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Summary: Aqualad and Speedy find themselves in an awkward position. Poor Aqualad, poor Titans East, but mostly, poor Speedy! Slash, mpreg.

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Adventures of a pregnant fish.

Chapter two: Oh thats funny! (Sorry for the wait! D8)


Roy twisted in his seat at the sound of Garth's voice, spoon of ice cream half way to his mouth. Garth lent against the counter next to him and gave a pointed, curious look at the phone standing upright in front of Roy's bowl.

"You called him yet?"

Roy stuck the spoon in his mouth and nodded before removing it and swallowing. "I did."

Garth frowned suspiciously at the small response. "Oh? What did he say?"

"He's still going." Roy shrugged and pointed his spoon at the phone. "Pick it up and have a listen for yourself." Green eyes sparkled mischievously as Roy took another spoonful of ice cream.

Suddenly wairy and on his gaurd, Garth picked up the phone gently, half expecting it to explode. Roy snorted at his actions. Scowling, the Atlantian braced himself for possible swearing and shouting and put the phone slowly to his ear.

He frowned. His pointed ear twitched. His eyes darted to meet Roy's, who smirked. Just as slowly as he had brought it up, Garth lowered the phone to blink at it. "He-" He looked at Roy, confused. "He's laughing." He dead-panned.

The archer snorted again. "I know!" He chuckled. "He's been doing it for over half an hour. I haven't seen - or heard, I 'spose - him laugh like that in years." Roy took another spoonful of ice cream and held it up to Garth. "Seriously," He said as Garth grabbed his hand to steady the spoon so he could eat the ice cream on it. "It's hilarious to listen to."

Garth hummed, releasing the spoon to let Roy continue eating. He brought the phone to his ear again and paused as he listened. A frightful look passed his face and he held the phone to Roy.

"No more laughing! No nothing! He's gone!"

Roy chewed slowly on a marsh-mellow. "Hm. I wonder if he laughed so hard he died. Do you think we'd be done for murder?"

Garth smacked his lover on the back of his head and opened his mouth to scold him when a beep from the kitchen computer sounded; informing them of an incoming call. Passing the bowl and spoon to Garth, Roy lent over the counter to check the number.

"He's alive." The archer grunted, sounding unconcerned either way. "Unless he's calling from beyond the grave... or Barry has stolen his communicator again..." Shrugging, Roy accepted the call. Garth shrunk back slightly when Green Arrow filled the screen. The last time Roy's mentor had called up, the boys had been in a... compromising position. Ollie only called through Robin or Bumblebee now.

"Sup?" Roy said, blinking lazily at the screen.

Green Arrow frowned. "That was very impolite of you Roy." He said sternly; Roy guessed he was expected to ignore the redness of the mans cheeks.

Roy pouted. "You were laughing too much to even notice I was gone." He pointed out dryly. "So I went and got ice cream." He motioned towards Garth who froze, flushing as Green Arrow's eyes turned to him. The boy avoided his eyes, there was no way he could look at him after last time...

Luckily, Green Arrow took one look at Garth and burst into fresh peals of laughter. Garth's eyebrows shot up, startled, as Roy's came together.

"Hey! Oi!" The boy pouted at the screen as Green Arrow doubled over. "Garth? Pass me the phone, I'm calling Black Canary."

Green Arrow straightened; immediately sobered up. "That," He stated. "Wasn't even funny."

"I disagree." Roy shot back. "And, since you found this so hilarious, I'll leave you to tell her."

"Has Orin been told?" Green Arrow asked, leaning back in his seat to plant his feet on what must have been a table. The laughing fit must have been killed with the mention of the blond woman. Though, he did snicker when Garth stepped next to Roy.

"Yes. He was the one to... diagnose me. I guess."

A snort. "And your sure? About keeping it, I mean."

Roy glanced at Garth, who was watching him carefully, before nodding at the computer. "Yeah, we're sure."

Ollie bit his lip; obviously wary about where the boundaries were. "Cos it'll be hard work. More than just any other couple." He was serious now, and Roy straightened, noticing. "Media, hate mail, threats. And that'll be just because your both guys. Then there's your enemies to think about... You'll have to be on guard every minute."

A hand fell lightly onto Garth's shoulder and it gripped him reassuringly. "It's okay. We know this."

