Chapter 11: Butch and Buttercup (Lemon)
"Why did you made them leave so fast?!" Buttercup said angrily. "I'm just annoyed!" Butch said. Buttrcup grunted and fixed the bed. Butch saw Buttercup's bag and he decided to look inside. He saw a condom. "Hey Buttercup, what is this?" he asked. Buttercup looked at what he was holding and blushed. "Let go of that! Bubbles gave that to me as a prank girft!" she said blushing as she took it from his hand and put it back at her bag. Butch looked at her. He immdietly wrapped his arms around Buttercup's waist. "I know you can't stay mad at me forever" Butch said, rubbing her upper thighs gently. Buttercup blushed. "Butch, please. This is isn't the time" buttercup said shyly. "What time? All I want is you" Butch said as he gently pushed Buttercup on the bed. Buttercup's blush got more red. "Butch! What are you planning?" Buttercup asked nervously. Butch just smirk. "I want youButtercup. I want you all to mine" he said,smirking. He crawled to bed with Buttercup and they made a french kiss. While they were kissing, Butch was unbuttoning Buttercup'sgreen t-shirt. Now that Buttercup was wearing her bra and skirt, Butch played with the strap of Buttercup's bra. Buttercup let out a moan. Butch undo her bra. Buttercup, with embarrassment pushed Butch and covered her breast. "What the hell Butch?!" she said angrily. "what? I told you I want you right? And you agreed" he said, stillsmirking. "Are you crazy?! What will my sisters' say?" Buttercup said. Butch was still smirking. "They won't know." Butch said as he gently removed Buttercup's hands from her curves. Buttercup's blush got more red, like blood red! Butch's smirk turn to grin when he looked at Buttercup curves. He kissed Buttercup again and sucked her neck. He was almost at her breast. When he reached her breast, he licked her left nipple while his other hand was massaging her right breast. Buttercup moan again, but this time it was louder. Butch stopped and started licking her other nipple while his other hand massage her other breast. "Butch... this... this... is... too... too... much... I think... we... should... sto--" buttercup said but she was interrupted by Butch who kissed her again. While kissing, Butch slowly opened Buttercup's legs. He removed her skirt and undies. Now, she was all naked. After kissing her, he sucked her nipple again and went down to her womanpart. He licked her womanpart while Buttercup moaned louder. Butch took off his shirt and licked it again. "Butch... You... know... I... don't... want... this..." Buttercup muttered. Butch ignored her as he took off his pants. "Wat!" she said as she took something from her bag. She took out the condom. "Wear this" she said as she handed it out to butch. Butch wore it. Buttercupwas nervous because what will happen if her sisters found out? Butch licked her womanhood again. He closed his eyes and went inside her. His manhood went inside her woman hood. He moaned,and Buttercup too. He didn't move. Buttercup looked at him. "Butch? Move" she said, while Butch was on top of her. He nodded and thrusted. Buttercup moaned. Butch hopped harder and deeper. Buttercup didn't utter a word, but moaned loudly. "Buttercup, shout my name. I want to hear you shout my name" Butch said. Buttercup shooked her head and bit her lip. Butch smirked and thrusted in her deeper. Buttercup moaned again. She shouted his name. She did it over and over. Butch moaned. "Say it again and again!" Butch said as he thrusted. He immdietly kissed her like mad. Butch was starting to sweat. Buttercup realized it so she made Butch lie down and now she was on top of her. She hopped faster than Butch. Buttercup moaned loudly. "Faster" Butch said as Buttercup hopped faster. "Buttercup!" he shouted. Buttercup panted while hopping. She got off Butch and layed beside him. Both of them were panting. "What happened a while ago?" he asked, panting. "I don't know" Buttercup said, panting.