Ashes to Ashes - This is Planet Earth

Disclaimers: The characters are not mine alas and wishing won't make it so.

Rated for Gene being Gene and I dare say some sex thrown in eventually.

Summary: Totally A/U but will include old friends – wait and see!


'Alex? Alex? Can you hear me sweetheart?'

She could hear the voice very faintly but just couldn't place who it was. Still, it was only another dream so she would either wake up soon or fall into a deeper sleep. Either way the voice would go away and leave her alone. It seemed like every night this week she had heard this voice, the same voice, talking to her, asking her to wake up or move something - bloody annoying.

As far as Alex was concerned it was just one more annoyance to add to the list. Firstly, and some would say most importantly, she had been shot in the head – well that had happened in 2008 of course. Then she had found herself back in 1981 with Sam Tyler's ex-playmates for company, trying to figure out what she was doing there and how the hell she could get back to 2008 and to Molly, her daughter.

And most annoyingly of all there was DCI Gene Hunt to give him his full and formal title. Known as 'Guv' to most but as a 'pain in the arse' to Alex they had something of a love-hate relationship. Thing is, she was having trouble separating the love from the hate. Oh she could manage the 'hate' thing – it came quite easily some days. Sam Tyler had put it so eloquently in his taped journal – 'An overweight, over-the-hill, nicotine-stained, borderline-alcoholic homophobe with a superiority complex and an unhealthy obsession with male bonding'. That Gene Hunt she could handle.

No, it was the other Gene she had problems dealing with. The tall, sexy, charming, considerate and overwhelmingly masculine Gene that turned her knees to jelly and made all common sense fly out of the window. Luckily, so far, that Gene, on the occasions when he turned up, had managed to keep his libido in check along with hers. So far, but it was only a matter of time.

She felt something touch her arm then.

'Come on luv, I know you can hear me, try and squeeze me hand'. Alex shivered and tried to turn away and get comfortable, only to find that she couldn't move. The voice was growing more insistent now.

'You can do it girl, come on. It won't hurt if you wake up, I promise. I'll be here'. The voice was definitely male that much she could say. Warm, slightly gruff but obviously concerned. Now if she could just place it.

'Christ sake Bolly, would you move your bleedin' arse'

Alex's eyes crashed open at the unmistakeably dulcet tones of Gene Hunt at his most crass. 'What the hell was he doing in here' she thought. Except that she still couldn't see anything – all she knew was that either Gene was in the room or invading her sleep. Either way she was not amused.

'Piss off you bastard' she muttered. Well, bad enough she had to deal with him during the day, now he was making nocturnal appearances. It called for a little of Gene's own language.

'Doc, did you hear that? She spoke, I'm sure she did. Do something will ya'. That was definitely Gene's voice, loud, commanding and not to be trifled with.

What if she wasn't dreaming? What if Gene was trying to wake her up. Well, she wasn't getting any sleep anyway so she might as well try and figure out what was happening.

………….to be continued