"Where do you wanna go?"

"Uh... the hill?"

"No!" Jazmine hissed, "I don't wanna go where Huey may see us,"

"Well... I do,"


"Damnit..." Caesar exhaled and scratched the back of his neck. He walked back a bit and whistled, "Ya see... I sorta kinda... ugh. Well. Guess I gotta tell ya, huh?"

Jazmine gave him a puzzled look as he pivoted on his left foot and kept his gaze at the ground. He smacked his lips and nibbled on his tongue before speaking, "Your cousin and me... kinda... well... got this plan to hook you an Huey up,"

"My cousin? You mean Rose? How do you know Rose?"

"Long story short? Myspace makes the world a hella lot smaller. Rose went to my school back in Brooklyn an-,"

Jazmine folded her arms heavy over her chest, "What did you do?"


"So! She aint here?"

"No, she aint," Huey snapped for the third time, "I haven't seen her since school let out,"

"Well then lets go,"


"To school. Can you take me? I dunno how to get there,"

Huey heaved a sigh, "I can't go see her,"

"Why not?" Rose giggled. Sheesh. She even had Jazmine's laugh.

"Cos... I... well..." Crap. Why not? "Fine. Lets go,"


"So... you started this BET with Huey... but you were never interested? You were just..."

"Trying to get Huey a good kick in the butt, if ya get it,"

"And the kiss?"

"She was supposed to bring him here so he could catch us. Ya see... we're trying to make him... more... intune to his emotions and-"

"You're crazy!" She blurted out, "How could this possibly..."

"OH! So THIS is your school!" A very chirpy loud voice exclaimed. The code words. Caesar, without missing a beat, grabbed Jazmine tight and lay a hard kiss on her lips. She screached and tried to pull back but his hold was too hard.

Just as the kiss was made, Caesar noticed Huey and Rose turning the corner to where they were. He immediately dropped her and his jaw dropped.

"Oh! Snap! Huey! What are you doing here...?"

Huey's countenance seemed deeply shocked but that soon turned his usual glare as he turned to storm off. Jazmine got up and went to follow him.

"Huey! Wait!"

Rose and Caesar watched as they ran off, walking over to each other. Caesar's eye brow popped up and gave her a wicked smirk.


"It's all up to them now," She sighed with a smile.

"Wanna go... hang out,"



STUPIDLY short, i KNO but... i have to write and memorize a speech by Saturday!!!

so... be happy suckas