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Chapter 18: Epilogue

Part one, Sho.

"Sho, don't overdo it! Remember you still have a concert in Hong kong" advised Shoko. Being Sho's manager for almost 5 years made her get to know Sho inside and out.

"I know" answered Sho, tying his shoelaces tight to make sure they wouldn't come lose when he was performing live on stage. Tripped by untied shoe laces would be such an embarrassing event to a world class singer like him.

"Sho!" screamed all the fans in Tokyo dome. They all called his name, waiting for him to sing and hoping to get close to him.

"Hi, Japan" said Sho "it's so good to be singing here again"

"Kyaaaaaaaa, kyaaaaaaaa, kyaaaaaaaa!" answered his screaming hysterical fans.

"The first song I'll perform is Dream of You" Sho grabbed the mic and start to sing his new song which is currently number one in world music chart for 21 weeks.

Having a concert in Tokyo dome was always the best, the fans and the surroundings really state the popularity of the singer. And he, Sho Fuwa, has everything; thousands of fans, number one position in the international music chart.

"Sho!" shouted someone and tapped his shoulder repeatedly "Not again!"

Sho's eyes blinked a couple times and realized where he was. He was not holding a mic, having concert in the Tokyo dome, but holding a mop in a Japanese bathroom in his parent inn "You must stop daydreaming or madam would scold you again" said his co-worker.

"It's none of your business, go away, and don't disturb me!" He was still the same old Sho, not respecting other people and trying to do anything he wished.

"Okay" said his co-worker, already accustomed to Sho's behavior. "I just came to tell you that madam said if the bathroom was not cleaned in one hour that would means no pay check this month"

Sho looking at his surrounding a huge Japaness style bathroom that need to be cleaned by him. After his attempt to rape Kyoko, Akatoki president kicked him out of the company. At first he still remained in Tokyo looking for another agency and singing job. But after several rejections (because of Lory) and no more money Sho decided to head back home.

"Why are you here?" asked his parent with cold voice.

"This is my house" answered Sho, still holding his pride.

"Not anymore, we already told you that if you went then you would no longer be our son" said his father. He was very disappointed with his son. Running away from home and bringing Kyoko with him, he could forgive that. But the fact that he only came back because he was fired for trying to rape Kyoko was wrong. He could never forgive him for commiting such inappropriate behavior, especially since Kyoko was like a daughter to him. It not only brought disgrace on himself, but also to the family name.

"Oka-san, please. I don't have any other place to go" pleaded Sho, now shameless.

After begging, tears and regrets they let him back with few conditions

He was no longer the young master so he couldn't ask anyone to fulfill his orders.

He must work in inn and like everyone else he had to start from the bottom line (cleaning service)

His parents no longer give him pocket money so if he needed money he must do the work properly and have salary based on how many hours he worked.

So here he is now, cleaning bathrooms and daydreaming he was still a popular singer. That he not let Kyoko go. That he had....

Part two, Ren and Kyoko.

"We are outside the church where the two world famous stars, Kuon Hizuri and Kyoko Mogami will getting married" said one female reporter. Surrounding her were many screaming fans wanting to get a peek at the wedding. Other news vans were broadcasting the same thing and a bunch of bodyguard surrounded the church.

Kuon and Kyoko's wedding catching world attention was natural with their popularity all around the world. Anything the sponsored was a guaranteed success, any movie or TV drama with one of them staring in it is an immediate box office smash. Beginning with the movie shattered, the movie had opened a whole new world-wide audience. Acting in that movie had allowed them to win the award for the best foreign actor and actress academy award. Today seeing their faces in a magazine or TV is a common event. In fact, not seeing them is very uncommon.

In the church bride room, 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony, there was a small arguement over who was going to give Kyoko away.

"I am" insisting Taisho of Daruyama.

"No, I will be the one who walks Kyoko down the aisle!" Kuu argued "I am her father!"

"She's my daughter too! Besides, she is going to marry your stupid son. That means you have no right to walk her down the aisle" Taisho argued back. He had already approved of Ren as Kyoko's husband, but he still couldn't suppress his fatherly feeling to let go of his precious 'daughter' to another man.

