Freedom to change Destiny

by Azure-Rouge

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Man was destined to have freedom and given freedom to change destiny" - Azure.Rouge

- - - - - - - - - - -

The year was Cosmic Era 75. Deep Space Survey and Development Organization, or DSSD, has been re-established after the events of the Second Bloody Valentine War led to great losses, including the loss of Selene McGriff, the project's top personnel. Even with the recovery of the GSX-401FW Stargazer, it was still impossible for the remnants of DSSD's crew since it was Selene that knew Stargazer the best. Now, almost a year later, the DSSD has been returned to its former glory. This time, in partnership with ORB and Morgenroete, they're re-evaluating the Stargazer's Voiture Lumiere not as an experimental technology but as an additional equipment for exclusive Mobile Suits that may be needed to respond to a faraway threat as quickly as possible. Among the candidates to be fitted with the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system, which was compatible with the propulsion beam, was the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. With its heavy arsenal, high mobility and nearly indefinite power source, it was the perfect candidate for guarding the route between the Earth and ORB's Mars Research Station, currently under development. Once the Strike Freedom was equipped with the Voiture Lumiere, other than the one that was already part of its designs since the beginning, it could respond to any hostilities on the route within a few minutes to less than an hour. Though the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice was also a good Mobile Suit, its nature as a close-combat unit would limit the amount of enemies it could take out at any given moment. Another unit under test was the ORB-01 Akatsuki. However, its lack of Phase Shift Armor could be fatal in the event of a collision between any space debris or projectile and the Akatsuki traveling at extremely high speeds. This also crossed it out of the list.

Aside from the tests on the Strike Freedom, tests were also being conducted on a warship-scale. However, no power-source was found to be strong enough to develop a propulsion beam capable of sending a warship on its way. Instead, the experimental warship, in this case, the Kusanagi, relied on the solar winds to propel it to higher speeds while constantly firing its thrusters.

With Astrays on guard, another test was to be undertaken by the Strike Freedom. The Kusanagi has sailed ahead to Mars to wait for the Strike Freedom, so it was all up to Kira and his unit.

"Kira, we can get an AI in there! Get out!" Cagalli, Chief Representative of ORB who personally supervises the tests just so Kira would be safe, screamed on the microphone as her little brother was preparing for the test.

"Calm down, Cagalli… I've done this numerous times already. All we have to do for now is a maximum velocity travel. After that, they'll take a look at the stresses that I and the Freedom go through. And after that, this experiment's over." Kira smiled reassuringly, but Cagalli was not one to back down.

"Lieutenant General Yamato, I order you to get out of that suit now!" Cagalli shouted again.

"That's a negative, sis. We're under contract, remember?" Kira grinned, preparing the Freedom's systems for launch in a few moments. This silenced Cagalli, with a worried look evident on her face.

"Just be careful, okay?" Cagalli's commanding voice faded and was replaced by a very worried and feminine voice.

"I will. Nothing could go wrong." Kira shrugged his shoulders, in a manner that Neo usually does before he goes out and does something really dangerous or really stupid.


"Relax… I'll be back here in a few weeks. Kisaka's on the Kusanagi, isn't he? He'll take care of me."

Cagalli said no more, closing the screen and staring out of the control room's window, where the Freedom was clearly seen, less than a hundred meters away.

"Beginning test sequence." the scientist that replaced Selene McGriff, Valeska Gertrude said.

"Roger that. Activating Voiture Lumiere." Kira flipped a switch and a long spike shot out of each of the wingtips of the Freedom. The wings opened up completely and a light-blue light shot out, forming a light-barrier like that of the Stargazer's. With the DRAGOONs modified, it can now activate its butterfly wings without having to launch the DRAGOON pods.

"Aim the propulsion cannon." Valeska ordered. The cannon's operator aimed at the back of the Freedom and positioned his hand on the trigger.

"Freedom is good to go. All systems are checked." Kira told the control room.

"Copy that. Fire the propulsion beam."

"Charged at 95 percent. Firing." the operator pulled the trigger and a bright yellow beam hit the Freedom's back.

Kira grunted as the Freedom's acceleration reached phenomenal levels. Every form of matter was a blur due to the intense vibrations inside the cockpit. Just before he got out of range, he managed to press the transmit button and talked to the control room.

"In case something happens… Cagalli, I love you." Kira's voice was cut off by the transmission range limitation. Cagalli, on the other hand, blushed her head off and screamed inside the control room.


- - - - - - - - - - -

Kira was well on his way to Mars, having passed the Moon's orbital path a few seconds ago. Though still accelerating, his body was getting used to it and he was able to move freely, with a little bit of strain, but with greater ease. He looked at the speed indicators, and to his surprise, he was already traveling really fast.

"270,000 kilometers per second… Wait. This isn't normal!" Kira's eyes opened in shock.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Back at the DSSD Station, the CIC reported that something was unusual with that day's test.

"Ma'am, Freedom's currently traveling close to the speed of light. It's something we haven't observed on the Stargazer or on the Freedom's previous tests."

"What?!" Cagalli shot up from her seat and shoved the CIC aside, to see the Freedom on the radar, which in this case, has already disappeared from range.

