I had just finished reading one of my favourite books, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen when the bell rang as school ended for the day. I honestly loved teaching high school English but at the same time the sound of the bell at the end of the day was a relief, making me think did I really want to teach high school English for the rest of my life. I had spent 4 years at University getting a Degree in English Lit with an emphasis on editing; I had always wanted to be an author. 4 years to get ahead in my life and I still ended up back in Forks, Washington teaching English. I was about to finish my second teaching and I was starting to wonder if anything was going to get better in my life I was 24 and single. I needed to get out of this place and experience life. Thank fully I only had one more week of school left until exams and then I would have the summer to decide if I wanted to renew my contract.

After grading papers for three hours I left the school and walked toward my 2007 cobalt blue Toyota Yaris, I had finally gotten rid of my old truck after it died on me and was more expensive to repair than to buy a new car all together, I couldn't help but think what else was I supposed to do other than this?? I don't even have anything to offer. I put last 3 or 4 papers I needed to grade this weekend into the trunk of my car and drove across town to the house my father had left me. I pulled into the driveway, opened the garage door and parked the car. I stepped out, deciding I would leave the papers in the car I walked inside, put my keys on the table kicked my shoes off to the side of the entrance way and put my coat on the chair. I just wanted to relax, have a quiet dinner, maybe watch a movie and probably call Alice and see how everything in Seattle was.

Alice had been my best friend since the 9th grade, she had been the only person willing to talk to me my first day of Forks High. After graduating we both had gone away to different schools but had remained incredibly close friends. Alice had gotten a degree in Fashion Design and after graduating, moved to New York to pursue a career as a Designer. She had met her current beau, Jasper, at the airport when she was flying back to Forks to visit me. She now lived in Seattle with Jasper working as a designer, and I visited her once a month; at least one of us got our wish.

I had curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine, after putting the leftovers from last night in the oven to reheat being too lazy to actually cook for only one and flipped through the channels on the T.V. I finally decided that I wasn't in the mood to look for something to watch so I turned on my TiVo and watched the episode of 'Bones' I had missed on Wednesday, when someone rang the doorbell. I walked to the door slowly trying to figure who was there as I was not expecting anyone, hoping that it wasn't Mike Newton the gym teacher from school that was constantly hitting on me at staff meetings. When I finally opened the door it was the last person I expected...

I opened the door and was tackled to the ground by a pixie-like figure; thankfully I had left my wine in the living room. "ALICE!!!!!" I squealed as we hit the floor, she just giggled and threw her arms around my neck. The next thing I noticed was Jasper standing in the doorway with amusement coming from his laughing eyes holding two very large suitcases.

Finally Alice released her hold of my neck and let me stand back up. "Alice, what are you doing here??" I blurted out.

"Visiting my bestest friend in the entire world...if she will let me stay" Alice responded sounding a little hurt.

Trying to lighten the mood I responded with as little sarcasm as I could muster, "I will have to get back to you on that one; we will have to give her a call later and ask."

Alice catching on to me just laughed and told Jasper to put the stuff in the spare bedroom. Jasper nodded and started to climb the stairs. Alice grabbed onto my arm and pulled me into the living room telling me to sit on the sofa. I could tell she had something extremely important to tell me she was overly excited even for Alice standards. She sat down beside me and grabbed my hands with the biggest most ridiculous smile on her face.

"Bella", she began, "I have some very big news, well Jasper and I have some big news..."

"Alice, just spill it already!" I replied.

"Okay...JASPER AND I ARE GETTING MARRIED!!" she exclaimed.

"OH MY GOD!!!" I replied, "really?!"

"Of course my silly Bella, would I joke about something like that??" she teased.

"Alice, I'm so excited!! When is the wedding going to be?? Have you told your parents yet?? How did he propose?? Was it everything you had hoped for??..." the questions just fell out of my mouth. I was so excited for her. It wasn't unexpected or anything she had been with him for 3 years now but I was still excited. "You have to give me a list of things to do. I want to help plan the shower, well that is if I am going to be the maid of honour. I would understand if you wanted someone else..."

"Bella. Bella! BELLA!" she finally got ma attention part way through my rambling, "of course you will be my maid of honour. But what I really wanted to ask is would you be willing to move to Seattle. I need you there to help me plan the wedding and I know that your teaching contract is just about up and I know that you are sick of Forks I talked to Jasper and he said it would be okay if you lived with us while you looked for a place, I can help you sell the house here if you wanted and I will help you job search too." Alice continued to ramble about me moving to Seattle and I just sat there stunned about what she was asking me. She wanted me to leave Forks, something I longed to do but had never had the balls to do it.

I suddenly cut her off mid-sentence/future plans, "Of course I will move to Seattle, you are just the motivation I needed to finally follow through with my dream."

Alice yelled for Jasper to come down the stairs. He walked into the room and put his arms around Alice's waist and asked "so, do you want me to go get some boxes to start packing up your stuff?"

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