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"Unmaking the World"

By: Starwin

Episode 1: At The Edge Of Nothingness

Part 1: Awakening

At the very center of Infinity exists the mystical fortress of Kandrakar. It is connected to all worlds and so all worlds are connected to it. That is all worlds except for one.

Far, far beyond the infinity, at the very edge of nothingness is a world which Kandrakar does not touch. A world which no person may travel to or from. A world that does not exist.

Lonely, empty and forgotten, the stronghold of Rakadin sits on the very edge of all existence, cut off from everywhere, sealed away and hidden for all of time, hidden in nothingness.

Silent-cold presses in upon the black marble towers that stand watch over the abandon halls. Not even the wind dares enter this place. However the vacant passageways are not soundless. For even in the absence of anything a faint noise can be heard. A sound so quiet that even in the absolute still the sharpest of ears would be hard pressed to hear it. It is the echo of time, dwindling away.

The disturbance comes from a small room, high up in a tall tower. From inside a crystal hour glass that sits on a black-ash dresser. From the tiny grains of sand that trickle downwards, falling slowly as though they were without weight or even perhaps as though the sand were without time.

Yet time is not at a stand still, for the last speck of sand falls and there is silence once more. But only for a moment. The rumble starts low, hardly noticeable at first, like the sound that preceded it. Then, as if afraid, the room begins to shiver violently with ear pounding noise. The glass in the windows shatter, raining down in brilliant silver shards. The black silk curtains flutter in a wind that does not come from outside, but in. The hourglass explodes sending shimmering white sand racing out in all directions.

The wind calms, the shaking stops and the room sits quiet once more, just as it has been for a long time. But now the room is no longer empty.

A young girl sits were the sand has fallen, her legs bent awkwardly around her as though she had been kneeling only a moment ago. Her pale white hands shake uncontrollably as she feels the touch of the floor, unable to believe it's real. Reaching up, with an unsteady hand, she brushes her shoulder length silver hair away from her black, reflectionless, eyes.

She tries to speak but her voice breaks. The girl knows she is alone, that this place is deserted, that she is the only one left and that thought crushes her heart. She can feel tears welling at the sides of her eyes but she wipes them away quickly, she has no desire for weakness.

With a great effort the girl struggles to her feet and leans uneasily against the black-ash dresser, her fingers touching the remnants of the hour glass. Waves of memories wash over her and she is thrown back into the distant past, the day her world ended.

"We cannot hold them Elise! You must take our daughter and go before the Guardians of the Veil reach the thrown room." It is her father, the king of Rakadin, he is badly injured.

"Daddy! Daddy!" the young silver haired girl shouts but her mother is dragging her away.

The girl and her mother are no more then a few strides from the thrown room before a great explosion rocks the kingdom, throwing the mother and daughter apart. Shouts echo from the half open doors behind them.

"So it is the Oracle of Kandrakar himself who has come to see our end!" It is the voice of her father, he is strong and brave. The girl jumps to her feet and sprints towards the door thinking only of her father.

"Serenity! Wait!" Her mother cries from behind her but the young girl does not heed the warning. Through the crack in the open door she can see her father standing before six floating figures, his sword raised high.

"Your crimes are too great to let this continue, Kull," says a man dressed in a long robe of sky blue. His head has not a single hair, but instead bears a strange circler mark behind his right temple. "The council of Kandrakar has no choice but to stop you."

"I won't let you! My power is beyond that of Kandrakar, beyond you Oracle!" Kull screams. Faster then the eye can see the King lashes out with his silver sword at the floating man called the Oracle.

Serenity, the young girl at the door, the princess of Rakadin, watches a horror that no child should ever have to see as her father's attack is rebounded upon himself. She cannot stifle the cry of terror and rage as her father collapses to the ground and lies there motionless. And she cannot stop the tears even though she is not supposed to cry.

The memory fades and Serenity finds herself once more alone in her room. Her hands shaking and her breath ragged. She can still see the face of the man who killed her father, the Oracle of Kandrakar.

Letting go of her dresser Serenity moves uncertainly towards the door to her room. Her legs are longer than she remembers and it is difficult to walk. Her clothing is uncomfortably tight against her skin.

A flash of motion catches her attention and she turns ready to face it, almost losing her balance in the process. The person she finds is a stranger indeed, it is her own reflection. She hardly recognizes herself, she looks so much older then she remembers. Her clothing is torn in places, her hair is much longer and her body has changed. Rage overtakes her and without touching it her sheer anger causes cracks to appear in the glass.

Not wanting to see her fractured reflection she stumbles from the room into the deserted hallway. The hallway brings back the painful memory of the last moments with her mother.

"Quickly Serenity we have to hurry, we mustn't stop!" Elise, Queen of Rakadin shouts. She holds her daughters hand fiercely determined not to let her go again. "We cannot let them find us…" a crash far behind them brings tidings of pursuit. The Queen pulls her daughter into a room, Serenity's room. Then, as calmly as though this were in a formal court, Elise knelt down so that her head was level with her daughters.

"The burden is yours to bear now, my sweet Serenity." Reaching around her neck Queen Elise unfastens the clasp of the silver chain. She held out the necklace to her daughter. "This is our most precious gift. Take it." Serenity watched as the round blue gem of the necklace swung back and forth but did not reach out to take it. "It falls to you now. You will be the new keeper of the Soul of Rakadin. Take the gem!" Serenity looked up into her mothers pleading eyes and finally snatched the gem from her.

Another crash echoes from the hallway outside.

"Be safe my beloved child," Elise whispered. Before Serenity could even open her mouth her mother unleashes a spell upon her and the nothingness presses in from all sides.

Collapsing again Serenity looks down at her shaking hands. The memory seemed like it was only a moment ago, but yet she knew it was years, many, many, years. For her mothers spell had protected her, kept her safe, kept her hidden. Removed from time, yet not from its influence. How old she was she did not know.

Instinctively her hand closed around the blue gem hanging from her neck, the Soul of Rakadin. She could feel it's power.

Oh yes, she would make the Oracle of Kandrakar pay for what he had done, but first she had to find her own guardians, her Dragon Knights of Rakadin.

End of Part 1: To Be Continued!

Authors Notes:

Hey readers, reviewers, writers… everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read (and review I hope) my story. I keep leaving fan fiction and coming back. I don't know why, addiction maybe?

But what can I say is that I love writing and this is good practice (Innorruk knows I need it) for me with a built in audience and very little financial cost involved, alright it doesn't cost me anything… except my precious, unrecoverable, time…

Anyhow, I've posted two, very long, fan fictions before this in the universe of Harry Potter, there pretty good, you can read um if you want. I've actually written a lot more, but most don't make it to final publish, for good reason and this might not either. Though if you are reading this I am going to guess I put it up, or my friend Alex is posting my files again…

So, I also really like the WITCH universe and having just re-read all the comics back to back to back I'm in a bewitching mood at the moment, ha ha ha… bah never mind.

So, um, yeah depending on how people like this story I might finish it, you never know. If anyone is confused as to why there are three titles at the top, let me explain, with interpretive dance! No, not really… This whole FF is a story arc called "Unmaking the World". The arc is broken up into episodes that are in the same fashion as the comics in that they have a plot of their own but are part of a larger story (at least that's what I am going for who knows if I'll succeed). And each episode is broken into four parts (four just seemed to work) that are meant to play-out end to end, be their own little story within the whole (chapters).

You'll either understand it as you read along or go mad trying… either way I hope you enjoy!

So updates as I write them.

Starwin out.