"My son is not stupid!" Kuu was angry that someone said his son was stupid. Of course he did not mention to Taisho that he also had called Kuon stupid when he heard that he would be marrying his daughter.

The fighting had begun ever since Ren and Kyoko decided to get married. Kyoko 'fathers' fought viciously over who would be the one to walk her down the aisle. Julie and Okami had already tried to settle this in a friendly way but had failed miserably.

"Okay that's enough, the ceremony will begin in 15 minutes and here the two of you are still fighting. Why don't we settle this by flipping a coin?" suggested Lory, for once not in a costume but in a normal black tux, due Ren and Kyoko promising he could be the priest and marry them at the wedding party if he didn't wear any costume in the church.

Taisho and Kuu looking each other and realized that Lory was right "Okay but I'm the one who flip it" they said in unison.

"No, Kotonomi-san can you do it?" asking Lory, he realized Taisho and Kuu intended to use any way to be the one who walk Kyoko down the aisle (meaning cheating).

"Sure" said Moko, accepting the coin.

"This the rule, Kotonomi-san will flip the coin once and the result can't be argue or change by anyone. Kuu, Taisho pick your side?

"Head" said Taisho

"I guess that leave me tail" said Kuu

Moko flipping the coin and the result is (drum sound in the background)

Wedding march song heard in the entire church, Kyoko walking down the aisle with a very happy Taisho held her hand and Kuu pouted in his seat. Kyoko can see her friends, her family (except her real mother who just sent her a card that expressed wishes of happiness) and finally the man she loved with her whole heart was waiting by the altar.

"Woooow, he is so handsome in that black tux!" Kyoko thought happily. "So handsome that it almost makes me want to curse him for his good looks. It's not that I don't like it, in fact I like it so much because he looks like a prince from fairy tale, but I hating the way other women look at him. Sometimes I just wish he was a plain man so no other women would look at him like a dog looking a piece of juicy meat." Kyoko saw all women in the church except his own mother drooling at him. Even her godmother (Okami) had dreamy eyes looking at him.

"I'm really lucky", Ren thought "after so many bad deeds that I have done, I never thought that God would be so nice to send me a lovely angel. An angel that helped me to get rid of my darkness, an angel that made me a better person and an angel that loves me unconditionally. She really looks stunning in that dress, and soon she would be mine forever"

"Do you, Kuon Hizuri, take Kyoko Mogami to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?

"I do" answered Ren and he meant every word on it.

"Do you Kyoko Mogami take Kuon Hizuri as your husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?"

"I do" Finally, I said the words. And surprisingly no crazy fans have tried to kill me or Ren.

"You may kiss the bride" said the priest.

Even after they both said the two magic words "I do," Ren still found it difficult to believe that this could truly happen, that this was not a dream, that Kyoko is his wife until he looked into Kyoko's eyes and saw love in there.

No different from Ren, Kyok also could not believe that she was married to Ren, that she really overcame her pain until Ren lips touch hers and gave the promise kiss.

In the Wedding party they took their vows again with Lory acting as the priest.

"I first met Kuon as his manager. At first, I thought that he was a person who knows what he had to do, but it turned out that this was only true when it came to acting. He is a brilliant actor, but I must say, when it came to the love field, he sucked. Whenever he saw Kyoko, he didn't know how to act around her. He clearly loved her, but had no idea what to say. Many times I had to act as a matchmaker, but I didn't mind. Anyone can see know what a great couple they are." Yashiro said in his best man's speech.

"If you knew Kyoko 5 years ago, you would not believe she would ever get married. 5 years ago, she detested love and couldn't bear the thought of falling in love with a guy. Seeing how strong her guard against love was, I didn't think there would ever be a guy who could break it, but Kuon proved me wrong. Little by little he broke through Kyoko's guard and made her feel love. And now they are one of the greatest couples ever" said Moko, the maid of honor.

A peek at their Honeymoon, in their estate (A mansion like a castle surrounding with woods complete with a lake).

"I still can't believe it" said Ren.