"What the hell just happened?" Valeska asked. Even with her experience on the Freedom and the Voiture Lumiere, plus the stacked knowledge gained from Stargazer, she wasn't expecting such an event to happen.

"Kira…" Cagalli whispered to himself as she stared at the direction where the Freedom disappeared.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Inside the cockpit, everything has come to a standstill. The panels stopped flashing. The radar stopped moving. The controls were completely jammed, like they were glued and fastened in place. He looked at the speed indicator and the last digit, which was fluctuating between 8 and 9, stopped during the transition. For some reason, everything was frozen except for him. Was this what truly happened when one approaches the speed of light? Or was it purely a psychological matter that makes him hallucinate all this? He knew not the answer nor did he have the ways to find out. He tried to push the throttle but it was stuck. He wrestled with the controls, but they too were stuck. He tried the throttles again, but it was still stuck. He wrestled the controls again, and surprisingly, it moved this time. However, the sudden forced motion on the controls sent the Freedom on a random whirl around space, while traveling close to the speed of light. He swirled around that area of space, with no clue as to how he was going to stop something moving at extremely high speeds. All the movement was making him sick. Even for the Ultimate Coordinator, this was too much. He was on the verge of blacking out, with blood flowing through his mouth and nose due to the extreme G-Forces. Again, it was a miracle that he was still alive. Somehow, the blackness of unconsciousness was gaining on him. Then and there, he blacked out.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A few moments later, Kira woke up. His body feeling like it was tossed into a blender with a bucket full of nails, he assessed his condition. His blue-green flight suit was stained with red all-over but he had no wounds. It was then that he realized that blood got sucked out of his pores by the extreme G-forces. His nose and mouth had some amount of blood, but has somehow stopped. His eyes, surprisingly, did not pop due to unusual amounts of blood flowing. Everything that happened to him was something that could not be explained by science. In one word, it was impossible. He may be the Ultimate Coordinator, but he was not Mwu La Flaga.

"Thinking about it over and over won't get me anywhere." he thought to himself, "I should find a place to land"

He looked around and was shocked to find that he was a lot closer to Earth than he last remembered. As a matter of fact, he remembered seeing Mars from far-away. But now, he was back within the Moon's orbital path. Something was definitely wrong. Nonetheless, he shook the idea aside and struggled to find a place to rest. He flew closer to Earth, hoping that within the debris belt, there would be a place good enough to rest. Finding none, he decided to push himself to the limit and entered Earth's atmosphere. Unlike the last time he entered Earth's atmosphere with the GAT-X105 Strike, this was controlled and a lot smoother, like the time he first fought in the atmosphere using the Strike Freedom. In a few minutes, that seemed to be like forever, he was back in Earth's skies. Below him was a furious battle being fought. But after the Bloody Valentine Wars, battles of this magnitude were non-existent. It wasn't true peace, but there was no major battles, just little skirmishies along borders. He wanted to stop them, but there was no time for that. He had to land somewhere. Using the last bit of ounce he had, he crash-landed into a dense forest on the side of a hill. Just then, he heard a voice speak on the international distress frequency. It sounded familiar, but he was too preoccupied with his survival to guess who it was. However, the message definitely got his attention.


The message forced adrenaline through Kira's veins, not because of the danger, but because of the message.

"Those… are the exact same words…" he thought, still in a state of shock. He looked to the right and saw a female, wearing an Earth Forces uniform looking at the chaotic skies. He didn't take the time to recognize who it was. All he knew was it was dangerous and he had to get out. He made the Freedom stand up and grabbed the female, before flying off into the horizon. As he flew away, he looked back on the battlefield. Surely, what he thought was right. On the waters was the Archangel, with its right catapult damaged in the battle.

"If this is it, then…" he looked around a bit more. Then he saw what he was looking for. Flying around the battlefield was the unit he never thought he'd see ever again: the ZGMf-X10A Freedom.

"It's like deja'vu." he thought, catching a glimpse of lady's underwear on the side of the screen. It was then that he realized that he grabbed the EAF soldier upside down. He set the autopilot and opened the canopy. He brought in the girl and put her on his waist. What he saw gave him an even greater shock. So much, that he shrugged off the scolding and insults being hurled at him.

"Why did you take me? Why did you let me dangle outside with my panties showing? You sicko! Pervert!" the girl pounded on his chest, his face unseen because of the glare caused by the displays. Unconsciously, tears were already flowing down his cheeks, and even though he knew people were going to die back at the base, for once, he couldn't care less. He removed his helmet and hugged her. She tried to struggle free, but his strength was too much for him.

"Let me go!" she protested.

"I'm so sorry…" he said. Upon hearing his voice, she stopped resisting. Somehow, she knew it was him. The belief that he died made her shake off the thought. Just as she was going to resist again, he called her by her name, confirming her suspicions. "…Fllay."

He loosened his arms and pulled back to look at her, crying all the while smiling. She looked back at him, shocked like she has seen a ghost, but with tears flowing down her cheeks.


- - - - - - - - - - -

A/N:I made up that thing about the speed of light, so let it be. This is part one of a two, or three, part fanfic. If I'm lucky, I'll write all the way to chapter 3. If I'm not, I'll stop at 2. Either way, this is my first attempt to make this sort of story, so please review!