that no matter who wins, we'll stay friends," Huey wanted to clarify.

"Of course," Caesar nodded, "I wouldn't have it any other way,"