Hi everyone! Welcome to my first Scrubs story!! This idea came to me in a dream last week. VERY special thanks to Twilight Power for his help!! I highly recommend his fanfiction!
Just to let you know, the story will be in several different points of view! First off is in J.D.'s point of view! I know, my writing needs work, so bear with me if it isn't the best. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Note: This takes place in the 4th season.

Disclaimer! I do not own Scrubs or any of the characters. It belongs to its creator.

It was a warm and calm morning as I rode my blue scooter into the streets on my way to work. I took small peeks at the clear blue sky, illuminated by the early morning sun. I breathed in the wonderful scents of the...pollution from the street sweeper?

A street sweeper was moving slowly on the sides of the streets, taking in all the leaves, spraying water, and brushing the curbs. It did leave a nice smell, like it had just rained, but the exhaust that was spat out at me was just awful! Lucky for me, it turned on a corner while I headed straight to Sacred Heart Hospital. Ah, yes. The place I work at. Strangely, I work with a lot of interesting people. I'll tell you about them as I go along.

I sped into the parking lot, stopped my scooter, removed my helmet, and walked inside the doors to the hospital, where I took an elevator several floors up. It stopped and I got off managing to catch Turk in the traditional green scrubs as I got out.

"Hey J.D.!" said Turk. "Glad you can make it today! Dr. Kelso's got a secret triple decker cake he ordered that I'm going to sabotage! Wanna help?"

"You know it, Chocolate Bear!" I said gleefully, slapping Turk a high five. "So what's the plan?"

"Well, I bought this chocolate laxative I'm going to sprinkle on top of the cake with, and once Kelso eats it, he's gonna be spending the rest of the afternoon on the toilet!" Turk said, taking out what appeared to be a block of chocolate wrapped in silver foil, but it was rather small.

"I don't believe you guys," said Carla, wearing pink scrubs and a stethoscope around her neck, like she does almost everyday. She shook her head in disdain and looked at something on a clipboard.

"If you guys let him have his cake, maybe then he'll leave us alone," said a familiar female voice behind me.

I spun around and saw Elliot, looking stunning as ever with her blonde hair and her blue eyes.Like Carla, she wore a stethoscope around her neck.

"But you don't understand how fun it is to mess with Kelso!!" Turk explained.

"Okay, everyone, back to work!"said Dr. Cox as he passed by. He can deny it all he wants, but he's still my mentor, no matter what!!

Turk shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I've got nothing to do right now. I've got surgery at 3pm, and Kelso's cake comes in at 10..." he said thoughtfully. "I'm going to hang out here for now."

Dr. Cox ignored him. He stepped into one of the patient's rooms.

"Hey Turk, after that, wanna go do the World's Most Giant Doctor?" I asked.

"You know it, my man!" Turk said with excitement.

I was beginning to prepare to see a patient who suffered from an allergic reaction to strawberries (a pretty bad one. He was covered in hives and had to be rushed here when he couldn't breathe), when I heard brushing sounds. I turned around and saw the Janitor. He always manages to ruin my day. What's it going to be today? Hammering wheels to my shoes? Hanging me by rope with a noose in it? He's got to have something up his sleeve for me today.

Janitor looked up, smiled, and waved at me. "Hey J.D. How's it going?" he asked in a calm, quiet voice. Then, he looked back down and continued on what he was doing.

That surprised me. He never calls me J.D. But I'm sure he has some elaborate scheme to get me today. Where is it? But then, I spotted something yellow on the floor. Caution: Wet Floor, it read. That was strange. Janitor never bothers to put those signs up. He likes to watch me slip on the floors and watch me crash. I think I knew why.

Janitor has been acting weird all week. See, Dr. Kelso cut back on cleaning supplies in order to save some cash, and since then, he hasn't bothered me once. Maybe it made him happy. Who knew?

Elliot's POV

I had gone back to talking things over with Carla, when I noticed the Janitor. There was something different about him. His personality must have gone through some makeover. He's being awfully nice to everyone, and he's putting up the Wet Floor signs. In fact, he hasn't been acting like himself at all, lately.

But as he was saying hello to J.D., I took a look at his face. His blue eyes were looking tired and glassy. In fact, there were small, black bags underneath them. I decided to go talk to him, to see if there was something wrong with him. I'm getting worried about him. Maybe he hasn't been getting enough sleep lately. I hear he occasionally sleeps in the closets here.

"Can you hold on there for a sec?" I said to Carla. I walked over to Janitor and stopped in front of him. "Janitor?"

He looked up and smiled. "Hey there." he said in a tired voice.

"Janitor, are you feeling alright?" I asked him. I noticed his skin was pale and his chest was heaving. No. This isn't from sleep deprivation. It's got to be something else, but what?

"I'm fine," he denied. "It's just..."

I stared at him for an answer. "...what?" I asked.

"Nothing serious," he said "Don't you worry your pretty face, darlin'." And then he went back to his mopping.

I sighed. "If you insist." I said. I began to walk back to the nurse's station when suddenly, a thud sounded. I turned around and saw Janitor, lying unconscious on the floor. I screamed.