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Chapter 1: Lover's Role

Kyoko had a new drama offer and Lory commanded her to take Rena's role in When Love Became a Weapon after Kuu told him that since Kyoko had capability in acting, he also he wants her to understand the meaning of true love.

"Am I the same as before when I believe Sho is my prince?" she wondered while reading the script. Her role, Rena, falls in love with a powerful yakuza leader and is willing to do everything for him.

But after she read the script, Kyoko could feel something that something was not the same but couldn't place her finger on it. "Kyoko?" The voice was familiar.

"Ren," replied Kyoko, "I read my new drama and I think my role seems similar to when I believed that Sho was my prince and when I was willing to do everything for him, but somehow this feels slightly different." After she acted as Kuon and called Ren only using his first name, Ren told her to continue. Of course at first she rejected call him only out of courtesy, but with one glare from Ren, she complied.

"Is that the script for the drama 'When Love Became A Weapon'?" asked Ren.

"Yes, I have the role of Rena," Kyoko answered, "but why do you want to know?"

Ren showed her the same script she was holding, and since she couldn't imagine the number-one man in show business play a sidekick… " Gin's role?" she ask, preparing her heart for the answer .

"Yes, I will be your lover" Ren said with soft seductive tone that made her heart beat fast.

The beating in her chest was so loud that she was afraid Ren could hear her heartbeat. She remembered Yoshiro saying that Ren always makes his female co-star fall in love with him even if the role doesn't, which made her want to deny the role, but she already promised to Kuu that the in next role offer she received, she would take and make it successful.

"Then let's make this drama a success" Kyoko said, trying to calm down her heart.

"Of course, we can."