Right, so I was thinking about what to do whilst I wait for comments and opinions on 'And So It Begins... Again' and I decided to start up another story, more light hearted and fun... More Jack/Ianto heat going on! This is what I came up with.

It's based around 3 months after 'Cyber Woman' (S01 E04) after Ianto's returned to the hub. It won't be parallel to the TV series, because I don't want it to have to get grim or serious via following the death of Estelle and then he fiasco of Countrycide (great episode, it's just a fiasco for the characters to go through). It's really just a bit of fun with how these two became and item really. I'm not sure whether this would really have happened, but i like to think the possibility is still open!

The POV will change every other chapter, to give good coverage of the thoughts and feelings for each of the men, but the storyline will just continue through, overlapping slightly at each end. If I feel the burning need to have both sides of the story as it happens, they'll be in the same chapter. Hopefully, I won't need to do that too often.

That's only the gameplan. It may not get beyond a 2 or 3 chapters... I'll see how it goes down. But have fun reading this one! Please review and enjoy.

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own any of the characters below, they belong to Russel T. Davies (as I'm sure you're all aware) but I like to play with them and make them do pretty things every so often... Well, nost hours of the day really... The stuff you get are just the most coherent of my Torchwood ramblings!

Cat and Mouse

Chapter 1: Jack's World

Jack stood in the board room and looked down at the hub. Toshiko was working diligently at her station, Owen was trying to open a file without getting blood on it and Gwen was doing something. He frowned, trying to remember just what it was that Gwen did. He usually assumed that she was doing the humane side of things; finding people's addresses, finding their families… Doing generally idiotic things that seemed to make the work environment a lot less sterilised. Sometimes she pissed the hell out of him, thinking she could get away with anything and everything. Little did she know that every time she did something against the rules, Jack noted it down and put it in his safe. Eventually, he would punish her for every single broken rule, but right now, it was easier to just pull the angry face and give her the cold treatment for a day or two. He wouldn't let any of his team get away with anything illegal.

Except Ianto. The rest of the team had expected Jack to execute him, or at least retcon him and move him to Glasgow after the incident with Lisa. Despite this, they'd understood why Jack had given him a month's suspension and then allowed him back into the hub. Ianto had been right about one thing. None of them had ever asked him anything about his personal life, so they were all happy to give him a second chance, all feeling partially responsible for the pain Ianto must've been feeling.

However, Jack had kept a much closer eye on him since then, making him come on runs, rarely leaving him alone for more than 10 minutes.

There were two reasons for this. The first was quite simply that he needed to make sure Ianto didn't sneak in any other alien threats. A half darlek grandmother would be murder to explain to HQ. The second was that he found watching Ianto suitably pleasing. If Jack was up in his office, he'd make sure he had a TV tuned into the camera nearest to Ianto, so he could watch the young man's movements clearly.

From his vantage point, he saw that Ianto was reading a book in the Tourist Office. Jack leaned the camera down to get a closer look, trying to read over his shoulder. Apparently, the camera had made a bit too much noise, as Ianto whipped around in his seat and glared at the camera. Jack had a feeling that Ianto knew it was him on the other side. With that, Ianto tucked the book into a drawer, locked it and walked out of the Office and into the hub. Jack cursed himself silently, but felt the thrill of a challenge for himself: To find out what Ianto had been reading.

He decided now would be a good moment to roll up his shirt sleeves and then jumped up from his desk, swinging out of his office and strolling down to the work stations to search for Ianto. He was greeted by Tosh, Gwen and Owen putting on their coats.

"We just got a call, Jack." Tosh flicked her hair from her collar, straightened the jacket then smiled. "You two can stay behind. It's just a case of picking some stuff up and retconning the witnesses. We'll be back in a couple of hours!" Jack nodded and waved as they all moved from the hub.

Once they'd left, he slipped his hands in his pockets and turned slowly to search for his Tea-boy. Much to his satisfaction, Ianto was standing over the coffee machine and trying to make himself invisible. Jack smirked to himself and crept up behind him, standing only a few inches away from the young man. He saw with pleasure that the muscles in his back tautened a little at his approach. He leant even closer, his mouth less than an inch from Ianto's ear

"Ianto… Would you mind making me a coffee?" His voice was barely more than a whisper as he breathed in the young man's ear. He had to suppress a laugh as he watched Ianto trying to battle his body for control.

After a long moment, Ianto managed to stutter out a few words of affirmation and Jack decided to have mercy on him. Backing away to the other side of the kitchen. He leant back on the wall, crossing his legs and folding his arms across his chest, looking Ianto up and down as the young man flustered and flapped his way through making the drink Jack had asked for. Oh how fun it was to mess with the composed and professional Ianto Jones.

He smiled seductively at Ianto as he turned to hand him the steaming mug, amused at his attempt to avert his eyes. He then hurriedly turned away again and made to exit the room

"Ianto?" Jack spoke and Ianto froze, unable to make himself move. Again, Jack almost ruined the atmosphere and had to suppress the laugh that was tickling the back of his throat.

"Yes, Sir?" Ianto swallowed audibly and managed to compose his voice to speak, yet he stayed facing away from his tormentor.

"Ianto… I was wondering…" He put his coffee down and moved towards the young man, trailing his fingers down his arm as he got closer. Standing merely inches from him again, he let his fingers rest on the back of Ianto's hand, feeling the shudder that passed through him. "If you're not too busy… I was thinking maybe you could help me do some… archiving… This evening, after everyone's gone home."

Jack was breathing gently on Ianto's neck, turning on every charm he could remember… And there were a lot of them. He didn't envy Ianto's position at all, but he was impressed with the amount of dignity he had managed to keep about himself. He watched as Ianto screwed his eyes up and mouthed wordlessly to himself before nodding, still not looking at Jack.

"Certainly, Sir." He made to move away and Jack let him go this time. He grinned to himself, pleased with the work he'd done in the past few minutes. He retrieved his coffee and settled himself back in his office, turning his attention back to the CCTV footage of Ianto's activities within the hub.