Cliff Diving3:38 PM 1/23/2008

I stand at that cliff,
Thinking about you,
And about the things we used to do,
But I don't blame you,
No matter how much I went through,

I blame myself,
'Cause I'm plain,
but not vain,
I would never hurt you,
'Cause I love you, you know it's true,
The recklessness of it all,
The danger,
The beauty of it all,
Makes your hylusionatory,
Voice call,
I hear your voice,
In my head,
Tellin' me,
Not to go ahead,
I know it isn't really you,
But when I see, your face in my head,
I know know this is as good as it'll ever be,
I know you won't come back for me,

And when I heard it,
Your soft velvety voice,
I know I had made my choice,
When you told me not to go,
For you, you said,
But it's all in my head,
So I jumped,
I went Cliff Diving,


When I was pushed down,
Farther and Farther,
Faster and faster,
Into the water,
I could hear your voice,
As clear as day,
Telling me to keep fighting,
Well you should have though about that,
Before you chose not to stay,
I could keep going,
The muscles in my body can only go so long,

So I let go,
I stopped,
And I blacked out,
That's when my head hit the surface,
But it wasn't you at my sevice,
It was him,
The one who helped me through this,


Cliff Diving