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Since You've Been Gone


I could only see Edward's face, as I blacked out. Hear his voice. Miss him, as the fire flowed through my veins.
Before I drifted, I heard a low, ferocious, unfamiliar growl.

----------Flashback Over----------

I opened my eyes, there was a bright light coming somewhere off to my left. I didn't know how long I'd been sleeping, I didn't even remember what had happened, until I heard a familiar voice say my name.

The voice didn't belong to my Greek God, it was a musical voice, one that I'd thought that I'd never hear again.

I sat up, and there she was. My cousin, Serena.

The first thing that I thought was: It can't be possible!? She died three years ago in a car crash!?! That's when I noticed the golden eyes that were supposed to be Dark blue, and the deepened curves that I'd only seen on Rosalie, Alice, and Esme. And the extremely pale skin that I'd grown so accustomed to. She still had wavy, blond hair, but now it was a little longer. She'd always been beautiful.

My cousin, Serena Gazelle Redinsky was a vampire...

I then noticed my new sharp eye sight, new deepened smells, urge to speed, and sweet-tasting saliva.

And so was I.

I couldn't find my voice, I had nothing to say. But Serena started to talk, "Hey, Cuz. I missed you!" She said, hugging me. It wasn't as awkward as I'd thought it'd be, it was calming and comforting.

"Hey, Serena." I took an unneeded deep breath, "This is certainly a lot to take in." I then gasped, my voice was a sweet, alluring voice. It was still practically the same, just sweeter, and velvety. Then I remembered, and I started to panic, remembering the events that had happened in the last week...