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Italics are the characters thoughts ! The story is told from different POVs

Summary: Sasuke and Sakura were childhood friends, but Sasuke moved away when his mother remarried. Years later, he returns to seek Sakura out again, but she's changed. She is the most popular girl in school and she has a tough, protective boyfriend. How is Sasuke supposed to get close to her, when his new brother and the rest of the males of the school wanted her for themselves? What is Sasuke to do???



I couldn't believe it, Sasuke-kun was leaving! After all these years of being best friends, he was moving! Who was going to be my best friend? Who would comfort me, when someone teased me about, my large forehead?

All these thoughts ran through her mind as she hugged Sasuke good-bye.

Sakura tightened her hug, when she realised she wouldn't see him for a loooooonnnng time! Since he was moving to the USA.

Tears trickled down her face as she said, "You'll come back right? I mean eventually, you will return, right? You won't forget me, right? Promise me, you won't forget me! Promise me! Promise me!" she asked desperately.


Sasuke smirked, as he felt Sakura tighten her embrace. He quickly wiped away her tears, and said soothingly.

"Of course, I'll come back! I will always come back, as long as I know you're waiting for me. You'll wait for me, right? And there is no way in hell, I would ever forget you! You're my special girl! So stand straight, and stop crying. And don't worry about the bullies. Just ignore them okay? I can't be here to protect you, but hopefully you'll grow stronger and be able to protect yourself one day, nee Sakura?" He patted her head fondly, while chuckling at all the times when he had to 'save' her.


Sakura could feel her anger rise inside her. But quelled it, she could not afford to let her last precious moments with him slip by, just because he had called her a child.

"You don't need to worry; of course I'll wait for you! But you have to return quickly, or I'll find a new best friend or even a boyfriend and then when you come back, I'll have no time for you!" She teased him, with a mischievous smile.


Sasuke smiled back, "Oh really? And who would want to be your boyfriend? You have nothing to offer, Sa-ku-ra! Even if I stayed away for a hundred years and came back, you wouldn't have a boyfriend. Let's see while you away how much you grow up. He grinned at her.

"Sasuke, we're leaving." Mikoto Uchiha called impatiently. Sasuke wiped Sakura's tears away and kissed her wide forehead one last time, before saying. "Don't worry, I'll be back…"

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