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Rating: T

Pairings: Addex

A/N: If you hate this half as much as I do, you will really, really hate this ending. Which is why I've decided to give you more than one option for the ending. And this one is already written, so here it is.

Pros and cons – Chapter III

Option I – The drunk, ridiculous ending (Addison's POV)

"Beer, Joe…", says the man candy, not knowing there is one set of bluish eyes staring directly at him. His face, mostly. Maybe a little bit at his ass. Just a little bit.

Anyway… Addison Forbes Montgomery really likes his face. (And his ass.) And the things he has written about her, because they make her all mushy inside and wonder how she could ever have been mad at him.

Then he notices her staring, cocks an eyebrow and snaps:


And she does remember.

Perhaps it's the many, many, many martinis coming back to haunt her or the fact that Joe is very calmly taking both sets of napkins away out of her grasp and actually giving them to Alex, along with his beer, but she can only watch it happen.

(Don't get her wrong, she does get quite upset about it. After all, her feelings for Preston were supposed to remain a secret. And what right does Joe the bartender have to play matchmaker, anyway?)

"Dude, I thought you'd gotten rid of those!"

An outraged Alex Karev awakes her from her stupor.

Apparently she isn't the only one who would have preferred keeping her napkin-feelings a secret. Or at least between her and Joe and the martinis. So not the point.

But then again, she would never have realized just that Alex Karev, her hot, infuriating and decidedly 12-year-old intern might actually not have turned her down because he doesn't want her, but because he wants to protect her. Him. Both of them. Which is sort of really sweet and makes her think she might not have been wrong about him being perfect for her. Even though he is 12 years old.

Maybe she should just kiss him.

While pondering those deep thoughts, she completely misses that Alex is discovering her napkins. Then she does notice and considers rushing over and taking them from him. Although that might be difficult with her current alcohol level and would probably just lead to her falling on her face. Falling on one's face generally doesn't serve to make one attractive to the opposite sex. Especially not to doctors of the opposite sex. They would probably just give one stitches and put a band-aid on one.

She really doesn't want that, so she refrains from showing she knows he's reading her pros and cons list that contains tons and tons of pros on his side.

Addison opts for being mysterious and city-like, so she orders another martini.

"Absolutely not.", says Joe.

"What!", screeches Addison.

"The only thing you're getting from me is a cab home.", says Joe.

"WHAT!", screeches Addison.

Then she realizes she isn't being very mysterious and city-like. She's mostly just drunk and pathetic. Which sucks.

Fortunately for her, fortunately for Joe and fortunately for us, Alex Karev chooses this particular moment to walk over to her and to sit down next to her. Gesturing at his napkins, he says:

"I'm guessing there is no way you haven't read those, huh?"

To which she answers:

"What? What haven't I read? Are those napkins? Why are you showing me napkins? I don't know anything about any napkins… What are napkins, anyway?"

"And I take it you wrote those."

He gestures at her napkins.

"I have never even heard of napkins.", she says as seriously as she's able to, then breaks out in laughter.

"And I suppose you're too drunk to be having his kind of conversation right now."

Was that a bit of an amused twinkle in his pretty, pretty eyes or was it the heat his body was emitting that clouded her vision?

"You know what, Karev? I think you're right. I need to sober up. Thus, I will now follow this resolution and sit here, until I can think again, because right now all I want is to get into your pants."

That said, she sits there, almost completely frozen in place. Alex shares a few looks with Joe, then shrugs and gets comfortable.

After about 45 minutes of not moving, Alex seems annoyed.

"This is getting ridiculous."

But Addison will not listen to him. She won't. She's getting really good at this.

"No, don't interrupt me, I am in the zone."

After another 28 minutes, she shakes her head and notices Alex has fallen asleep on the counter.

Still feeling rather tipsy, she nudges his shoulder and he immediately sits up straight, obviously quite disturbed, as if caught doing something he shouldn't have.

"What? What did I miss?"


Addison leans in to kiss him and boy, does it feel good! Too sleepy to over think it, Alex kisses her back with equal fervor.

They barely come up for air, until Joe exclaims:

"Your cab's here."

Which makes them both realize what it is they are doing.

"You kissed me!", Alex growls.

"You kissed me back!", Addison pouts, then adds:

"What is the problem with me kissing you, anyway? After all, isn't that, what the napkins have told us? That we're meant to be together?"

"But I wanted to kiss you when you're sober!", Alex all but yells and throws a few coins on the counter.

"So? There's plenty of time to do that, later! Besides, I am sober! Why do you think I just sat there for an entire hour?", Addison yells back, gathering her stuff.

"To annoy me?", Alex grins diabolically and helps her off her chair.

"To sober up!", Addison huffs and walks towards the door.

"Oh, and by the way... Preston Burke?"

"Shut up, you have Syphilis!"

And then they take the cab to her place and she has her naughty way with him. Then yells at him some more. Then he has his naughty way with her. Then yells at her some more. Then they decide to keep yelling and being naughty fort he rest of their lives.

And they live happily ever after.