I stood in the shadows of the pillars; while she was flocked by men. Her flowing pink garments caused magic to possess the men. All while I stood in the corner, a simple dark tunic draped over me.

"Pray, beautiful princess!" A man with dark red wine dribbling down his chin stood and raided his goblet to the girl with fine golden locks. "Are the rumors true? Does the beautiful Helen of Sparta have a sister that is cast away do to the chances of her stealing your future husband?" She gave a crystal laughed and raised her hand to the man.

"My dear king, what fool put such ideas in your head?"

No, Helen. You are the fool. I whipped around and walked towards the wooden doors of the throne room. No longer could I watch such insults.

"Slave girl!" Pour some more wine!" The same man that questioned my existence pulled me on my arm. "Ho! Lady Helen, you have a match! Look at her alabaster skin; and such luscious dark hair!" the girl turned her nose up in my direction and waved her hand.

"If you wish to gloat at a slave girl, then you no longer maybe in the contest for my hand."

"No! Lady Helen, forgive me! Beautiful princess, I mean to cast this monster out of my sight!" He jerked my arm back and sent me reeling onto the marble floor.

"You are still a contestant, then." Helen again offered her hand, and the man kissed it.

"Pathetic." I mumbled as I stepped from the grand room into the corridors. "My own sister defying me." I often spoke aloud to myself. Making my way slowly out of the palace, I stopped to stare at the brilliant pond that sat under a wooden bridge painted a glorious blue. In it a single large swan moved slowly up stream. I abandoned the bridge and jumped to the water's edge. The swan followed me there.

"Hello, father." I stroked the swan's elegant neck that arched instantly. "You won't find Helen here. She's entertaining her suitors." The swan turned and swam in the direction of the palace. . "Of course." I flung my arms out and fell onto the damp grass of the bank. "Go to the favorite."

"My dear Alala, what makes you think Helen is the favorite?" I closed my eyes instantly.

"Because everybody flocks to her side. They forget about the lost twin princess of Sparta." I felt a light electric breeze caress my face.

"They haven't forgotten. They just pretend to; they fear the prophesy that surrounds you. But not even the bravest men can turn their backs to Apollo."

"Oh, father! What am I to do?"

"Be patient and brave; my war goddess; My Ava. For your moment of glory is near." And Zeus was gone.


Being brave was not a problem for me. I could block all fear away to only feel the bloodthirsty power of battle. It was the patience that would drive me mad. I ran into my small chamber and threw my dark tunic to the floor. I exchanged it with a long gown that cut lowly and was split up to my mid thigh. Helen had her tricks and games; and so did I.

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