This is set a few years before Bella and Edward meet. They go to Denali, and afterwards they would move to Forks, and then Bella & Edward come into play.

Edwards POV

'Shut up Rosalie.' I said for the fifth time on this journey. I growled at her and rolled down the window of the car. All she was going on about was how silly I was to not want love. And the worse thing is that nobody can hear her insults! Only me!

Just because you're the oldest virgin alive doesn't mean you have to take it out on us! She thought. I snarled and curled my lip back. I pinched the bridge of my nose and breathed in and out deeply, no need really though. It just spurred her on.

Yes well you shall never know the lust of the bed at this rate. Only I could think about how fantastic it is, and nobody would be in pain but you. Because of course you're so inexperienced.

That was breaking point.'Yes, well Rosalie I'm sorry we can't all be as pig headed as you, and I have seen Emmett's thoughts and I know how your body dissatisfies him sometimes. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, you should back off.' I growled from deep in my chest. Alice had been unbelievably quiet until now, well her thoughts were anyway. Edward that was harsh.

'I DON'T CARE!' I roared at the smallest member of our family, she recoiled and I gave her an apologetic smile. I was uneasy and Carlisle and Esme knew the major reason for it. We were heading for Denali. Tanya's clan. Tanya always had attraction for me; I never let her know anything more than how I didn't want her. She was not my mate.

She was okay last time and she only tried to kiss me, but this time I am greatly afraid.

I saw in her thoughts what she had planned and luckily she didn't know how I could read minds. So I ran off, I hated the disgusting, unfathomable thoughts of her overly, sexually active mind.

Every single time a woman took interest in me, I never took any interest back. I have also had multiple requests to come to bed with them. Every time I tried my best to gentle-manly let them down, I don't understand how people can make love without having love.

Well, I for one can live without love.

Whilst I was gazing out the window towards all the humans doing their humanly things, our car came to a stop outside a long drive. I recognized this drive too well, and I knew from this drive and the foliage around it that I was to be harassed every moment I would be here.

I wouldn't give in. In my mind I secretly longed for love, I would never admit it though. I couldn't get that off of Tanya or any of her clan, yet Tanya seems to think differently.

When I see Carlisle and Esme and their meaningful looks towards each other and when I can hear the care they have for each other in their thoughts. A hole develops in my chest as if the one person I shall fall in love with has it, with her.

Alice and Jasper, with their less displayed sort of love, I think of how beautiful it is when they have intimate moments that they don't think anybody can see.

Rosalie and Emmett have a well displayed sort of relationship, and it's more built on their excitement for each other. They tease and ridicule each other but the thoughts of love are still there.

I could live without love, but I needed it really. My life is plain at the moment and has been for the nearly hundred years I have been around.

So as I looked at Tanya's house I thought in my mind as many ways as possible how to explain to Tanya, its not happening.