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Here's some things you probably know about Uchiha Sasuke - he's popular as heck, a freaking hottie, and rich. Girls faint at his presence and boys scowl at his too-cool-for-you attitude. He's known to have no existing horomones at all.

If you know Sasuke, you probably don't know anything about Haruno Sakura. For one, she's the exact opposite of Uchiha Sasuke: a geeky poor girl who is invisible to almost anyone except her best friend Hinata. Don't get me wrong, has potential. She just won't use it.

Two complete opposites, but as time passes, they'll find that they have more of a connection than him asking her for the homework.


"No Hinata!" A pink haired girl screamed at her friend batting away the hands trying to restrain her, "I don't want a makeover!"

"Please Sakura... I won't ask ever again!" The girl supposedly named Hinata pleaded with the rosette. Why couldn't she realize she just wanted to help her friend?

"Ugh, I really don't know..." Sakura said dubiously. She had so much on her plate right now, between homework, schoolwork and all of the normal crap going on in her life at the moment. Faced with that, why would she want to spend an extra hour or two trying to look slightly better than usual?

"Come on, you have so much going for you, you just need to work them right!"

Sakura looked at the girl skeptically, but relented, "Okay..." Hinata replied with a giggle and handed her over a note that said:

Meet me my place after school. I knew you'd say yes!!!!!!!!!! Love ya tons!



A clock ticked aimlessly on a small desk. School had been let out for the day and it had been an hour since Hinata had sat Sakura in fornt of her vanity and started woking. Sakura was getting very impatient, and don't get her wrong, she loves Hinata like a dear friend should, but Sakura was ready to attack the heiress.

"Are you done yet? Sakura half-sighed half-growled at Hinata.

"Actually, I am done!" Hinata exclaimed as she revealed her work. Sakura was awed at what she saw. Her normally braided hair was straightened and put up in a sexy bun, her dorky square-rimmed glasses were trashed and replaced with contacts, she had makeup on, but only enough to make her features stand out, and her unkempt eyebows were plucked to perfection.

"You've done it again Hinata..." Sakura murmered still shocked that she couldn't even recognize herself in the reflection.

"We're not done yet," Hinata smiled, "There's still clothes to decide on!" They rummaged through the closet for half an hour, and they finally came up with the perfect outfit. They chose a stapless black mini-dress that hung to Sakura's curvy figure thet she usually hid under huge sweaters and had cherry blossom flowers trailing up the sides, black pumps, bangels and her locket she got from her mother before she died

"Come on," Hinata beckoned to Sakura, "Let's go out dancing at that new club!" Sakura merely nodded in response and unwillingly trailed behind Hinata as they walked out of the house.


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