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Take and Humiliate

March 1st – Meepit's and Juice

Dr. Sloth sat in his nice metal chair at the space station. He was quite happy in his latest success so far in taking over the entire entire planet. His latest plan was to make everyone suffer. Everyone had been looking forward to yet another one of those stupid Daily Dare's since the one that had happened last year.

So, he had decided to kidnap AAA and Abigail to make sure that this Daily Dare was the hardest yet. He would force them to play games all day and get unbeatable scores that no one could beat. And, when they didn't beat them, he would do something even crueler. AAA was supposed to be the best gamer in all of Neopets, so there was no way he would be beaten.

Dr. Sloth watched the two child Neopets through the camera he had installed in the room that they were in. Abigail had already gone and taped her brother's mouth shut and he was trying to scream. Dr. Sloth laughed manically. Already AAA had realized that he and his sister were doomed because no one could beat their scores.

Dr. Sloth didn't notice a minion come up to him. "Sir, you do realize that AAA has been beat before at his high scores?"

"Nonsense, why would he have the title of best gamer then?" Dr. Sloth retorted.

The minion shook his head. "There is also the fact that playing the games like this may actually make his high scores not as unbeatable. It is scientifically proven to be so."

"Well, I have a backup plan. They have to score higher then me on those games to succeed, because I am the true game master!" Dr. Sloth retorted.

"And what did you score on this game?" The minion asked.

"I scored eleven points. I would like to see people beat that score." Dr. Sloth said with glee.

"I see…" The minion was not sure how sane the evil doctor was. "May I ask why you decided upon this game?"

"Well, see you do know that it is the Meepit's that are going to help me finally take over the world. Everyone knows that they are the final step." Dr. Sloth chided.

"Yes… I see. I have heard also that they were going to take over the world and not listen to you either." The minion stated.

"That's the brilliancy of this plan. See, the game is directly linked to the juice that is fed to the Meepit's, right? I had you install that pipe? Well, see that pipe contains formula that will allow the Meepit's to be under my control. I will order them to attack Faerie Land." Dr. Sloth smiled his evil smile.

"How long will this mind control serum take to get a hold of the minds of the Meepits." The minion said, backing towards the door.

"Let's see, a month roughly." Dr. Sloth stated.

"So, even if they win, you can supposedly take over the minds of the Meepits?"

"Actually, no, see, the serum gets more diluted the more the game is played." Dr. Sloth spoke up. "But I really like the ice lollies that they are giving out as prizes."

"Who are giving out as prizes?"

"Well, the resistance of course, since I see no reason to give out prizes. They cost very little NP to buy and make for a good brain freeze. A good brain freeze leads to a good round of ideas coming through the brain."

"I see. Well, there was a task that you wished for me to do, so I shall go and do it."

"Good, I'll go back to eating my ice lollies and playing with my Meepit. He is really well behaved with the serum."

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2/5/2010 - I have decided, to discontinue this fanfic. This is going to be one of my failed attempts. Sure, it was fun when it first started, but then it became tedious, and boring, not to mention, I was the only one paying any attention to it. So, it is now getting marked complete, even though it doesn't have all 32 chapters that I had planned on doing. It simply isn't worth my time... though I may come back and do the end chapter, but I think I will do that as a one-shot...