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I walked down the stairs holding Edward's hand. It had been a few hours since we had finally stopped having sex. Round after round after round, until we knew we had to come up for air.

When we reached the last step, Edward couldn't seem to stand the space between us, and pulled me into a deep and loving kiss. Someone interrupted us before it could get any farther.

"Aww." Emmett whined, "He's a vampire again. Now I can't embarrass him and make him blush!" He pouted, but then got curious, "Can I see your bite? Please? Where did she bite you?" He asked Edward, and I couldn't help but laugh at Edward's embarrassed face.

"Umm... She bit my..." Edward trailed off, running his hand through his hair sheepishly.

Emmett stared at Edward, blinked once, then burst out into a roar of booming laughter that only he can create, "She... She bit your... TENDERS!!" He choked out between laughter.

Edward looked extremely embarrassed, and I was just grinning. I stepped up to Emmett, "You know you're just jealous that Rose doesn't do that to you!" I said smugly to him, defending my love.

His smug smile disappeared, "I- I- Well- She- Um... ROSE!!" He yelled, running out of the room frantically.

Edward laughed, grabbing my hand, which had been lost from his when I had stepped up to Emmett, "Oh, I love you." He whispered, intertwining our fingers. He had an affectionate look in his eye that I was sure I was mirroring, "And your all mine..." He sighed in happiness. Aww. He's so cute.

"I love you, too, Edward. No matter how much you think you love me more, it was and will always be me who holds the most love for you." I grinned, knowing that he couldn't resist another argument like that. Besides, he might try to convince me again... I got a little wet at the thought.

He grinned, probably smelling it, and rose a perfect eyebrow, "Are you thinking inappropriate things about us?"

"Maybe... Yes."

"Good, I thought I was the only one. Maybe I should punish you for underestimating my love." He whispered seductively, his hands pulling me to his chest, a hand sneaking between us to trace the outlines of my breast, my nipple. Moaning in aroused pleasure, move my knee up between his legs and rubbed hard, causing an eruption of moans from him.

His head dipped down to give my neck open mouthed kisses, biting in places that made me shiver. I ran my hands up and down his chest, feeling the defined muscles, and kissed what was exposed on his chest.

Moving the hand from my breast, he traced it down my ribcage, my stomach, and slipped it into my pants, pushing his finger in and out, in and out...

"Edward..." I whispered, my emotions running wild, "Oh, Edward..."

"WHOA! Guys, put that away! I do NOT want to see that." It was Alice. Sighing, I set my foot back on the ground, freezing my roaming hands. Edward's hand, hesitantly, slipped from my pants, and his lips left my neck. Grrr... Alice can be so annoying...

She opened her previously closed eyes, and continued after checking that all hands were in appropriate places, "We were thinking of playing baseball. You in?" She asked.

I shrugged, and Edward nodded, "Sure."

She beamed, "Great. I've got the outfits set out on your... bed." I grinned, knowing that there hadn't been much left of it after last night... This morning... A few hours ago...

So we went upstairs, got dressed, and ran through a dark tunnel which took us to a deserted field. Everybody was already there. We decided to go into teams by gender.

The girls won, stealing the men's pride, and we danced around the field in a circle, at least Alice, Rose, and I did. Esme just shook her head and laughed at us, and then turned to tease Carlisle of his loss.

Edward and I teased and flirted, and went upstairs to clean ourselves of all of the dirt in the shower. I'm not going to give any specific details. But...

I think we just got dirtier in the shower. (Wink, Wink)

So, we laid in bed that night, naked, bodies pressed up against eachother. But it wasn't exactly a sexual embrace, it was more intimate. More complex. We were in love and that's how it would stay. No matter what obstacles came our way.


I like the sound of that...

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