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Summary: Sasuke and Sakura were childhood friends, but Sasuke moved away when his mother remarried. Years later, he returns to seek Sakura out again, but she's changed. She is the most popular girl in school and she has a tough, protective boyfriend. How is Sasuke supposed to get close to her, when his new brother and the rest of the males of the school wanted her for themselves? What is Sasuke to do???

Chapter 4: The Inevitable Fight


"What are you doing to her?" Sasuke asked Gaara angrily, as he saw the position they were in. (Sakura's crying and Gaara has a strong hold on her. It's obvious Sasuke's overprotective personality would mistake this as something else! LOL!)

Gaara - angry that Sasuke had disturbed his moment with Sakura - quickly pushed him back. Sasuke filled with jealousy returned the favour, and added in a punch to Gaara's face.

This started an all out fistfight as the two jealous boys fought for dominance over one another. Sakura could only watch in horror as the boys fought on…

End Recap:

Sasuke glared at Gaara angrily, as he dodged one of his punches. "You jerk!! How can you hurt her? She is the kindest girl in the world, and you are lucky enough to have her, and you hurt her?" He yelled angrily, punching Gaara squarely in the face.

Gaara roared back, elbowing Sasuke in the ribs. "I did nothing! You know nothing, about me and Sakura! I would never hurt her! Why don't you go back from where you came from, and leave us all alone!" Gaara yelled angrily, pushing Sasuke roughly against a wall. "Oomph!" Sasuke groaned, but he snarled when he saw the smug look on Gaara's face.

Pushing him away, he glared at him. "Go back? I knew Sakura, before, you ever came along!" He ran forward to give him an especially hard punch, but just before he could hit Gaara, Sakura ran in front of him. And the full impact of his punch, fell upon her petite body.

"No!" Gaara yelled angrily as he watched his beautiful girlfriend, fall into his arms. "Sakura you idiot! Why? Why, would you do that? Why did you have to get hurt because of me?" He asked in anguish.

She smiled weakly up at him, "I'm sorry Gaara-kun, I'm always making you worry. I couldn't stand to see you hurt…." She was limp in his arms, too weak to do anything else.

Sasuke could only stand frozen, staring at the scene before him. He couldn't believe it, he had hurt Sakura, he had punched her. He, who vowed to protect her, from everyone else, what had he done? He slowly looked down at his hand, it was shaking. He could feel nothing but shock, how could he do this?

"Sasuke-kun?" A delicate voice asked curiously.

He looked up slowly, eyes meeting hers. "Sakura…." Sasuke whispered brokenly, in that one word, all his feelings were conveyed; his shock, horror, guilt and shame. Gaara glared at him, as he took a step closer to them, but Sakura soothed him, with a hand on his arm. "It's alright Gaara-kun, he just wants to say sorry."

Sakura smiled at Sasuke as he walked closer, "It's okay Sasuke-kun, I understand. You couldn't help it, it was my fault, I got in the way. But Sasuke-kun, you must understand, I can't….I can't let you hurt Gaara-kun, I just can't! So please, please, just forgive him." She whispered softly, smiling at Sasuke.

"What? Sakura but…" Sasuke said softly, before being interrupted by Gaara. "You have had enough time to talk! Sakura needs help!" He yelled harshly, before he turned away from everyone and started to walk towards the infirmary.

Seeing nothing else was going to happen, everyone slowly drifted away, and went to class. Save for two people. "Teme…Teme? Are you alright? Naruto asked worriedly, seeing the frozen look on Sasuke's face.

"What have I done Naruto?" He asked brokenly, watching a weak Sakura, being carried further and further away.

*Chapter End*

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