Take and Humiliate

March 20th – Snowball Fight

Sloth's minion hurried through the snow, quite happy to be getting to handle today's special thing. He popped his head over the snow bank, a smirk on his face. As the Snow Faerie walked by, he let a snowball go and it hurtled towards her. His grin faded though as it stopped in mid air.

"Snap… I forgot she controls this element!" he said.

"Illusion! You prankster! I told you I couldn't be hit!" the snow Faerie said, suddenly causing the ball to go hurtling at the Earth Faerie.

"Oh, hey! I didn't throw that!' Illusion muttered.

"And I did?" the Tooth Faerie commented. "Really Illusion, I would have made it more obvious that I was going to be throwing snowballs."

"Why?" the Snow Faerie asked.

"Because…" the Tooth Faerie said, launching a snowball at her and hitting the one Faerie in the face. "Then you're not expecting it!"

"Still… I didn't throw the snowball," Illusion commented.

"Illusion… you love playing pranks," the Snow Faerie commented, wiping away the snow.

"No… that is a certain Dark Faerie we all know," Illusion commented.

"Snowball fight!" the Tooth Faerie yelled, tossing a snowball at Illusion. "First with a cold tooth loses!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" the Snow Faerie asked, only to get hit by a snowball. "Alright! That does it!"

All of the Faeries picked up snowballs and began to throw them at each other. Sloth's minion wasn't happy… this was supposed to be his job.