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10 Things I Hate About You

Sasuke Uchiha was standing in front of a crying Haruno Sakura.


"Why… why do you hat-hate me so much?" Her voice wavered.

He turned and smirked.

"You're still annoying."

Let's see…

I hate you because…

First reason…

You're annoying…

You're the voice, face, image stuck in my head.

It's all I see.

"Am I that horrible?" More tears spilled down her checks.

He had no response.

Second reason… I can't hurt you

Not even with words… of the truth.

You are annoying…

But you have… You give me this restraint that holds me back.

Remember the cursed seal moment?


Sakura hugged a power-hungry Sasuke.

It was an attempt to stop his need to kill, hurt.

Her battered hands wrapped around his toned chest.

He stopped in his tracks.

Third reason…

You control me.

You were the only person who really could have stopped me.

They both slid down panting on the floor.


In the Forest of Death right after Sasuke has been bitten…

Sakura sat down scared out of her mind, clutching Sasuke to herself.

Fourth reason…

Your touch is my cure.

I felt "better" in your arms securely wrapped around me.

I felt like everything was… right.


To the Zabuza fight.

Sakura lay on top of Sasuke's cold body.

Crying her eyes out.

Pure sadness.

She broke the Shinobi Code for him so many times.

Fifth reason…

You are willing to do anything for me.

Why would you break rules for a person with no emotions to care?

Why waste your tears on a goon like me whose about to leave?

Why bother?

He woke up and was tackled in a worried hug.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun! I'm glad you're all right!"


During the fight against Kakashi…

Sasuke sat down waiting for Sakura…

Even if time was being wasted.

Sixth reason…

I feel like I have to… wait for you,

I can't be there waiting knowing that you are sprawled across the ground alone.


The fight against Naruto… On the hospital roof…

Sakura ran to stop the two boys from colliding into each other.

What was she going to do when she got there?

Block them with her body?

Seventh reason…

You're my slap back into reality…

When I'm concentrated in something…

Then I see you…

I remember what I'm doing is wrong.


In the Forest of Death… Right when kunais are thrown at Sasuke and Sakura by Orochimaru's disguise.

Sasuke used the burst of strength to stab his leg and immediately jump to save Sakura.

Eighth reason…

I feel like I have to protect you…

I can't go on knowing that you're hurt.

I would just hurt myself in the process.


Chunnin exams… Sakura vs. Ino…

Ninth reason…

You fight for me.

I'm not worthy enough to have someone fight for me.

It makes me feel weak.

I guess that's how you feel.



Sasuke behind Sakura, smirking.

"I love you! Please stay! I don't care if you hate me! I can't go without you!" You could hear her tears splattering on the ground.

The silence was that tense.

"Feh. What a waste of a life." He replied his voice was truthful.


"Loving someone who has no interest at the moment. Waste of time."

Reason number ten…

You love me.

Even after all the rejections…

Hurtful moments…

Sad sacrifices…


"Thank you Sakura…" she gasped and he knocked her out.

He caught her bridal style and sat on the bench.

Her head was resting in his lap.

He sat there thinking…

Wouldn't leaving make it worse?

I'll become a missing nin!

I'll be an outcast!

I'll be with a gay or two gay people.

When I could be here with the person I hate the most and with actual friends.

Before Sasuke could answer his own questions…

He fell asleep.

He mumbled…

"Sakura… I love you…"

"I love you… Sasuke-kun…" she replied out loud to her dream.

Sasuke's most hated person was his most precious… Most loved…


Morning came and Sakura woke up first.

"Sasuke-kun?" She sat up rubbing her eyes

His eyes opened, "Hn."

"Nothing." She shook her head blushing.


"Last night… I thought you left… I love you…"

"Me too."


"I love you too Sakura." He smirked.

She fainted back into his lap and he fell back asleep.


Kakashi was taking a stroll until he stumbles across his sleeping students.

He takes out a camera and smiles,

"This is definitely a KODAK moment!"


The picture was taken.

And the two lovers stayed forever entwined with each other.

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