AN: This is my first try about a high school fic. The next four chapters will introduce the characters. This chapter is the princess's, the next one is the punks/reject girls. The third one is the preppy boys then the reject boys. I know you can't tell much from this but R&R


I am the queen bee of this school. I'm sorry if I sound coincided but I am the head cheerleader and a straight a student and I'm dating the football captain. Stephine may think the schools her cause her daddy owns everything but I'll beat that

But as we all know even though I look perfect I'm very far from it. My boyfriend is cheating on me with a girl from the other school. I have to work like a dog for my grades and I'm only the cheerleader because I was banging the football captain. Life isn't all it's cracked up to be. The Queen of Queen has a date so goodbye.


Okay , I may seem like a b.itch cause I'm rich and I only talk to certain people. Have you ever tried living with my father, " Steph, be more like Shane." "Don't cry it's weak." " You should date Hunter. He has good parents." I may sound like a whiny little brat but I fucking hate him, I hate my fucking brother and I really hate that dumb ass motherfucker Hunter.

Trish only hates me because I know something she doesn't want anyone to know. I know probably a little to much about everyone at school. If you stick around I could tell you. Daddy's billion dollar princess is out.


You have probably heard alto about's not my fault boys enjoy my form. Hey! I'm sweet like candy. I do have quite a few gentleman friends...a certain cheerleaders boy-toy, some princess's unwanted prince and another dark prince but he is without a princess.

Everyone has dirty laundry at this school. You just need to make sure it doesn't get aired out. Candy-Coated is bye-bye.


" Here she comes again, like good medicine, every step she takes, my blood is flowing, her legs go on and on for days..." Sorry I love that song it is so me...well my legs go on forever. So, everyone calls me legs. I am the wholesome one out of my friends. Tall, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I used to have a wonderful boyfriend but he broke up with me to date my friend Trish...Not that I'm bitter or anything. I found someone else...problem is if we started to date I would disowned by everyone I know, my parents would hate me because he's...Latin and he is about four inches shorter then me. Legs better bounce.


I don't have much to say...I'm quiet, smart and the guy I like is dating a girl that would kill me. My best friend's are Stacy and Trish. We have been friends since kindergarten. They do most of the talking in the group. I'm the wholesome innocent little angel. But the guy I like is the same as me, wholesome and innocent but he has a Manson for a girlfriend. I'm out.


Hi! I'm Michelle McCool. I may sound peppy but I'm really bitter. I could have been the cheer leading captain but that bitch Trish took my spot because last year see dropped my and I snapped my fucking arm. I could have dated Randy but Trish said I was dating Chuck...with I wasn't we were just friends. Now I'm back and I'm now friends with Stephaine. We are going to get that bitch and her little dogs too. Say goodbye to the All-American Girl.