Green Arrow paused, hesitateing. "Roy," He said quietly. "Dont take this the wrong way but... I've never seen you as 'Father' material... I mean, the swearing, the violence, the nightmares... the girls, the alcohol, the smoking, the- the drugs." The man swallowed hard, watching as Roy's face got harder. "That isn't to say you haven't done... well, really good, out there. The Titans have done you good and you've really shaped up but-" He sighed and Roy's face softened slightly. "Your past has a tendency to catch up with you."

Roy was silent, lips pulled down slightly in thought. Garth swallowed hard and lifted a hand to rest on the one on his shoulder; Roy jumped slightly at the touch.

"We don't have to do this." The Atlantian mumbled softly, hoping that the computers mic was too far to pick up his voice. "Seriously." He said sternly, gripping Roy's hand. "For what it's worth, though, I think you'd be an amazing dad."

Green eyes blinked, the boys perminate issues of distrust flashing through them. It faded though, as it always did when Garth or Bee or the twins spoke with him, and was replaced with a bright look. Smiling, Roy tightened his hold on Garth's hand and brought it up to kiss the back gently.

"Thank you." He murmured before turning, grinning cheekily, back to the computer where Green Arrow was waiting; a half-happy-half-confused look on his face. "We're good." The young archer confirmed. "Talk to you later... Grand-dad?"

Green Arrow made a noise, something between a chuckle and a choke. "Get lost, kid." And then he hung up on them.

Garth placed a sheet of paper on the table. Roy and Karen both looked up from the newspaper to him, the two raising an eyebrow at the same time. Garth wondered if they knew that they now mimicked each other's facial expressions; he guessed not but it was still cute as hell. He would have to get a picture one day, and stick it on the Christmas cards or something.

Karen snapped it up first. She read it; eyes darting to the top to read it again. Brown eyes then turned to Garth, looking rarely confused.

"And this is...?"

"A list." Garth stated, flushing. "Of Atlantian stages in a pregnancy." Bee gave a soft 'Oh' and Roy blinked. "Of what I am most likely to go through."

"Oh!" Roy lent over to grab the list from between Karen's fingers. She gasped and stuck her index finger into her mouth, glareing at Roy from giving her a paper cut. Roy ignored her and hummed as he looked through it, frowning at a few and smirking at others. "Hm. Explain?"

Rolling his eyes but smiling, Garth took the paper from him. "Atlantians have one less month than you. And, since I'm almost a month through anyway, there's only seven stages."

"A short pregnancy." Karen noted. "We'll have to sort things out quickly."

Garth nodded, humming. "The stages are in months; the first named 'Ignorence' because," Garth scratched his neck. "No one really notices that they're pregnant that that stage. Then there the second month; which'll be our first stage." He shook his head. "I'll stop throwing up around half way through that... which is when I'll begin to show. The second stage has cravings-"

"Good luck with that." Karen mumbled, smirking at Roy.

"- And that's where it gets a bit more complicated. The third..." He flushed. "Is where I'll be wanting more... P-physical attention."

Roy and Karen blinked and then the former grinned widely while the latter blushed.

"Oh god..."

"Hell yes. That is one stage I'll be happy to take full care off."

Garth rolled his eyes. "Hn. The forth is a... Well possessive stage. And the fifth is basically the same but... less extreame. More... showing off than hiding things away."

His two team mates looked sober now, a little worried.

"The sixth is jealousy; kind of ties in with the possessive stages. And last is the over-protective stage. The worst one, apparently. There'll be mood swings in and out but," Garth shrugged. "That's normal for a human pregnancy, yes?"

Karen nodded. Roy sat still. Garth continued to talk, of making a better list to help them with details and tips. Roy said nothing. He sat still, silent until Garth left. Then, finally, he turned to Bee.

"...Is it the third month yet?"

Karen paused. Then, sighing, she rolled up the newspaper they had been reading and slapped him, hard, over the head.

"God damn it!"

AN:Heh... long time no see. -shot-

Erm, the stages! They was based on the 7 deadly sins... cos it made me giggle. XD

0 - Ignorance. Yah. This one don't count XDD

1st - Sloth, idk why. It made sense and now... I forget.

2nd - Gluttony. For foooooood!

3rd - Lust. -giggles- Oh hell yes.

4th - Greed. Being possessive.

5th - Pride. Showing off.

6th - Envy. Oh poor Garthy.

7th - Wrath. I wont make him violent, I swear XD

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