"Me too, you know I'm so happy that I'm almost afraid that this is only dream"

Ren reached for Kyoko and pulled her into his arms. He hugged her tight, needing an assurance that this fairytale come true was real. "It's not a dream; you're real, I'm real. We're married" he whispered. Ren kissed Kyoko passionately until they needed air "I love you" they whispered to each other.

Ren caressed Kyoko's body, making her shiver. He heard her heavy breath. "Corn" Kyoko whispered seductively. Every time Kyoko called him Corn his heart warmed. He knew it was her special way of telling him how important he was to her.

"Kyoko" using his finger he traced Kyoko's jaw line. "My Kyoko" Ren said with his seductive voice, making Kyoko's spine shiver. His skillful fingers found the…

"CRAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKK!!! PLONK! BAM! OWWW!" a sudden burst of noise broke the romantic atmosphere.

"That sounded like something breaking and someone getting hurt" Kyoko said. She and Ren hurried to the source of the noise, only to see Kuu and Taisho in ninja costume holding binoculars, sitting in the dirt and rubbing their buttocks. Nearby, a broken tree branch lay on the floor.

"What are you doing in here?" Ren asked in his cold voice. You didn't need to be a genius to guess their intentions.

"Ah we just just just…." Kuu and Taisho looked each other. "Happy Honeymoon!" they yelled in unison, just before speeding off.

Ren and Kyoko looked at each other and burst into laughter at their father's ridiculous acts.

A Fairy will give you another peek at their future. More precisely two years later.

"He's so cute! But of course he's cute! It's because he is my grandson Masachika, this is—

"Wait, he is Kazuhiro. No way my grandson will have a name that lame" protested Kuu, he had already thought of a good name when Kyoko announced that she was pregnant.

"Masachika is not a lame name, Masachika is a strong name that suits my grandson!" Taisho argued, like Kuu he had also began thinking of a good name when he heard Kyoko was pregnant.

Their wives could only shake their heads when they saw their husbands fighting again.

"Looks like they forget that the one who has right to decide the name is the parent" Julie said "But I also thought of a good name and Yuu is my choice"

"Yes, they forget. But Yuu not a name that suits Kyoko and Ren's child. Kakeru would suit him better."

In the end, Julie and Ikami joined the fight. But none of them realized both parents already chose a name and registered it.

Warning: This really not for Sho fans

Very Cruel Version Ending for Sho/ Alternate ending

Nobody paid any attention to the hobo sleeping on the park bench. He had a tattered wool cap over his head, a filthy dirty face and ratty clothes. He was sleeping under a newspaper to help shelter him and provide meager amounts of warmth.

But if someone looked closely at him, cleaned him up, dyed his hair blonde and gave him a guitar, he would be transformed back into Sho Fuwa, a top Japanese artist 5 years ago.

In 5 years his life had changed drastically. He was no longer a music star, his latest song was equivalent to garbage, and he couldn't ever get back into the business because he had ticked some of the wrong people off.

At first he tried to get back into show biz by joining another agency, but Lory had made it impossible for him to be hired anywhere. He tried singing in the street to attract scouts but when people recognized who he was they mocked him. When his money ran out he went home and begged his parents to take him first his father employed him at the hotel that he owned, but Sho was a lazy worker and brought bad business whenever people recognized him. He kicked him out and cast him out of the Fuwa family for being a disgrace and dishonoring Kyoko.

Basically all Sho did now-a-days was hunt for food and finding somewhere dry and relatively warm to sleep.

Last night the last hope he had been hanging on was destroyed. The newspaper he used as blanket had news about Kyoko's wedding with his biggest rival, Tsuruga Ren. He saw how beautiful Kyoko was in her wedding dress, how sweetly she smiled at Ren, a smile that long ago was always for him.

His music career was gone

His popularity was gone

He had lost everything to his biggest rival

He didn't have a family

He had lost the love of his life

He had lose his muse

He was now a nobody

But in his mind he still can be Sho Fuwa the number 1 music star, he still had his Kyoko, he had beaten Tsuruga Ren. His mind where he run away from cruelty of his life beginning from when he let Kyoko go.

In his mind he lived everything again, and this time doing everything right.